Benevolent Hearts

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Used when talking about pasta and vegetables, rice and beans that are cooked but still firm to bite.


Safiya huffed in frustration getting out of the kitchen, not withstanding the idea of having a grand feast in her cottage. Those two ladies in her life whom she loved to infinity, sometimes behaved like- annoying! Firstly when she was at work Dado and Nanna went to some supermarket and brought the whole market in her kitchen and now she was getting fed up of seeing them cook so many dishes which Safiya could eat for a whole week.

There was chicken curry, biryani and gulab jamun and according to her it was a decent meal. But no, why would anybody listen to her! They would just do what they feel right. Dado had prepared qeema samosas, kebab, milkshake and kheer. For God’s sake, only two people were coming on a dinner not the whole country.

And when Safiya gave words to her thoughts, Dado and Nanna scold her saying she was just a lazy girl and also she had to listen how Dado’s generation was superior than hers! Nanna also chastised her saying Daiyan and Mehnaz were her boss so she should respect them.

Allah Allah!

One feast and they both had created a havoc in the kitchen. So many dishes just for that sulking boss of hers! Argh! Safiya could sign a agreement telling that Daiyan would not acknowledge a single bit of effort of these women and it would all go in vain.

"It will be good if I just vanish in my room for the whole dinner!”

Safiya retorted to herself as her grandmother ever so lovingly told her to get ready properly for the guests. She was looking fine, absolutely- she was hundred percent sure. But Nanna denied her clothes too because according to her ‘you don’t come in front of guests in sweatpants and baggy tee.’ She just sufficed on rolling her eyes and left the kitchen with a huff.

It was the most comfortable dress she was wearing and what was the need to change. She was not going to any wedding, it was a decent dinner and her clothes were decent too, she would just wrap a scarf on her head when coming in front of so called guests. Safiya was already wanting this night to end as soon as possible.

After having a good shower to wash away the tiredness of the kitchen, Safiya opened her cupboard and chose a navy blue knee length frock which had dark green embroidery over it and paired it with the same color leggings. When she was applying the dark kohl in her eyes the door bell rang. The thought of her boss forced her again to roll her eyes resulting her kohl to smudge just below her lower eye-rim.

Even his thought is a bad luck!

"No need to get angry Safi girl.”

Safiya consoled herself and after carefully wiping the kohl from her face, she wrapped her blue silk scarf around her head somewhat hastily else Dado would come in any minute to her room and scold Safiya for her clumsiness.


"Am coming. ”

Safiya yelled from her room and quickly opened the door to see  Daiyan busily talking to Nanna while Mehnaz aunt and Dado were not in the scene. Very well! Now firstly she had to face that man.

"Assalamualaikum, sir. ”

Safiya moved a little ahead and greeted with a tight lipped smile. If Dado would be there she would definitely understand her fake sweet speech, glad she was absent. Daiyan looked up at her and replied her greeting with a nod of his head. She pursed her lips, raising her eyebrow at his rudeness and made her way to the kitchen where she found both the missing ladies.

"Assalamualaikum aunt!”

"Walaikumassalam! May Allah bless you. ”

Mehnaz aunt smilingly patted her head with blessings. That’s how you reply to a greeting. Her boss seriously needed some kind of classes to behave properly.

Rude snob!

"So has Safiya made something for us?”

Safiya shook her head, ” These ladies didn’t let me do a single thing. Tell me aunt... "She came closer to her and placed her hand on aunt’s shoulder, "Am I a bad chef? No na, else your son hadn’t selected me. But no, they never listen to me, I’m telling them let me cook, no. I’m telling them that’s enough dishes-”


Dado’s somewhat embarrassed and angered voice forced her to stop herself, while Mehnaz aunt just giggled at her. She gently pinched her nose, "She is telling right, Batool. You should have let her done something. ”

Dado just shook her head at Safiya, a little smile playing on her lips. She ordered her to set the dinner table and usher Nanna and her boss for the meal. Again she had to face that poker face!

My destiny has been written with a golden ink!


He shuffled into himself a little more, keeping his head in between his knees just to avoid whatever bitter thoughts came running into his mind. Their voices couldn’t reach him there but he felt as if it would follow him wherever he would go, just like here-in the cottage at backyard.

This room was inside this small cottage and he had no idea why his father insisted on making it during the construction but now Daiyan was grateful for it. He could just pretend for the time being that nobody existed, he too.

He loved his small family-Daiyan, his father and mother. But every time his father started speaking just a little too much with his voice reaching an octave, he felt like the worry in his stomach would reach up to his throat choking him to death. Maybe his mother had some sort of idea about his worry, that was why she would take his father into their room to continue whatever argument they used to have.


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