Behind the Eight Ball

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Chapter 39 - Deal?

The day was full of surprises. I got my way when the ball said, 'yes' to going to the diner. We sat across from one another, although I sort of wished I thought to sit next to her, on her side. I just enjoy being close to her. Yeah, maybe Dad is right... I'm in pretty deep here.

"That's a face," Brynn says, after getting her milkshake and taking a long sip.

I just play with my straw and keep staring at her. "Sorry," I tell her. The absolute worst part of being with Brynn is not knowing how much you can get away with telling her. She seems so together, almost has a rough edge to her. So you know she wouldn't like someone thinking she was weak in any way but it's hard not to notice she's fragile the more time you spend with her.

Something in her eyes just says, "Please, don't hurt me." And I want to tell her "I never will. That she can count on me", but I don't think she's ready to accept that just yet.

"Want to talk about it?" she offers, right before taking a sip of my milkshake.

"Hey!" I say and she laughs.

"What? I never had that flavor so, I was curious as to what it tasted like," she says in her defense.

"Remind me to order something you're familiar with for lunch. Hopefully you won't go stealing my burger and fries."

"To stingy to share?" she counters.

"NO. But the polite thing to do is to ask first." I frown as I realize I sound like my Mom. She would have cheered if she heard that sentence come out of my mouth.

"So, then I guess I should ask if you're dating anyone else?"

I nearly spit out my milkshake. "What in the world would make you ask me that question?"

"Well, I noticed you didn't say, no." Brynn took another sip, of her own shake this time.

"No, Brynn. I'm not dating anyone but you. But as you brought the subject up... Are you doing any freelancing on the side?"

Brynn snorts in a very unladylike manner and said, "Who'd be interested?"

"More than half the male population between the ages of 16 to 22 would be my guess. If you ever decided to give them the chance."

"And why would I?" Brynn asked.

"True... after all you do have me so..." I smile at her smugly. "Anyone else at this point would be step down," I tease.

"Wow, a poor self image is not something you suffer from obviously."

"No, can't say that I do. Your Gran however, mentioned you dating. So, it's not like you've locked yourself away in a convent..."

Brynn rolls her eyes at me and sits back against the booth. Her eyes narrow and her arms cross her chest. She's assessing me with her gaze before saying, "I've never had a real boyfriend. Dates, yes. Boyfriends... no."

"Is that the reason you were never kissed?" I couldn't imagine spending an entire evening with Brynn and not wanting to kiss her...hell I wanted to kiss her right now. I watch as color graces her cheeks and realize my thoughts must have translated themselves to her somehow.

"Some had tried but I don't know... it never felt ... right."

"Maybe you're gay?" I dodge as milkshake gets blasted at me from across the table. Brynn is coughing, sputtering and muttering something I can't quite comprehend.

"Give a guy some warning will you?" I steal a few napkins to clean up the table and the sleeve of my shirt.

"Thanks for inquiring after my well being," Brynn chokes out.

"You're fine. I've never heard of any death's by milkshakes on the news and if it were a thing, five year olds would be keeling over in kindergarten during recess from milk coming out of their noses over the latest knock-knock joke."

"I see your point," she concedes. "No, I'm not gay."

"If you ever wish to prove that point. I am totally up for you kissing me anytime you feel like it." She blushes again and I love it.

"You're shameless."

"It kinda goes hand in hand with that whole ego thing," I tell her. I take her hand in mine, grin and say, "Brynn, are you okay?"

"Yes," she looks at me a bit nervously.

"Then let's get some lunch."

She smiles and I call over the waitress. Soon our orders are placed and even sooner our food is on the table.

I find out Brynn spends most of her time with her Gran and they are pretty much best friends. She doesn't really have other friends in her life mostly because of keeping to herself.

"What about Adam?" I ask her.

"What about him?"

"Well, you two seem...close. You obviously talk outside of school."

"Green is not a good color for you," she says, taking a bite of her burger.

"Green? I'm not wearing... oh..." She thinks I'm jealous of Adam. Am I jealous of Adam? I don't think I have enough information about them to make up my mind definitively on the subject.

"Just curious," I say, as a swirl a fry around in my ketchup.

"Adam is the closest thing I have to a friend... I guess. We... trust each other."

I waited for more but nothing came. I thought to pursue it but truthfully talking about Adam during our second date seemed to be a bad use of our time.

"So, back to that whole... you don't like to share thing," she says, changing the subject to what I'm not sure yet.


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