Benevolent Hearts

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When two incompatible liquids are mixed together.


Daiyan messed up his locks looking at the blazing flames which felt like they would never end in eternity. Looking from where he was standing, he perfectly knew that his kitchen had caught fire and it felt if the action was not taken soon-the fire would swallow up the whole Salt and Sugar. There were sounds of panic and distress around him which was pushing him to believe that it was all too real.

He never thought he would see this day or hear those distressed voices in his restaurant. Yes, there would be the sound of claps, cheers of appreciations but this was an utter nightmare and nothing else. The floor was now packed with people, trying to save themselves from the growing heat and waiting for the help to come. Daiyan wanted to go to the kitchen to have a look at the damage but Muaz denied his request by stating it was dangerous for him. According to him, it was because of the short circuit and they should wait for the proper help. Damn dangerous! His whole dream was crumbling down into that scorching fire and he was just waiting for the help to rescue them.

Maybe it was due to the poor connection of wires because the power had been cut off so they had to use flashlights from their cellphones for the purpose of lighting. The entrance was slowly getting muddled up with the flames and from his peripheral vision, he saw Safiya getting up and going a little closer to it. What that silly girl was now up to? He wanted to keep everyone safe that was why he had ordered everybody to remain at one place without going near the fire. But as always why that girl would listen to him, always doing what she felt right.

" Come here this instant, Miss. Safiya.”

Safiya halted a little and looked at him with hopeful eyes ” Sir, the pathway to the stair is safe. We can get away from here.”

He came closer to her and peeked outside getting only a view of the increasing fire. ” Have you lost your mind? Look, there is only fire and nothing else, do you want us to die?”

Safiya pursed her lips fidgeting with her scarf and then gestured outside, ” Look, we go outside and then getting stuck up with the corridor walls we can get to the stairs and its all safe.”

" Do whatever you want to do. Go, I don’t want to die.”

Daiyan came back to his place without giving a glance to the lady. Was the fire an easy problem that he had to make his brain cells dead by arguing with Safiya Jameel? He saw her talking to some of his staff members and after a while a group was standing near the entrance, waiting for their turn. Slowly they began to move out leaving only a few of them in the hall. He thought only Safiya would go out but no, she would always kill his expectations.

" I think Safiya was right. That path is really safe.”

" Really? Then go ahead, what are you waiting for?”

Daiyan haughtily stated looking at Muaz who was looking somewhat eager to get out of this place. Fine then! He should admit that whatever it was he didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to left his piece of the dream which felt like going to burn totally leaving him all alone and he didn’t want it to go through it. Yes, the sensible Daiyan Mustufa was clinging and acting silly but his restaurant was the only thing he loved truly.

Safiya came quickly running to their side where a family was also waiting with them, “C’mon, hurry up. Everybody is downstairs and safe.” She glanced at him with a proud face, speaking the last sentence. Yeah, why not! The utter childish she was, she would rub this fact of her superiority on his face from here on. He gestured Muaz to go while Daiyan took a seat on the floor, resting his back with the wall.


“I don’t want to go, Muaz. Just leave me.”

He yelled somewhat irritably staring at the growing fire which had covered his whole kitchen and some part of the corridor. Daiyan didn’t make eye contact with the people around him but he knew they were giving him that look like he had lost his mind. Think what they wanted to, but he would not budge from his place! He closed his eyes as everybody left him alone as he wanted.

This couldn’t be the end of his dreams, especially Salt and Sugar. But why his heart was thudding so profusely as if something important was getting snatched from him. The smoke was growing making his senses a little numb as the headache slowly crawled up due to heat and what not. Daiyan just wanted to live his life peacefully with everything at its perfect place but why every time his destiny needed to do something awful to him?


Safiya bit her lower lip looking up at the floor which had caught the fire, pressing her hand with the other. Didn’t know when she got it but the back of her hand was now burning a little too much and in the faint light outside she could see it was getting red with every passing moment. It was dark but she could see somewhat orange shades on the window pushing the sense of fire in her head that it was not far away. She could understand it properly but her boss Daiyan Mustufa, leave it! Safiya was sure an animal would have more sense than the man wasting his life upstairs.

She requested him two times, a whole of two times to come downstairs with her but no. Smacking her head with a big boulder would worth it than fixing some good things in Daiyan’s brain. Oh sorry! How she forgot? Daiyan had no brains.


“Safiya where are you going?”

As she made a move ahead to the restaurant, Kirtika’s voice stopped her, “Daiyan sir. I think I should convince him to come downstairs, it’s dangerous.”


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