Benevolent Hearts

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Bias Cut

Slicing not directly across but at an angle.



"Yes Dado, I’m perfectly fine.”

Safiya sat on a corner pavement trying to sound cheerful as she was but she knew her grandmother would find out very soon that she was all along faking it.

" Alhamdullilah. I thought you got some flu again, you are sounding low.”

" No, Dado. It’s just so much work here that sometimes it’s tiring. ”

Dado hummed in response, ” It’s good. Work hard and make your dreams true.”

Safiya bit her lower lip nodding her head and after talking some stuffs she ended the call. She was feeling frustrated and annoyed as the events were unfolding themselves in front of her. Should she just go back and punch Daiyan in his face, maybe that would calm down her anger.

“It’s a great idea, Safi girl.”

A loud screech with a thud broke her reverie as Safiya found a young boy and an old man lying on the road. They had gotten into some accident and the crowd was slowly gathering around them to look at the loss they had there. She quickly ran towards them, the old man seemed like had lost consciousness while the young boy’s head was bleeding and he was trying to wake up the other fellow with him.

Her heart squeezed painfully seeing the boy’s attempts and teary face. She hated seeing helpless people because she had a perfect idea what it felt to be there, to know that something is wrong and not knowing what should be done.

"Hey, it will be alright. C’mon let’s take you both to the hospital. ”

Safiya patted the boy’s shoulder as he only sufficed on nodding. To wait for the ambulance was a foolish thing because that old man needed a quick assistance so she stood up to fetch a taxi when a car stopped in front of her.

"Safiya, everything alright? ”

She took a step back and kept a hand on her head to save herself from the scorching sunrays which pierced her eyes and looked at Aaban who was observing her with concern.

"Actually no. Can you do me a favour? ” Safiya looked behind her to see the boy patting the old man’s cheek, ” They need help, will you just drop us to the nearby hospital? ”

"Yeah, no problem. ”

Aaban said getting out of the vehicle and helped the young boy to put the old man on the back seat. Safiya didn’t want to leave them alone when she had taken their responsibility, she would be with them till she would be sure that everything was fine.

"Aren’t you coming? ”

Safiya nodded somewhat hesitantly because the back seat wasn’t vacant with the boy and old man so she had only one option- to sit on the front seat. She grabbed the seat while her grandmother’s words rang in her ears.

When her boss had told her to be on the front seat, she had rejected Daiyan the other day giving him the reason but now she was stuck in the web of restraints. It was a simple or a silly thing for most of them but for the girls who want to always walk on the straight path every minute thing matters.

Just forgive me Allah and help me to walk on your path!

After half an hour they were in the hospital, the young boy whose name was Waleed as she saw on hospital documents, was getting his first aid while his grandfather had been put into observation. Maybe due to dangerous heat of the summer he fell into unconsciousness and that was why the duo got in accident. The one thing which hurt her was that the boy couldn’t speak, he hadn’t been bestowed with the ability to speak.

"He’s out of danger. Do you want to stay here or should I drop you?” Safiya smiled at Aaban hearing the news. Her body felt like a tremendous weigh had been lifted off it, leaving her calm and light.

"I’m coming in a minute. ” She came towards Waleed and the boy first time in their meet, smiled. Safiya shoved out some money from her purse and a slip with her mobile number on it and put it on his hand.

"This is for you and you can message me if you need anything. ” The boy nodded, his eyes shining with gratefulness and she just patted his head moving away from him. They came outside and she quickly sat at the back seat to avoid any more awkward moment.

"The front seat is vacant, Safiya. ”

"Yeah I know but the thing is Waleed and his grandpa was sitting here so I had no choice but to sit on the front seat. I don’t sit on the front seat with strangers. ”

Her reasoning brought an amused chuckle from Aaban, ” Okay, I respect your protocols. ” With that he started the car and she gave him a bright smile at his understanding.


"You should teach your friend some type of manners.”

Aaban looked at the rear view mirror as Safiya told him whatever riddles she was making. She was just like a child, jumping from one topic to another but what he could decipher perfectly in their few meets that she was the most clear hearted lady he had ever seen. She had no filter or thoughts about she did or told anyone. Just like the deed Safiya did few minutes ago, finding a human with humanity in this materialistic world was not less than an achievement.

"Who? Daiyan?”

"Yes or who else? ” A huff sounded in his ears as she wrapped her arms around herself, looking out of the window. "You know, he is just a piece of boulder who has no feelings, no matter what we will do for him, he would just yell at us.”

Aaban laughed at her simile. ”Got into more trouble with him?” Safiya groaned and moved a little ahead, holding the headrest of the front seat forcing his eyes to get widened thinking about the future condition of the headrest. It was a vehicle gotten from work and it was his sole responsibility to took care of it which was looking a little difficult right now.


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