Behind the Eight Ball

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Chapter 24 - New National Holiday?

I really wanted to see Brynn and go to the yearbook office but today I was a man on mission. A secret mission, that if I get caught could very well get me expelled. Wouldn't that be the scandal of the day?

Finn Nash, soon to be named valedictorian, star basketball player, all around good guy goes down in flames when he's caught snooping through school records to find his best friend's girlfriend's phone number, who by the way, just so happens to be his English Teacher.

My Mom would have my head handed to me on a platter for doing this but I couldn't get what Tyler said out of my mind. It really bothered me. I kept going back over the scenario and they were wrong but so was I, and I needed to put it right.

I quickly opened the locked cabinet that contained the teacher's personal files. Yes, it was locked and yes, I stole the key. I left the activities office under the guise of needing to go to the yearbook office only to end up in my Mom's office.

Vice Principal Nolen didn't bat an eye at me going into my Mom's office because she is...well my Mom. I knew she kept the keys in her desk and I knew I had to be quick because my Mom would be back the moment announcements were over.

I find Sierra's home and cell number, I even copy her address into my phone, just in case things have to go that far but I'm hoping they won't. I lock everything up and put back the keys and now my only problem is thinking up some reason I came to see my Mom.

I can't just leave; as Mr. Nolen will undoubtedly mentioned I was in her office. 

Damn, I suck at this.

I am really a lousy liar. I hate lying actually which was probably why I had such a reaction to Sierra asking if I was going to tell my Mom or not.  I knew to keep their secret means lying to her and here I am about to do it again.

Oh what a tangled web we weave....

I tell my brain to shut up and think.

I hear her voice come over the loudspeaker.

"Tickets will be on sale starting Monday for Midsummer's Night Dream. Ticket purchases will be limited to four per student. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. So, be sure to get them sooner than later.

The Debate team won their debate on Global Warming against North Prep. Congratulations this win gets them into the semifinals. We are all very proud.

Today after school don't forget our pep-rally for our Lenape Leopards, come and cheer on our school's basketball team, and get them revved up for tonight's game. Go Leopards!"

Well that was it, she was done and so was I as I had nada, not a single reason to be standing in my Mom's office. I'm a goner.

"We have a meeting. Some parents coming in this afternoon, who will want a tour of the school, just recently moved into the area. You up for it?"

"Sure, Veronica. I'll take care of it." I hear Mr. Nolen say.

She's back.

She opens the door and looks at me surprised.

"Hello you? To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I...I a..." Nothing.

My Mom's eyebrow rises as she expectantly waits for me to finish a sentence I don't even know how to start.

"I just wanted a chance to say how great you are and how much I love you!"

She melts immediately and comes over to hug me, and I feel like a total dirt bag.

She pulls away. "I know things have been pretty rough on you lately. You are dealing with some major issues with Brynn and all. I'm really proud of you. "

Just dig a hole and throw me in.

"Not to mention school and the pressure your Father and I put on you but you always give us your best and well, I think you're pretty great too," she says and ruffles my hair, which she knows I hate but I allow it. Right now, all I really want to do is disappear.

"Thanks, Mom. For everything. What you've done for Brynn, me...just everything."

"You're welcome," she says beaming at me. "Now, you better get going. The bell is about to ring."

I give her a quick kiss on the cheek and get out her office as quick as I can.

Mr. Nolen smiles at me when I pass but I can't quite get myself to return it. "Go Leopard!" he says pumping his fist into the air.

I try a halfhearted smile and mimic his motion, "Yeah, go Leopards!"

I feel like I just placed a fifty-pound weight on my chest. It is literally hard to breathe. I shake it off. I have a job to do. I'll have to wait until study hall but I plan on getting a call into Sierra before tonight's game. I have to find a way to talk to the two of them, alone.

I really don't need this much stress especially before a game, but that's life. I'll just have to deal. I go to my locker to switch out my books for the afternoon.

I shut the door and nearly jump when I see Jessica's face staring at me. Really? Isn't today bad enough.

That sickly sweet smile is plastered on her face. "Hello Finn," she says in that annoying sing song way she has.

"Jess," I say and immediately begin walking away.

"So, I was wondering?" She skips along to keep up with me.  "Is your girlfriend going to be at the game tonight?"

She stops me in my tracks. Brynn. She will be there and so will Jessica. Oh, hell!

"I would love to meet her," she says now trying to keep up with my long strides when I start walking faster. I just want to get away from her.


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