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After my father's over taking his anger out on me, he orders to be alone with Woohyun and Sungyeol. I try to oppose saying it was me who asked Woohyun to leave but if I piss him off even more it will be worse for both of them. I look at them from the corner of my eye and they nod slowly before walking out with my head lowered.

My mother is waiting for me outside the studio, she hugs me with so much strenght that it hurts. This is what I was waiting for, not to yelled at for not getting the deal. I gulp down the lump forming in my throat and hug her back

"are you okay?" Concern is clear on her tone as she rubs my back.

I simply nod because if I were to talk I would break to cry.

"thank goodness Woohyun stop that horrible man"

"And Myungsoo" I say to myself, the thought burns my pride a little but I'll have to thank him later.

A muffled sound coming from inside the office startles me. I can perfectly picture.woohyun or sungyeol crashing against a wall.

I clench my fists until I can feel my nails buring in the palm of my hand.

"Come, sweetheart. You need some rest" my mother places her hand on my shoulder and guides me towards my room.

She must have been right. As soon as I close my eyes, my lids feel heqvier than usual and I find myswlf dreaming again.

This time there's a child, a boy, wearing a red coat. He seems lost in a luxurious building, I try to approach him but he cant hear ne or see me. He starts to walk down the hall and I unconciously follow him.

"Are you lost too?" He asks to someone "whats your name?"

"Ami" a girls voice sobs.

I gasp as I see a younger me infront of me.

"I'm... Uhm... My mom says not to tell my name to strangers" the kids says clearly embarrased.

"but I told you mine" she says.

"Im lost too" he ignores her "but its better if we stay together. Want to play something?" He smiles without showing his teeth.

She nods and walks to him but a voice stops her. A woman's voice.

"Dear, I told you to wait in the lobby" the woman takes his hand and looks at the younger me. "your family is looking for you too" there's an edge on her voice that freezes me.

"mom, who is that?" The boy asks as his mother almost drags him.

"she is the daughter of the Son family, you should never talk to her, remember?"

The kid looks back at me


I thank Dongwoo as he gives me a glass of wine. Tonight the atmosphere is strange; it feels like going out with friends but at the same time a small blue feel lingers around us. Sunggyu and Hoya are talking about something that doesn't catch my attention and I can't seem to get between their bubbles.

The bar is almost full, so the noise mutes their words a little. The half lighting environment is really helping my crisped nerves from before.

"its been a while since I got to hang out with you guys" my longhaired bodyguard says.

"that's because you didn't want be part of my personal guards.

"nah, Im cool like this. You know I live field missions better...a lot better"

"Talking about is it going?"

"You are concerned about her?" He raises an eyebrow in amused grimace.

"She is our enemy, Im concerned about her movements not her" i hiss

He lowers his gaze to his almost empty glass before stirring the brown golden liquid in it.

"well, from what I've seen she doesn't seem to be like any girl, even working at a coffee shop. At first I thought she was an impostor" he pauses and look at me "but then she walked into that office...the look in her eyes, the way she moved. She reminded me a lot of you. So, whoever says she is not a treat is wrong"

The last sentence is enough to shoot my adrenaline down my spine and arms. The electrifying feeling is making me grin and I don't care if I look like psycho.

"what's so funny?" Hoya asks from the other side of the table.

Sunggyu also has the same curious expression.

"I think things can get pretty interesting" I say.

They smile the same way I do.

"Today was interesting" hoya says "I'd never think that we'd save the Son princess"

"We didn't" I remark "we just crushed her attempt to seduce that pig" the words taste like vile in my throat "I don't want anything to do with someone who Would go that low for a deal"

"aghhh Im tired"  Dongwoo yawns as he stretches his arms "I'll be going"

After we part ways, Hoya and Sunggyu go together and I decide to walk, I need to get some fresh air and clear my mind.

Despite what Dongwoo said earlier I still believe she is not cut out for this world full of schemes.

I know I will have to destroy her but part of me keeps trying to find a way to stop myself and keep her safe.

"Have you been following me?" I say to whoever's steps are been annoying me since a minute ago and they stop.

"still as sharp as ever" an almost unfamiliar voice answers

I turn around just to find a familiar face.

"As ever?" I arch an eyebrow "sounds like you know me" I spit.

And the Sungyeol guy does the same.

"so you do know me" I affirm

"Of course, I'd know our nemesis"

I can practically touch the tension filling up between us.


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