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Hide and Seek

"The Kan are at our door" Sungjong huffs.

My mouth opens but no sound comes out, I clasp my hands trying to stop the shaking. Woohyun looks at Sungyeol as if his darkest nightmares just came true.

"Ami stay here" my friends points at me "please"

They all storms out of the room, of course I try to follow them but Woohyun knows me so well that by the time I reach the door it's locked from outside. I grab the doorknob with my unharmed hand and shake it with all my strenght trying to open it but I know it is impossible. I let out my anger kicking it, the pain in my thumb makes me regret what I just did.

I have to look for another exit, the window would be useful if it wasnt in a second floor and i'm not brave enough to tie my sheets and make a rope. The only thing that i can do in the mean time is to watch the scene since my room's got a pnoramic view of the front gate and gardens.

I cant tell their facial expressions from this distance but I recognize Myungsoo standing with his friends ( sungkyu, hoya ) a few meters away from the gates, he probably has that mug grin on his face. The guards points their guns at them, which make them put their hands up like saying they came in peace...of course nobody is going to believe that.

My friends finally appears on this side of the gate, they are being cautious of not getting too close. I hear faint traces of their conversation but I cant distinguish what they are saying.

Maybe this time I should obbey my bodyguards and stay back. I'm about to give up when I hear the doorknob being unlocked.

I open the window and throw a blanket out before hidding under my bed in the very corner of my room. If I've got luck he'll think I escaped trough the window.

"no, I think she jumped out the window!" he says on the phone. His voice tells me he is the long haired guy from before.

My soul comes back to my body but I still can let my guard down. I still see his black cargo boots wandering around the room.

clack, clack, clack.

"come out, come out, wherever you are" he chants in a way that sends chills trough my spine. I close my eyes and pray he doesnt find me when his feet stop in front of the bed.

The door opens and he retreats. The room fell silent, no one is saying anything or moving, like they froze. Who is it? Woohyun? Sungyeol?

"what are you doing here?" Dongwoo's voice sounds faltering.

"I should be asking the same?" Sungjong is shocked; I can;t see him but I can tell he must be paler "You are dead, I saw your grave"

"oooh, that must have been an empty box. That is somethign you must do in order to enter the Kan family, you must be reborn" he walks towards my friend "I didnt expect to see you here, in our nemesis room..." he fake gasp "Don't tell me you wanted to avenge me? You're such a good friend"

I can see from the distance of their feet that they are face to face.

"you bastard" Sungjong says trough clenched teeth.

"the truth is I didn't care what I have to do or who I had to leave behind in order to get where I am now..."

"At Myungsoo's feet"

"and you wave your tail to Ami"

"she is nothing like him"

"You must think the Son are the good guys, right? But let me tell you this, they are no better than the Kan"

the tension is increasing, almost to a suffocating point. Dongwoo starts to walk backwards to the where the window is.

Sungjong steps forwards, not letting the space between them get any larger.

"I don't want to fight you sungjongie. but if you stay here it'll be unavoidable. Come to us, I'll talk to Myungsoo and we can be friends again; if not, I;ll have to kill you someday"

"hell, no"

"then see ya" the long haired boy jumps out the window as my bodyguard shouts trying to stop him.

"dammit" he storms out of the room.

I got out of my hidding place and look outside but there is no trace of him. I run to the main gate

Myungsoo's POV

I didnt expect less from the Son clan, their welcome party is worth the heir of the Kan family. There's at least a ten men in suits pointing at us, that is without counting the ones that are probably hiding somewhere waiting for us to make any suspiscious move and shoot our brains out.

" what the hell do you want?" Woohyun finally appears, I can tell he wants to kill me at first glance. Sungyeol too, but he is trying to hide it or maybe he is worried like his other friend, who I still cant believe is a bodyguard.

" oh come on, woohyun. You already know why I'm here" I try to pull his strings, i know he would try to not start a war by all means. Son Ami is a pacifist, even worked at a coffee shop

"Enlight me" he is not falling, oh ho.

"should i ask sungyeol, then?" I pose my eyes on the tall guy who doesnt look taken aback by my question. Of course I'm not going to ask them in front of all these people, that is the same than going to tell the elders that I started remembering whatever happened to me.

The pretty one steps forward trying to intimidate me but woohyun stops him with a quick glance. He is a well-trained dog just like sungyeol.

"Where is your princess? I'm here to talk to her" I lift both arms, holding my phone with my left hand making him know that I'm desarmed "Just bussiness talk, even though it's unfortunate that she fell from a cliff  recently I hope she is in condition to make a deal "


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