Behind the Eight Ball

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Chapter 59 - Don't Say It

Days were flying by and I was no closer to my goal of talking to Brynn. If she were outside she was with Adam and I just couldn't bring myself to walk over there. I stopped a few times down at Yearbook under the guise of 'checking progress' but each time I did I just missed her, or she wasn't there. On Thursday when Crystal handed me the completed pages I knew there was no reason to stop there anymore.

I couldn't stop by stage crew because of practice. I was back on the team and coach and the guys were counting on me.

I know I only have myself to blame. I'm the one who killed any chance I had of getting back with Brynn last Friday night by saying I loved her and then added the nails to the coffin on Sunday when she saw me holding Paris' hand. Now tomorrow is the last day she will be at school. Either I open the lines of communication or bury us completely. I have really gotten morbid in my way of thinking.

I get home from practice still at a loss. Tyler told me just to go to her house and have it out with her but with her grandmother sick I just didn't want to add more drama to Brynn's life.

"You've got a package in the mail," my mom yells to me from the kitchen when she heard me come in.

"Thanks!" I holler back and pick up the box by the front door and sigh. The moment I saw the address I knew what it was. I took the box up to my room and opened it. There was the perfect replica of Brynn's backdrop she painted for Midsummer's Night Dream.

I had the photo of the backdrop she painted printed out on canvas. I thought it was a nice touch since the original was on canvas too. I don't know it made it seem more real than just a blown up photograph or poster.

I lie down on my bed and stare at it for a while; trying to find all the hidden gems Brynn placed inside. Things only Brynn would know were there as it would be too far away for anyone else to see. She really is a magnificent artist. I miss her so much. I pick up my phone and flip through my photos to see us laughing and covered in green paint. I had to take it off my lock screen because it hurt too much to see it every time I used my phone.

How the hell did we get from this to where we are now? Where did it all go wrong? Was Stephanie's post right? Were we just destined to fail? Two star crossed lovers...lovers... that funny. Even Romeo and Juliet managed to get farther than we did. Thinking of Brynn, her kisses and how she just comes in alive in my arms makes me moan and not in a good way.

I can't take it anymore. Tomorrow, no matter what I am going to talk to her. No matter how I need to track her down or who I have to pull her away from. I just had to find a way.

I woke up with a renewed purpose I wrapped the painting up in some paper.

"What's that?" Tyler asked.

"A going away present for Brynn," I tell him waiting for her to come in.

"Didn't you see her on the bus?"

"I drove in. Had to. I didn't want the gift to get messed up."

"You just never give up do you?"

I shrug. "It's a last ditch effort, but if I don't make things right I'll lose her forever."

Tyler looks at me with nothing more than what could be described as pity, but he managed a smile and said, "Good luck, Finn."


I didn't see her in the morning so stashed the print in the activities office. I knew she wouldn't be around during homeroom since she was finished with Yearbook. At lunch, Tyler took one look at my face and knew not to ask how things were going.

My last class of the day was a study period. I went to the library and decided to stake out her locker. I see her talking to Adam; he looks upset, like really upset. He punches the locker next to her and storms off. I see her sigh and she takes the time to clear out her locker.

She just stares at the empty locker for a minute or two and shuts the door. I watch as she gets into the elevator. By the numbers and I see she's headed for the first floor. I race down the stairs, just in time to see her step off and stand there looking at the key in her hand. She grasps it firmly before walking to my Mom's office. Most likely to return it.

Brynn isn't in there long before I see her go to the nurse's office. She is there for a while and when she comes out I see her wave goodbye to our school nurse and there are tears in her eyes. This sucks...

Her last stop is the auditorium. It's then I stop in the activities office and grab the painting. I follow Brynn to the auditorium but I don't see her. She must be behind the curtain. I drop my bag and take just the print with me up the few short stairs to the stage. I move the curtain but don't see her however there is a simple spotlight shining on the back of the stage.

I get behind the second curtain and there she is standing there in the lone spotlight shining on her like some heavenly light from above. God, she's beautiful. She's staring up at those stupid elephant legs and tears are silently gliding down her cheeks.


She jumps at the sound of my voice. Obviously believing she was alone as the school day hasn't ended yet, so there shouldn't have been anyone back here to disturb her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," I tell her moving a little closer to the light so she can see me. 

She scrubs at her eyes with her sweater's sleeve that she pulled over her palm. "Finn? What are you doing here?"

Well, she didn't tell me to go away so I guess that's a start. "I followed you. I wanted to give this." I hold out the wrapped print to her.


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