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On the fly

Something needed very quickly.


Safiya went through a series of sneezes as she made her way to Muaz sir’s cabin. The cold had gotten a good hold of her and she always hated it. Because firstly it left her all irritated, slow, annoyed at every single thing around her and secondly it made her look like a clown effortlessly as every time her nose turned into a dark shade of pink.

With a knock, she entered his cabin and halted in her steps looking at Daiyan Mustufa too seated there.

Not again!

This man over there had made her one week in Salt and Sugar a living hell. Taunting her on every petty task or ordering her to complete a job on short notice. Safiya knew it he was doing this just to bug her or more like to annoy her to that extent that she would leave her job.

Yes, Safiya had to admit that she had done a great loss to him over the time with her tactics. But he deserved it, didn’t he? He deserved to get wet with a bucket full of water, deserved to get yelled and what not. She didn’t regret it a bit.

" Sir, I wanted to talk about the menu.”

" Yes, Ms. Safiya please have a seat.”

Safiya nodded and took a seat on the chair beside Daiyan Mustufa who was busy in his mobile phone, to her utter gratitude. Her shift had ended and that was why she had decided to pay a visit to Muaz sir for the discussion of change in the menu. Now being with Daiyan, Safiya clearly knew he would not listen to her consent.

" Sir, I think we should add some Indian desserts in our menu. We should add some Indian flavors to maintain that authentic fe-”

" Muaz, may I ask who is this lady here to decide the menu of our restaurant? ”

Safiya closed her eyes for a moment because of the interruption as her nerves felt stiff due to anger and turned her head to look at Daiyan who was glaring at her with his cold gaze. Somebody just told him not to trifle with her in this condition, she could even murder anyone with her bare hands.

" Daiyan let her say. I think she has a point. ”

Safiya put the handkerchief to her nose as the series of sneeze again started leaving her frail and weak.

" Ms. Safiya, take rest. Don’t push your little brain into thinking so much.”

Daiyan said smirking at her condition which was enough to burst out her anger. Safiya stood up from the place, the chair screeching loudly on the floor and huffed in annoyance at Daiyan.

" Mr. Daiyan, make a habit to listen to some criticism about your work. Because that improves your work and all.”

" So you think I’m not successful, you think by putting those Indian dishes will make my work better. Mind you, Ms. Safiya, I own a big restaurant, not a roadside cheap hotel.”

Daiyan growled standing in front of her and Safiya glanced at Muaz sir who was nervously watching them both bickering with each other. It was not a good idea to discuss her views with Daiyan in the room. He was just an arrogant douche bag who didn’t have any manner to talk scratch that to listen properly.

So much for a good suggestion!

" Success doesn’t come with flying in the air but with keeping your feet on the ground, Mr. Daiyan Mustufa. ”

Safiya spat and moved out quickly from the cabin. Her heart racing rapidly at her outburst, her eyes slight teary with anger or maybe the humiliation she faced but she was feeling somewhat giddy at the reply she gave to that Daiyan.

Did she just said that! Oh my, what an awesome line. She had to write it in her journal so that whenever she would read it she would remember Daiyan’s surprised face and her win.


"Success doesn’t come with flying in the air but with keeping your feet on the ground, Mr. Daiyan Mustufa. ”

Really! Were those words of that little girl?

Daiyan rolled his eyes at his thoughts, it would be just an abrupt sentence gotten out of her in her anger. Because sense and Safiya Jameel were two different paths.

" That’s what you wanted to hear from her. We don’t need anyone’s advice, Muaz let alone that silly girl.”

" I had called her to discuss that idea, Daiyan. I think she is right we can include some Indian delicacies, just desserts.”

Daiyan slammed his hand on the table to cut out his friend’s crap. It was Muaz’s old habit, he wanted to keep everyone happy but that was not a good thing in business and marketing. You need to think with your brain, not your heart if want to achieve success.

" I want to deliver exotic flavors of other countries in my restaurant and nothing else. Just because of any silly girl I won’t change my restaurant into a local cheap inn.”

Daiyan roared in a high pitched voice and left his cabin. Didn’t know why people felt a responsibility to put out their ‘so important’ bits of advice in front of him when he was doing well. He knew what was right for him, what was wrong for him and everything around it.

When he left the restaurant, it had started raining. Daiyan groaned in irritation, why it was so essential for the rain to drizzle in every single season, even in summer. If he remembered correctly, this was the sixth drizzle of May. He hated this season because it left everything muddy, wet and god knows what. Firstly it was that little girl then this rain which was annoying him to death.

Daiyan had crossed a little amount of distance when his car began to wobble in an awful manner. He hit his palm over the steering wheel with full force, halting his vehicle at one side-the pattering sound of water over the top of his car piercing his head like small needles.


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