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Her Flashback (Day 1)

Amis POV

"Did you see that?" Sungyeol asks surprised "she moved her finger!"

I hear the sound of glass crashing on the floor. Then horrifying images of the accident flashes in my mind, I remember my own screams and the car crushing under its own weight. After all, everything went dark.

I still cant open my eyes but my mom's starts calling for the doctors frantically. Then someone squezzes my hand in his hands, it feels like he is trying to hold me back from sleeping again.

"Ami! Can you hear me?! It's woohyun!"

I want to tell him I know its him even without telling me but its like I still dont have the strenght to even speak.

" you have slept enough already" sungyeol says on the back

Seconds later, my body start to regain energy, little by little until I am able to open my eyes. But woohyun never let go of my hand.

The first thing I see is his relieved face, just as if he had seen the light for the first time. His eyes are red and watery, they don't match the big smile on his lips, he looks skinnier than I remember him. Just how long have I been sleeping?

Sungyeol is smiling too, I can tell at first glance he has matured a lot.

"Do you know who we are?" Woohyun ask desperate.

I nod and their souls come back to their bodies.

"The doctor said you could have brain damage but I guess he understimated your power" Woohyun grins.

A medical team enters the room followed by my mother who doesnt hesitate and wraps me in a bear hug, she almost pushed Woohyun away but he moved quickly. it feels painfully nice but the doctors tell her to move away to proceed the examination. They scan my eyes with a lamp pen and inform me i've been in a coma for a year after having and accident before they ask me my name.

" a..mi" i finally manage to say.

"Good" he clicks the light off "looks like everything is fine, but we will need to run some more tests before getting a final diagnostic" the midde aged man in a white lab bat and black scrubs says.

I feel like they are leaving some details untold but I cant ask

"Mrs. son. I know you want to be with your daughter but since you are her only parent here we need you to sign some documents" a nurse tells my mom.

She sighs and looks at me. I nod, since is the only thing I can do now to reasurre her I will be fine.

" i'll be back soon" she squezzes me once again and walks out backwards to not look away from me until she reaches the door.

My friends move to my side again.

" how are you feeling?" Sungyeol gives me a glass of water, which I gladly drank.

"Sore" i clear my troath a few times and ask for more water before I cant talk almost normally. What happened?" I ask and their faces turn dark all if a sudden.

" your car fell off the cliff because of the slippery road" Woohyun answers.

"But I can't even drive" I shut my eyes closed and try to remember anything but I only remember the noises.

They look at each other, having a wordless conversation I cant figure out.

"It was me, who was driving" sungyeol answers "but you got the worst part. I'm sorry" he sincerely apologizes.

"Don't be, it was an accident after all. More importantly what have I miss during the time I was asleep?"

"I don't think you should worry about that" sungyeol hastily replies. Woohyun looks at him, maybe its because i just woke up but I think they are hiding something.

"Where is my father?"

"He is been busy as ever, the Kan had been trying to get into our territory since they knew our heiress was..."

"So you are still going with that family war..." i roll my eyes.

"Its gotten even worse, they changed their game. This time they go all out in their attacks" sungyeol remarks

"But you dont need to worry about it right now, you should focus on recovering" woohyun interrupts him.

A week passed and now I'm at home, my parents had put even more staff at my service and to my luck (or maybe because of the doctor's instructions) they're avoiding talking about anything bussiness related.

I should take this chance and do something I always wanted but have never told anyone: college.

I got a new phone and of course the first number I added was Woohyun's then Sungyeol's.

Woohyun couldnt enroll in my school because he had to take care of everything in my abscence but he comes to get me everyday at my part time job. I picked a coffee shop since is something easy and I love coffee and it's bohemian aroma.

"how was school today?" he ask as he walks next to me, holding my bag.

"the usual, but I like it. I like this normal life, I wish it would last forever" I say

"me too" he says with a warm smile and pokes my head with his finger "how's your head? have you felt something weird?"

"no, I still can't remember what happened before the accident. like there are some pieces missing in my life"

he sighs "don't force yourself, all that matters is that you are alive"


We keep walking gettin into small talk from time to time, enjoying the calm that I couldnt have before everything happened.

"Should we take a different road? I don't want to be home just yet" I pout

he contemplates the idea "I think we can go a few blocks before we go out the neutral territory. But promise me you'll never take that road alone" he lift his pinky finger and I wrap mine around it.


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