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"She met Myungsoo" Hoya adds and everyone freezes in their place.

Damn you, Hoya

"what?" woohyun's jaw drops to the floor and Sungyeol's eyes are wide.

"We must keep them apart before the elders know" Sunggyu says

I know I should not befriend her but why are these four together, talking about the elders over something with almost no importance, its not like I will marry her, I just talked to her, dammit!

Since when have they been meeting? Are they plotting something against me?

"Don't worry, she is not a treat for us anyway. she is an useless princess as always " hoya sneers at Sungkyu who just laughs about it "Not to mention that her mind is completely blank"

The sungyeol guy throws a fist at him but he is stopped by hoya with a swift movement. Woohyun steps between them and glares at my friend until he releases the obviously impulsive dude.

"At least she is not a completely different person" woohyun talks back

What? Did I miss something big? What are they talking about?

"you should be afraid of that new person. He is even scarier than his father" hoya says proudly.

Are they talking about me?

"Why is she in our territory? Did you forget that school is in our land?" Sungkyu asks raising his eyebrows.

"That is not your land; that school is on neutral ground, that's why she is there. The real question here is why is Myungsoo there? Isn't he busy taking care of the clan?

"He is capable enough to handle everything. Unlike her, Myungsoo became more reliable after what happened"

"Trauma can be so convenient, huh?" sungyeol scoffed.

Everything turns black around me for a second and I hear a woman's scream echoing inside my head. I'm suffocated like the oxygen has abandoned the earth and I have to lean against a wall or else I might faint. Even though the freezing wind is hitting my face I am sweating like its summer. I beg for the screams to stop, whoever it is, she is calling my name in despair but I'm not sure if she wants my help or to help me. At last, I see a blinding light above me, turning everything white until a few shadows take form but I can't tell their faces apart.

Woohyun's voice answering a call awakes me from whatever that was. He takes a few step back to get some privacy and I hide even more, Im still panting from the lack of air and I don't want him to hear me.

He pays attention to what the person on the end of the line is telling him and suddenly looks back to the trio, where the sungyeol-dude is giving a deadly glare at my friends whom just glare back. Sorry man but don't stand against them if you want to leave this place in two legs. The main bodyguard of the Son family calls his partner with a commanding tone that puts my friends on alert.

"We must get going" Woohyun looks at sungyeol and then at Hoya and Sungkyu "If he ever comes close to Ami, I will kill you all"

No one say a word and they start walking their ways, including me. I will have to process everything once I get home.

So, apparently I can't trust anyone now.


"What?!" my father's voice echoes across the studio. Everyone, including Woohyun, my bodyguard, is gathered in there "you know how important that deal was for us, and yet those Kan snatched it from us. "What have you been doing all this time Ami?!" the palm of his hands hits the wooden desk and I flinch; Woohyun looks at me from the corner of his eyes.

He came back home as soon as he knew about the deal being cancelled and called for an emergency reunion. I guess Myungsoo and his father must be rejoicing, after all he is going to inherit what was going to be mine.

"Sir..." Woohyun starts but my father quiets him down just by raising his hand.

"She must take responsibility"

"I've been negligent; father" I have no other choice but to bow "I will make up for it"

"And how are you going to do that?" he dares me. He knows I have a competitive personality.

"I will take two projects from the Kan family as well" I answer while still lowering my head.

He clears his throat, indicating I can raise my head.

"You have two weeks" he throws a folder on the table "these are the projects we need to make up for the one we lost. Get them at all costs"

He turns his back on me and starts his way out of the room when I notice Woohyun stops him.

"Sir, that's too much pressure" he lowers his voice so I have to adjust my ear "the doctors said that..."

"She has had enough rest for a year. I even allowed her to work at that coffee shop now it's time she starts to learn the family business again."

"But..." he tries to object again

"It's okay Woohyun, I'm okay now" I stop him before my father gets angry and punish him and I don't like to be treat like a doll made of glass even though I can't remember the last 2 years of my life I already got used to it and nothing important seems to be missing.

My father stops again and looks back at him.

"By the way Woohyun, we've got a new recruit ready to join the main staff. I need you and Sungyeol to teach him how to protect Ami"

"Understood" he lowers his head in respect.

Once he is out, Woohyun looks back at me angrily for a second but his frown softens immediately.


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