Believing You

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Chapter 5

March 25th, 2017

It’s been a month since they got the offer to perform for Mr. Redav. They had been preparing very eagerly and had put in the most effort ever for any performance till date. They had 0600 hours till show down and everybody was running around hectically backstage at Marriott’s program hall. The decoration guys were finishing up with the last touches on the flawless work. The band was already here and setting up. The DJ was set up next to the stage and he was aligning his music. The other dance groups were chatting and getting ready.

Elizabeth’s group was very intimidated by all this. After all they were all just High schoolers and these were professionals. One of the dancers bumped into Elizabeth, forcing Elizabeth to lose her footing and fall to the ground.

“Oh… I’m sorry.” She replied, sarcastically. “The door is that way, and the mops are there. Chop chop!” she replied, glaring at her.

“Stacy!” A deep menacing voice growled.

She turned around to face a red faced man with light blue eyes. He looked like Elliot but was a bit shorter and much more bulky. His face was round and he had a soft more kind feel than compared to Elliot, who had sharp much more attractive features. He glared at the girl disapprovingly and crossed his arms across his chest.

“But, baby these kids are just crowding …” She replied flirtatiously

“Enough! You can go now.” He told her authoritatively. Despite his slightly feminine features he still had the masculine control. “Now!” He growled, annoyed at her attitude.

The girl huffed at the group and left.

Elizabeth who was still on the floor was stunned and had completely forgotten she had fallen to the floor. As she recollected her memory and was getting up, a stout hand was offered to her.

“I apologize for her misbehavior. She has some attitude problems, and lacks simple curtsy.” The blue eyed teddy replied.

Elizabeth took his hand and got up. “Thanks. And it’s alright. I guess we are too young and inexperienced to be able to land such a job.” She replied, slightly disheartened.

Everybody in the group stood quietly with their heads bowed down.

“On the contrary, Dad loves your group. He says, there hasn’t been such fresh talent for ages. Everybody has been doing the same boring routines, but you guys bring new ideas, new life into the performance. Don’t be disheartened. All of you are really good and from here onwards, you will only get better.” He explained, encouraging them softly.

Elizabeth smiled at him and then curiously asked. “Are you Mr. Redav’s Son?”

“Yes, I am. I’m Martin, Martin Redav. Elliot’s older brother. You don’t see me much in functions because I don’t work in my dad’s company. That’s Elliot’s job.” He replied, laughing softly.

Compared to his brother, Martin was much softer spoken and shy, though he could occasionally become authoritative, he preferred not to and that explained why he didn’t want to handle the company. He just didn’t want the stress and he didn’t like being controlling and being authoritative much.

“It’s so nice to meet you.” Elizabeth replied, after finally seeing him face to face. She had only heard about him so far and now he was in front of her.

“No, No. The pleasure is all mine, Elizabeth.” He replied, kissing her hand softly.

He was just as charming as his brother.

“Trying to steal my girl are we, brother.” A familiar voice called out from the corner.

Elizabeth turned towards the emanating voice and found Elliot leaning on the wall and watching them amused.

“On the contrary, I was just getting to know my sister-in-law.” Martin teased, to which Elliot blushed slightly, and chuckled.

He pushed himself off the wall and walked towards the group, who quickly greeted him and dispersed themselves to their respective areas to begin preparation for their biggest performance ever.

“Where’d they all go?” Elliot asked, confused.

“They understand privacy, my dear child. So do I. You guys have fun.” Martin teased, patting his back. He looked back at Elizabeth and kissed her hand once again. “It was nice meeting you, Beautiful angel.” He told her.

“Brother!” Elliot warned. Glancing at him sideways.

“What? Let me flirt with her until she is still single. Once you marry her, she will be out of bounds.” Martin replied nonchalantly.

Elizabeth laughed, which made Elliot turn and look at her. After so many laughs, she still made him stop breathing when she does.

“Good bye” Martin screamed out, as he walked off into the direction his ‘Girlfriend’ had gone in.


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