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I run as fast as my legs alliwe me to a back alley of an old, abandoned building. Im scared to the bones, I shouldnt have come.

How can they move so fast? Are my friends going to be okay?

You jad never aknowleged him as nothing more than your friend.

He wont hurt me

He will is in his dna

Those words are echoing in my head as I breathe in and out trying to calm down. How can I be so naive?

My heart is finally not trying to escape from my chest after a few minutes but I didnt notice when the noises from the fight stopped too.

"so you were here"

I freeze when the guy with the friendly face pops up from behind the wall.

Oh, God, what happened to sungyeol?

I step back even though there's a dead end.

"easy" he raises his hands "I'm not going to hurt you"

"No way Im going to fall for that, where's Sungyeol".

"he is...busy" he shrugs "L needed a hand. You should be proud, your dog is strong"

"You shouldn't call.him a dog when you are dog yourself"

"Oh ho! The princess can talk back"

"if you are not here to hurt me then why?"

"Just to tell you to mind your own business and don't get close to L ever again" he steps closer to me, until I'm pined against the brick wall.

"then tell him to stop coming to me!" I yell higher than I wanted but I don't care, I'm desperate and scared "he keeps pestering me about being friends and even moved to my class... It's not like I wanted him to!"

I shut my eyes when his fist almost hits my face only failing by a few millimeters, I can't even gasp or scream. I hear the sound of the bricks crashing against his knuckles clearly but he doesnt even flinch, he keeps glaring at me with murderous eyes that are making my legs shake out of fear.

I thought Hoya was the scary one, but I'll have to keep my guard up when he is close. if I get out of this.

"I don't care what he does, you have to stay away or else you will regret it" he moves away from me.

"hey! what are you doing" Myungsoo asks from the entrance of the alley before sprinting towards us.

Oh God. As he gets close I can notice the yellow bruises on his cheeks and some scratches on his forehead are deep enough to show some blood.

"let's go; we already won" he informs his friend, placing a hand on his shoulders; I'm not sure if it's a warning or a sing of camaraderie"


Myungsoo looks at me with a crooked smile "we just needed to get Woohyun out of the way and the others were nothing"

My heart flips over at those words.

"Then why let her get away, this is the perfect moment to destroy her, like you said you would"

An indescribable emotion flashes on L's face when he looks at me for an instant before turning back to Sungkyu.

"yes, yes, I said that but today is not the day; I already got what I wanted right now so let's go"


"are you questioning me?"

Sunggyu turns his back on me and starts waking without saying a word to me but Myungsoo stops midway and looks back with a mischevous grin.

"see you at school, Son Ami"

I dont answer, I'm too schocked for what just happened that I'm affraid my legs would give in any moment. I dont even dare to look at Sungkyu but I'm sure he is probably cursing me inside.

I gape when I see Hoya and Dongwoo walk past the alley to meet their leader, both laughing and growling victorious.

When they are out of sight I rush out to Sungyeol, he is sitting on the floor covered in dust, blood and sweat.

"why didn't you leave?!" his eyes go wide.

"I couldnt"

he nods to the side to point something: Woohyun.

I feel all the strength of my body being drained out when I see him lying face down on the floor; his lips are split and his brows are swallowed and a little bit purple already.

"Woohyun! Woohyun! wake up" I softly shake him but I stop when I see him flinch.

"it hurts, idiot" he mumbles, still lying "are you okay?"

"Are you?"

"Just a little sore" he manages to smile.

I look around horrified at the sight of more than a dozen of my clan's members badly hurt, some are even unconscious. Sunjong is helping a guy to get up, he is not as hurt as I thought he would be but there a big bruise on the corner of his lips.

It was only four of the Kan household right?

"I'll call an ambulance"

"Don't" Sungyeol raises his voice "you'll get us in trouble"

"just get the car" sungjong orders me but I'm not in the mood to talk back or say that I can't drive when he throws the car keys to me.

I trip over with my own legs when I try to run.

"she can't drive!" Sungyeol scolds Sunjong.

He shrugs "Can you?"

It's okay, I remember Woohyun teaching me the basics of driving when I was in high school so it should be alright.I just didnt learn it because my father estrictally forbid me to.

Thank goodness Sungjong parked the car nearby ; I sigh of relief when I spot the black Mercedez just a few steps from where I am.

"I can do this" I repeat to myself as I turn the key to ignite the engine and oput the truck in driveas I slowly press the gas pedal.

I start sweating as I move the sterring wheel with shaking hands and I'm driving way too slow according to whoever is honking behind me.


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