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The Dark Alley

10:56pm/21.09.2019/London, United Kingdom.

"Did you bring the money?" Whispered a voice in the Shadows as soon as Anna entered this dark alleyway(where she was told to come and bring the money. Specifically, 5,000£.) and looked for him. The Dark was covering his torso, only his legs were to be seen(only if specific effort was put into it).

Holding the burden in her heart, trying her best to sink down her emotions, she faced the Blackmailer. This trauma has been going on for a rather long time now. Her heart shattered due to this Blackmail coming from someone too important to her. She doesn't feel like she can pick up the pieces and shape it whole again. She answered with a low tone suppressing emotion. "Yes yes. How many times do I need to bring you money until you disappear from my life?" After that sentence, a tear forced out from her eye even though she didn't want it too. This sure has been a rather emotionally tiring situation. And to say such a sentence to someone of which she planned to grow old with? What a shame.

The reply from the Blackmailer standing seemingly 6 foot tall in the shadows was a little bit long, but no doubt swift as he wanted to get this over with asap before anyone catches them and possibly causes trouble. "Just shut the hell up and give the money. Or else i'll tap this button right here." He lifted his smartphone and showed a rather, inappropriate picture of her and said under a thicker but yet weaseling tone. "And the entire internet will see these amazing pictures. I'd like to be there and see how your friends, family and co workers react to this sort of shame."

Another tear fell from her eye, then the other and then the next. Let's just say that a freak accident left her with one functioning eye as a result. The other, removed(specifically her left). "But i'm getting into dept everywhere, friends, family, coworkers, bank. I can't keep borrowing money. I can't keep lying to people. Ple...."

Out of a sudden, her sentence was roughly interrupted a split second before it reached an end. Of course it was interrupted from the Blackmailer. Trying his best not to yell, he whispered under a harshly projected tone. "Look, I don't give a damn about your life. I just want the money. Do you have it or not?"

"To think, we could of had a long happy life together." Her nose started getting red because of the overall sad and traumatic situation. A situation in which she was forced to face for the fourth time now. She felt like she is getting worn out. Mentally, emotionally and financially(which caused half of the burden). "Why did you scoop so low."


"God Damnit, the match is about to start." He whispered to himself as he tried his best to speed walk through the crowd of people. All of which were rushing to see the legendary match. Between the "Masked Crusher" and "Brian Gale". Both of which are heavyweight Boxers. Both with a history of continuous victories. Failure, was never an option for both of them and they never stumbled upon it ever since they started their boxing career. Who wins tonight, defines the best fighter in London.

"I can't be late again, or I'll get disqualified for sure this time. Brian Gale's Manager is looking for any small excuses to make me tap out before the fight even starts. That bastard is scared of my, abilities." Of course he didn't say those sentences out loud, he didn't whisper them either. He just thought about them. With his identity as a secret. He can't be running around yapping about his secret boxing career.

"If I start running I can be there just in time. He whispered to himself, convincing himself towards a more positive thought, but yet again is it wise to run through a crowd? The moment he was about to run, his head subconsciously turned to the left. He simply felt safer when he knew his surroundings more. So he often looked to the left and to the right, although less common, he turned around to glance the view behind him as well.

What caught his eye right away, was a rather interesting female characteristic. Her rose red hair which reached to the middle of her waist got his attention as it shone in the stunning moonlight. "What could this lady be possibly doing so late at night in this empty ally? She looks so vulnerable. Isn't she aware of the rape rates when such big matches are in process?" He thought to himself, feeling no doubt puzzled. So he hoped to reveal more of this situation even though he was tremendously late. And what better way to know more, than to use his, abilities.

Taking slow footsteps at the dark half of the 6 foot wide alleyway, the buzz and commotion near the alleyway due to the fight helped silence his carefully taken steps furthermore. When he disappeared from the sight of the crowd nearby. His eyes, well. They switched to his semi natural form. Red was to bee seen throughout his eyes, with a dark shade of blue in the middle. But what use was it to him? Well, now he can at least see a lot better!


Ignoring the fact that she is moments away from a mental breakdown, he stuck to his true love. Money! "Shut it. If you don't give me the money right now, I will post this picture right now at this moment. I will Send it to all of your friends, family and coworkers." Flashing her explicit picture again to intimidate her, he added under a thicker and louder voice. "And on certain sites as well where they would appreciate such a one eyed beauty."

"How about you give that phone to me and f*ck out of here?" He heard a thick male voice uttering such a threatening sentence. But where did it come from?


Mister E

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