Behind the Eight Ball

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Chapter 7- The Icing War

Every muscle in my body is screaming at me right now as I open the door, wave to Tyler's mom who drove me home and step on through. Home, sweet, home.

I drop my bag in the entryway and am greeted with a mouth-watering smell coming from the kitchen.

There are about 3 dozen cupcakes sitting on the countertop island and as I approach stealthily to steal one. I hear, "Don't even think about it, Finn Dashiell Nash."

My mom nearly scares me to death, as her head pops up from the oven with another batch of steaming hot cupcakes in her oven mitted hands. "Those are for the bake sale tomorrow. You're late."

"Just one?" I plead. "I'm a growing teenage boy."

"You grow anymore, and we are going to have to knock out the door frames to enlarge them," my Dad says coming up behind me only to have his hand slapped by my Mom's oven mitt as she takes them off.

"The same applies to you, Mr. Nash. Hands off!"

"That's not what you said earlier when Finn wasn't here," my Dad says, with with a goofy grin on his face.

"Ugh Dad!" I say dropping the cupcake that I was so close to biting having completely lost my appetite.

Mom just giggles and I shudder. Too much information, brain needs to delete.

"You were supposed to be home to help me, what happened?" Mom asked filling up another tin.

"Coach ran drills today because you triple booked the gym, not my fault," I tell her and she frowns.

"I forgot Stage Crew might be using the space for the backdrops," she said shaking her head apparently annoyed with herself at the oversight.

"You're still perfect," Dad says hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek.

"Will you two get a room already? Innocent eyes and ears here."

"I thought you were going to have the talk with him?" Mom teases looking over her shoulder at Dad.

"Nuh-uh, I distinctly remember you saying you had it covered," he teased back still not releasing his hold around her waist.

"Did I? Okay. Finn sweetie, when a man and a woman really love each other..."

I put my hands over my ears and start saying loudly, "La La La La La."

They both burst with laughter.

"Just for that I'm taking this," I say stealing a cupcake and running out of the room before my Mom can catch me and I have to endure any more of their lovey doveyness.

Once in the safety of my room I slowly take off the wrapper and devour the cupcake in two bites. No one bakes cupcakes like my Mom. Delicious.

To tell you the truth, I envy them and their relationship. They seem so sure of each other. No matter how different they appear on the outside it's always been Veronica and Dave, Dave and Veronica, the perfect pair.

I have dated several girls in High School but out of all of them I only had two semi-serious relationships. One ending when the girl moved away and the other when we just well, realized we were no longer in love anymore. I don't know if it's possible to fall out of love, or if that basically meant it wasn't love in the first place and instead only a mild infatuation on each other's part.

My mind drifts again to Brynn. I begin to wonder if she's read my letter. What would she say? Would she bother to say anything? Or would she just figure we both said our piece and now it was done? I found myself really hoping it wasn't over but completely at a loss at how I can make it continue.

"These cupcakes aren't going to ice themselves," my Mom calls up to me.

"Shower first?"

"Yes, please."

This makes me laugh as there is one thing that will make my Mom even push my Dad away and that's the "man stench" she calls it after Dad and I play a little one on one out back.

"Be down in ten minutes."

"Five. I still have dinner to make," Mom complains.

"Pizza is on me," Dad interjects.

"Just one more reason why I love you!"

"Already, ordered and I'm on my way to pick them up."

"My Hero!"

They are quiet, and I didn't hear Dad leave so I can only assume they are kissing. Ugh! If only they can invent a way to scrub your brain.

I was downstairs in seven minutes. I took five to shower and two to dress in my lounge pants and Tee and met my Mom at the kitchen table.

She hands me some pink icing, spatula and a tray of cupcakes. "What's this for again?" I ask as I begin frosting.

"Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week. We are trying to raise some money for our local charity."

"Okay, and why am I doing this again?"

"Because you're the head of student council and they voted on a bake sale to raise money and you are all making cupcakes to sell during your lunch period tomorrow."

"Does this mean you are driving me to school tomorrow?"

"No, I'm driving the cupcakes to school tomorrow. YOU can take the bus."

"That's cold, Mom," I say although secretly grateful as it means a chance to meet Brynn.

Mom laughs, "Aww, does my Finn miss his Mommy?" She says right before she leans over to kiss my cheek but she totally fakes me out and smears icing on my nose.

"Oh, it's on, Little Lady. You want some of this?" I say holding up my spatula in a menacing manner.

"Finn, don't you dare," my mom laughs. And that's when I fling a wad of icing right at her.


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