Believing You

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Chapter 1

February 23rd, 2017

It was the first day of senior year. It was just another typical day in Vancleave high school. They were walking to school together like they’ve been doing since 2nd grade, Jennifer and Aaron were arguing over food like always, while Elizabeth was trying to stop them and Joey was just walking quietly, thinking about lunch and football.

“My cookie!!!!” Jennifer screamed.

Aaron smirked at her, moving the cookie in front of her face taunting her.

“Give it back aaron!” Jennifer growled, lunging for the cookie.

“It’s in my hands now, so it’s mine. Go get another one” Aaron teased, jumping away from her.

“Gimme my cookie, you nincompoop!” Jennifer jumped.

Aaron moved back and put the cookie closer to his mouth. “It’s going into my tummy now!” he sneered.

“AARON!!!!!” Jennifer screamed and grabbed the cookie.

Aaron pulled on the cookie. “NO! Mine now!” He fought.

The cookie flew out of their hands and fell onto the pavement. Both of them stared at the cookie and then stared at each other.

Out of nowhere, Joey walks past them and crushes the cookie under his shoes.

Aaron fell onto his knees, right next to the crushed cookie, dramatically raising his hands above his head. “NOOOOOO!!!!!” He screamed.

Elizabeth smacked her palm onto her forehead.

Jennifer kneeled next to him, consoling him while rubbing his back softly. “Its okay baby, its gonna be okay.” She told him, hugging him sideways.

“Guys, it’s just a cookie!” Joey told them.

Both of them glared at Joey.

“What?” Joey asked confused.

“Run, Joey. Run for your life” Elizabeth told him.

“Joey!!!!!!” they screamed.

They chased him down the street and in through the partly rusted gates of their school.

“Oh dear!” Elizabeth sighed.

She hurried after them, just in time to see Aaron and Jennifer, lunge onto Joey. Even though Joey was a big guy and these two were small compared to him. Jennifer was a crazy chick, and if she ever got mad, you better run for your life, while Aaron would do anything if it concerned Jennifer and he was a tiny nuclear bomb, ready to explode all the time, anytime.

Elizabeth pulled them apart.

“Guys!, stop it. We are in school.” She told them.

“But Liz, He killed our cookie, our tiny baby!” Jennifer growled, lunging for Joey again.

“It was a mistake!” Joey screamed out in defense.

“Guys, cut it out.” Elizabeth pushed them apart. “You both can have at him after school.” She told Aaron and Jennifer.

“But!” Joey screamed out.

“No excuse is good enough for murder!” Elizabeth told him with narrowed eyes.

“What!” Joey screamed perplexed.

“Let’s go, classes will start soon” Jennifer told them.

All three gave him menacing looks as they made their way to their classes. Joey stood there, shaking his head.

“Why did I make friends with you puny…?” he sighed.

“Joey!” Jennifer screamed.

“nothing!!” He cried out.

They started to walk towards the front door.


Inside school they all had their own fields, but they still hung out together. Elizabeth was the leader of the dance club. Aaron was the leader of the boxing club and Jennifer was the head cheerleader. Joey was the football captain, and the most eligible bachelor in school.

“Good morning Joey!” A group of sophomore girls greeted him.

“Good morning, ladies!” He winked.

Jennifer rolled her eyes, and Aaron laughed.

“Jealous much!” Joey smirked.

“Jealous of what!” Jennifer sneered. “I’m queen bee, remember worker bee!” She teased him.

“Pfft…” He smirked.

“Joey…. I haven’t forgotten about the cookie!” Jennifer threatened him.

“Ahh…. My bad!” He apologized. Jennifer smiled and walked in front

“Damn that stupid cookie!” He cursed under his breath.

“What did you say?” Jennifer asked.


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