Behind the Eight Ball

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Chapter 21 - Meeting Brynn's Gran

She held my hand all the way home. We talked about all sorts of things. Art, her favorite artist was van Gogh. I thought that her answer was far too tame. I would have thought her a Warhol fan. She seemed surprised I had an opinion either way.

"So what about you?" Brynn asked.

"That's easy, my favorite artist would be you," I say in all honesty but she gives me shove and as I did not expect this I nearly landed in someone bushes.

"I meant REAL artist," she said, giving me back her hand so I could regain my balance.

"So did I but if you mean other than you, I would have to say Jeff Koons." I can see I surprised her.


"Yeah why?"

"I don't know. Why do you like him?"

"Who doesn't love gigantic balloon animals," I say in all seriousness.

"You surprise me, Finn Nash and keep doing so. How do you do it?"

"No idea just happy they all seem like good surprises."

"Well this is me," she said stopping in front of a small ranch style home.

"Hmm," I don't want to say good-bye. I'm in pretty bad.

She smiles and says, "Would you want to come in? Get something to drink before heading home."


"Okay, come on." She takes my hand and leads me up the walk. Stops to collect the mail and then pulls out her keys including the wonderful eight ball to open the door.

"Hey, Gran. I'm home!" she yells and places the mail down on the table and the keys in her bag.

"Okay sweetie! I'm makin' your favorite, oatmeal cookies," her Grandmother said appearing from the kitchen pulling off an oven mitt.

"They smell really good," I say and feel myself salivating.

"Oh, didn't know we had company?" Brynn's grandmother said holding out her hand, "Dorothea Rose, and you are?"

"Finn Nash, Mrs. Rose. Happy to meet you!"

She didn't let go of my hand and looked at Brynn with a very surprised look. "Veronica's son?"

Brynn nodded, and I didn't know what that meant.

"Interesting, I think I prefer Love Face."

Now I know where Brynn get her conversation skills from because once again I'm left thinking "Huh?"

"Love face?" I say looking from one to the other and they just laugh in unison.

"I'll explain later," Brynn, said.


"Your dad know about this?" Brynn's grandmother said pointing again to me.

Brynn just shook her head no.

"Smart girl. We'll figure out that one later."

"Figure out what?" I asked not liking the looks that were being exchanged and wanting to be clued into what was going on so I didn't feel so in the dark.

"You are adorable. I can see why she likes you," her grandmother said finally letting go of my hand. "Cookies? They're fresh?"

"Yes, please." I say. It was hard not to like Brynn's grandmother, as she was very much like Brynn in personality. It makes sense as they only had each other for the last few years.

"So how did you two meet?" she asked ushering me over to the kitchen table and pulling out a chair.

"It was all her key chain's fault," I said pulling a chair out for Brynn before sitting down.

Brynn's grandmother smiles a secret smile at Brynn and she just shies away and takes a seat.

"I was trying to catch the bus one morning and her keychain told her to blow me off and needless to say I wasn't exactly happy about that but I am happy I've gotten to know your granddaughter Mrs. Rose."

"Call me Gran," she says placing down a plate of warm gooey cookies and a glass of milk. Like I mentioned before my Mom doesn't make this stuff at home because she worries about her will power. She is really great at baking but it's only for special occasions. So, this was a real treat.

"Well Gran, I have to say these are the most delicious cookies I have ever tasted."

"Oh, he's a keeper," Gran said blushing slightly, which made Brynn laugh.

Gran scooped up two more cookies and put them on my plate.

"So, you like my granddaughter huh?"

"Yes, very much so," I say looking at Brynn and now it was Brynn's turn to blush and I laugh.

"Why is that?" Gran asked.

Looking at the watch I don't have on my wrist, I ask "How much time do you have?"

She didn't miss a beat, "Not long Finn, I'm not getting any younger you know?"

"Well as she seems to hold a strong family resemblance you must already know she's beautiful, even though she tells me I'm stupid any time I say that to her."

Brynn just makes a face at me, and I stick my tongue out at her. Yeah, we're real mature. 

"I sing the Miss America song every time she comes in the room but she doesn't believe me either Finn so don't take it to heart."

"I won't," I say, "but that's not what I like best about her."

"Really?" Gran said as she stopped stirring her tea and moved her chair a little closer, "Do tell."

She made me laugh, she was Brynn trapped in an older persons body. "No, it's her smile. " I say. "There's just something about it. I want to find ways of making her do it more often and I'm shocked that every time she does it just is like know?"


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