Benevolent Hearts

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Briefly plunging an ingredient into boiling water and then plunging it into ice water to halt the cooking process.


Not again!

A surprised gasp left her lips as the flour packet fell on Safiya, covering her up in itself. What she should do? Now she was feeling like crying, so much for one day! She didn’t sign up for this. She pulled away herself from the shelf and began to use her hands to remove the extra flour. She spotted Daiyan still standing at the entrance, silently watching her movements and making her anger boiled up for god knows what time.

" It’s all because of you.”

" What’s my mistake in there?”

What would be a good thing to throw at his face? Eggs, veggies or meat? Safiya had heard about people having stone instead of heart but this man had a big boulder in the name of heart and pebbles in place of his brain. She came near him, her eyes aching with a slight amount of flour in them.

" Are you seriously asking me this?”

“Yes, because there’s not my mistake in you being clumsy.”

Safiya was about to reply with a good comeback when she saw Muaz sir coming in with hurried pace.

“Oh, I’m so glad Ms.Safiya, you’re here. Come, I’m sure Daiyan has told you everything you need to do.”

She questioningly looked at Daiyan who was unable to meet up with her eyes. Safiya moved a tired hand on her features and gave a small smile to Muaz sir; he didn’t know his friend was a jerk!

“Sir, I am going home. This man over here has fired me.”

Muaz sir came closer to them and placed a tight grip on Daiyan’s arm, “I know my friend, Miss. Safiya. He is a little bit of short-tempered-”

“A much short-tempered.”

Safiya corrected him looking at Daiyan who pursed his lips and glared at her, ” Ya very much. But it was a heat of moment thing, don’t take him too seriously. Our Salt and Sugar needs you.”

" Muaz-”

She saw both of them conversing with each other through their eye-language. It didn’t need a degree to guess that Daiyan was not convinced. Huh, Safiya too didn’t have so low self-respect that she would work here after so many insults but that was where apologies come into the scene. He had to say sorry to her because she wouldn’t change herself for her work, her appearance would never stop her from achieving her dreams.

" Sir, I don’t want to work here after so many insults.”

" Ms. Safiya we have a food critic waiting for us. Please help us, he wants to have that Chocolate Chilli Cake made by you. Look, Daiyan is apologizing for his rude behavior. ”

Safiya pursed her lips to hide her smile and looked at Daiyan with an innocent face, who was still glaring at her. His tightened jaw was the proof, how much he was controlling his anger.

" I don’t apologize.”

Daiyan’s voice so mild just above a whisper and he turned, quickly leaving the pantry. Her mind went off with anger and she just stood there in shock. Was there someone more stubborn than this man? Couldn’t he cut down his ego for some time?

" Please, we need your help. ”

She nodded after thinking a while, ” But after this cook, I’m going. ” and made her way towards the ingredients section. After a few minutes, her basket was full of Dark Chocolate, sugar, red chilies, butter, and cream. Safiya was not making that dish for Salt and Sugar, she just wanted to prove to everybody that she wasn’t different, she had the same skills as everyone had. So that people would just mind their own business and stop judging her.

Kirtika gave her a welcoming smile when Safiya made her way towards the kitchen. ” Do you need my help, dear?”

Safiya bit her lower lip and shook her head. She would not give anyone a chance to criticize or rule out her cook. The food would be made by her, without anyone’s help. Then maybe that Daiyan would understand, her scarf would not ever come in his way.

When the chocolate melted nicely, Safiya slowly transferred it into the prepared mixture of egg, sugar, and flour. The batter was perfect and now she just had to add some fresh chilies in it. ” Go get it, Safi girl.”

It was her recipe and it was not bothering her that someone was using it to reach their destination of dreams. Because somewhere inside her, Safiya was sure that they would always be unable to put that special taste which she could. It would always be Safiya’s Dark Chocolate Chilli Cake.

" Is it ready?”

The loud voice boomed near her and Safiya found Daiyan glaring at her with arms on his chest. Go away! She raised her eyebrow and stared at the stubborn man who was equally glaring at her.


The lady was taking too much of his precious time, firstly that good for nothing critic who only wanted to have that dessert and now this girl who was taking a whole eternity to prepare a single dessert. Safiya gave him a little smile and gestured him to come near her as if she wanted to share a secret with him. Something was really fishy! Why a sudden change? Despite all of his doubts, he moved his ear close to her.

" I’m not liable to answer you.”

Her loud voice so close to his ear felt like it had torn apart his eardrums. If it was possible, he would grab that little girl in the pinch of his fingers and throw her right away from the window.

" What was that? Mind your behavior, Ms. Safiya. ” Daiyan covered his ear to jerk away from the tinge at his ear.


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