Behind the Eight Ball

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Chapter 63 - All About Adam...

Okay, so I didn't fool my mom. She knew I was covering for someone but because she couldn't pull from me who or why she was forced to play along.

My Dad didn't take the news well either. He was furious actually. Can't blame him just got my foot healed and now this. I was grounded for the week but as I currently have no social life it wasn't much of a punishment. He did, however, warn me if I got booted from the game he wasn't sure what he was going to do but he'd think of something. 

My face was the worst part of this whole thing. It hurt so bad, I wasn't sure something wasn't broken, but I'm guessing I would notice.

I head upstairs to my room to do my calculus assignment before bed and my phone rings. It's Brynn and she's trying to facetime me. I decline the facetime and call her back. She answers.

"Coward!" Brynn declared the moment she answers the phone. "Call me back when you're ready to face me!" She hangs up.

I sigh and call back to facetime her. She answers and gasps when she sees my face. "What the HELL were you thinking?!"

She sounds so much like my mom. I knew there was only one way she found out about today. "What did Adam tell you?"

"That you got hit today trying to defend him to Mike."

I couldn't help being surprised he told the truth. "Did he tell you he was the one behind the letters in your locker?" I inquire.

"Yes, but he wasn't behind me getting pushed down the stairs."

"Mike said Jessica paid him to do those things to you."

"I don't believe that for a second," Brynn said with absolute certainty.

"Adam said as far as the letters she didn't have to pay him because he hates me that much he'd do it for free."

I see her grin. "Now that I would believe."

"Great! Thanks!" I smile but it hurts. She giggles.

"Thank you, Finn." Her face becomes more somber. "I really appreciate you looking out for Adam like that."

"The way he laid out Mike. I don't think he really needed me to. I think he could have handled himself."

"You don't understand. If he came home beaten up?" 

"What?" I ask, her face shows a display of emotions. From sad to concern and then anger. What the hell is going on?

"Adam. He doesn't have parents. They are still in Japan. He's being fostered by a family here while he goes to school. He hasn't seen his real family for about seven years now."

"Damn!" I couldn't imagine living like that.

"His foster family well they aren't exactly the nicest of people, and if Alex came home beaten up he would more than likely been beaten again when he got home."

"Why does he stay? Isn't there anyone he can go to?" I suddenly remember his question as he went out the door about not wanting his guardians to be called.


"What?" Brynn looked alarmed.

"My mom said that all parents and guardians would be contacted. I wondered if they would have been called tonight. You don't think he's in trouble now do you?"

Brynn just shrugged but it was hard not to see the worry on her face. Shit, Shit! Shit!

"I just talked with him he looked fine, but he's good at guarding his feelings."

"Give me Adam's phone number?"

"Finn, I'm not sure that's the greatest of ideas."

"I don't want to save him from Mike only to get him in trouble at home. What is the point of that?"

Brynn sighs. She hangs up on me. Seconds later I get a text with Adam's number and the words, 'good luck, call me back.'

I call and Adam answers. "Who's this?"

"Adam? Finn."

"How'd you get this... oh... you two are still talking?"

"Yeah. You didn't get in trouble did you?"

"Why would I..."

"Cut the crap, Adam."

I hear him sigh. "No, they aren't here at the moment. They're away."

"Away? Who's there with you?"

"No one," Adam tells me like this is a perfectly normal everyday occurrence.

"You're home all on your own with no one there?"

"Yeah, look I prefer it this way okay? You've done your good deed for the day. Now you can go back to ignoring me and leaving me alone."

I shake my head. I just can't believe this guy. "You need a serious behavioral adjustment, you know that? What you can't handle the fact of someone being nice to you?"

"Is that what you were doing?"

"Okay, you know what you're right. I don't think we should be talking anymore. I stood up for you because it's the right thing to do. You said 'Why bother explaining things when I've obviously already made up my mind about you.' Well, maybe you should think about being guilty of the same shit when I hang up on you."

I do hang up on him, just because he irritates the hell out of me, and call Brynn back.

"That didn't take long," she says.

"I see why you'd be surprised. After all, Adam is such a sparkling conversationalist."

Brynn tries to stifle a giggle; probably out of guilt of knowing I'm right.


"He's fine, for the moment. His guardians are away somewhere. Is he usually left alone like that?"


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