Benevolent Hearts

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The Pass

Where the chef stands, calls tickets, garnishes and inspects plates before sending them to the dining room.


The scorching heat was ever so slowly vanishing away as the sun would be ending its journey after some time. Safiya liked her lunch with her head chef, Kirtika Rane and she didn’t know how much time they spent on their meal while getting to know each other. Maybe, two to three hours. She was an easy going lady and seeing her nobody could tell that she was on such a high position, unlike Daiyan Mustufa whose whole being spoke of his arrogance.

Rich snob!

Now it was half past six and she had finally reached near the green park avenue. As usual Safiya’s destiny was playing with her because there was a strike of buses and she was in no mood to throw her whole money on the taxi drivers. The distance of Salt and Sugar and Green Park Avenue was roughly one hour and she knew how much a cab would cost her that was why Safiya trusted her walking ability.

Kirtika wanted to drop her to her destination but she politely denied her. She too didn’t have any idea about the place then how could she take her help. Safiya shoved out her cellphone where Nanna had sent her the address of the house but her cellphone denied to start.

What a great day!

Safiya aimlessly began to walk ahead on the road to focus on her mind and to dig out any good idea. The area was posh and only residential buildings could be seen without any trace of shops from where she could call Nanna for the address. What a way to be stuck! There was no one whom she knew here, what she should do.

The darkness was slowly covering everything and Safiya began to feel the sound of footsteps behind her. The silence around her was haunting but she kept walking, trying to ignore those sounds as good as she could. When Safiya felt like they were some sort of following her, she turned around to see two men who were clumsily walking behind her, their gaze full of filth and now they had started passing comments on her.

It was not needed to say that those men were out of their senses. Such a posh area and people cheap like hooligans. But Safiya didn’t come all the way from Bhopal to Gwalior just to get harassed by them, she had to leave her fear aside like every time and get rid of them. There was only one bungalow where there was no security guard and hence her entry would be at ease.

Safiya quickly got into the bungalow, the building was surrounded by wrap around the lawn and to stand there was a clear invitation to trouble. Her gaze found a floor length window whose opening was in the lawn. It was all dark inside meaning there wasn’t anybody so she could hide there for the time being just to misguide those men. Using her three fingers, she opened the window and quickly vanished behind it.

Now Safiya’s heart felt like it would burst out with the amount of anticipation and anxiety she was feeling looking at the man she had hit. Didn’t know who was he? Could be one of those hooligans, because who other than a burglar or a thief could come inside from a window?



The man stood up, his silhouette somewhat imbalanced as he distanced himself from her and after a while, the whole room got covered in white light. Crappy crap! Safiya’s breath hitched and she covered her mouth to smother her gasps of bewilderment.

Was it written in her destiny that even if she would spit in Gwalior, it would directly hit on Daiyan Mustufa’s face? Like literally, who thought it would be Daiyan. Safiya gulped in worry as he was also staring at her with wide eyes but his shock washed away rather quickly as he lunged forward with a dangerous pace and she quickly closed her eyes, waiting to get hit or get slapped. His face was showing how much angry Daiyan was and he had the right to be so, she didn’t know how heavy her backpack was until now!

Not getting anything in response, Safiya bit her lower lip and peek from one opened eye to see Daiyan glaring at her with folded arms on his chest. She straightened up and tugged at her scarf in worry.

" What are you doing here and why you hit me?”

" Taking my revenge from today morning.”

The words left their barriers before she could think and Safiya perfectly knew that her words had ignited a whole new volcano of anger in the man in front of her.



" Taking my revenge from today morning. ”

Was she for real? Seriously she gave him that answer! That little girl who was igniting his anger to no limit just because of her carelessness and blunt tongue. No respect for him, he was now her boss. Daiyan pursed his lips, huffing in anger. He was not wrong and he had every right to ask her because she was standing in his house, in his room without anyone’s permission and what she was doing, replying him with sarcasm.

" Just answer my damn question miss Safiya Jameel. Why are you here?”

Not seeing any signs of her reply, he moved a little ahead and barked to which she flinched and took a step back with her eyes furrowed at him.

" Why are you always yelling? Voice so high that I’m sure I will be deaf in mere months.”

" Look-”

" No, you look. I’ve no interest to stand in your vicinity mister ‘I’m the boss’. I have to come here because of some issues.”

He was about to answer her when the door opened with a click, revealing his mother who was looking slightly worried and surprised.

" Daiyan, I’m glad you have come. That girl-” Her gaze moved a little behind him where maybe she saw Safiya, ” Who’s hiding behind you?”


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