Benevolent Hearts

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Thickening or intensifying the flavor of the liquid.


Daiyan huffed and tried to glare dangerously at the lady standing in front of him who was looking at him in so much arrogance like she was his boss not him and as always claiming weird assumptions on him. Jealous! Really! Why would he be? She was just an employee of him and there was no point for him to be jealous.

Silly girl with silly assumptions!

"I have to crush your pride saying that I’m not jealous. Why would I?”

Safiya gave him an annoying toothed smile, the one we gave when we know the truth and someone is lying. He riled up his lower lip in order to calm down his nerves and moved a little ahead to say but Safiya beat him to it.

"Your every action is speaking of jealousy, you tell me why all of a sudden it concerns you with whom I am spending my time.”

Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy. His mind would burst out with another mention of that word. What that tiny little girl knew about jealousy that she was lecturing him about it and wasting his time to her heart’s content. He shouldn’t have come to this place ever, didn’t know why his mind burst out in anger seeing the food containers and that too with a note stating that this little girl over here had favored him with her oh so special cooking. He would die a thousand deaths before taking her help!

"It was because you are our responsibility and that’s why I was a little concerned about you.”

In result, Daiyan got her thinking face followed by fits of giggles, didn’t know what he said so much of fun that Miss. Safiya couldn’t control her laughter.

"You’re cute when you lie.” Safiya said with a snort, "When this Daiyan Mustufa started taking people’s responsibility? Look, do one thing okay.. take two steps back, go back to your house and sleep peacefully without thinking about a girl like me.”

Safiya advised him with her toothed smile and went back to her cottage not before shoving out her tongue at him. She didn’t give him even a single damn reason and wasted his precious time when he could do a lot more fruitful work rather than hitting his head with a stone. Firstly Daiyan was going through those troublesome thoughts of hiring a new chef through interviews and then this little girl exceeded his problems by wasting his time. If she had given a proper reason, he could’ve thought of taking her back to the restaurant by crushing his ego. Daiyan Mustufa crushing his pride for the silliest girl like Safiya Jameel that was the weirdest dream anyone could’ve at all.

Daiyan directly came into his room and laid down on his bed without thinking about anything. He didn’t want to talk to anyone or didn’t want to have dinner because all he needed was a good sleep that would vanish all his worry especially a little itch in his heart whenever he was recalling that incident when he saw Safiya with Aaban. And not answering him properly, Safiya had increased that itch to an unimaginable extent. He rubbed his eyes and switched off the bedside lamp, staring at the ceiling. His mind was stuck in his past when he got to know about the secret of ladies who hid in a veil but all they could do was to break a peaceful home, a happy marriage.

"I want to divorce you, Mehnaz. It’s too much for me, I’m fed up of all of this.”

Daiyan just silently listened to his father’s words, his mind was still too small to comprehend the meaning of divorce but his father’s expression and the word ‘fed up’ got stuck in his brain. When did he think, his father would leave them just like that. That father who was his superhero, who could do anything for him was now getting fed up of his responsibility.

He shuffled a little inside the kitchen so as not to make any kind of noise or give any hint to his parents that he was eavesdropping to their private talks. Didn’t know why his eyes were becoming teary all of a sudden and his heart was cutting seeing his mother staring into void listening to whatever reasons his father was stating.

"You’re going to re-marry, Mustufa?”

Mum’s query was followed by a dreading silence but after a few seconds, his father nodded. What if he just shook his head? What if he just denied or told something else? It was the painful thing, a child could go through. His father leaving his family just because he found someone else better. He made a joke of everything, his name, his morals, and his life. This would always be etched in his heart, his father was an irresponsible man!


"Didn’t know why? I don’t want to face that wrestler again but Allah...” Safiya looked up in order to complain to her Lord as he had again changed the circumstances when she had to go Salt and Sugar. ” Why are you always making me stand in an awkward situation?”

Yesterday when Mehnaz aunt came back from the wedding, she directly came to her asking about the reason that she was seeing her at home in that hour. And as always, Safiya was Safiya. She told her the whole ordeal from alpha to omega, properly putting light on her mistake and a little too much light on Daiyan’s mistake. Firstly, Mehnaz aunt apologized to her for the inconvenience and also that she was in so much hurry the other day that she didn’t understand her problems. And after that she quickly called Muaz sir, telling him to sort out the matter between Safiya and Daiyan. According to her, both the fellows were in a mistake but what made Safiya happy was that she took her side and told her that Daiyan had no right to insult her like that. Safiya had clearly denied her request of joining the restaurant again and face her son with some more new insults but the lady was too embarrassed on her son’s doing and Safiya couldn’t see that look on people’s face, gathering the guilt in her heart of lowering down someone’s self-esteem. She was not that cruel ever!


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