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The Outcast & The Cool Kid


Everyone is looking at us like we're about to start a fight. The cool kid greeting the outcast, why would he bother, right? But I am not going to play his game.

"Hello, kim myungsoo" i casually say and retreat to my seat on the first row.

"Why were you two absent a.this time" one of our classmates which i dont remember asks.

"Family issues. Serious family issues" he nonchalantly blurts with his eyes still on me "what about you, Son Ami?"

"I was in the hospital, I fell from a cliff at the campfire, remember?"

I hear some gasps and some confirming what happened.

"You shouldn't do that, climbing a cliff by yourself" he fakes.innocense so well. The way his face looks so angelical makes you think he isn't the psycho who cpuld throw you from a cliff.

I hate him so much.

To my luck the professor.starts the class and everyone removes their attention from our conversation but Myungsoo is not willing to leave me at peace, he asks the girl behind me to change places with him.

"My eyes are tired from studying until late last night" he winks at her and of course she accepts.

I'll try my best to ignore him.

The first half of the lecture is going just fine until i feel a.tap on my back. I dont answer.

He does it again and again but i ignore every single one of his taps until class is.over and i push my notebook in my bag and stomp out to find sungjong already waiting for me in the hall.

"What is it?" he must have noticed the panic in my face.

"Nothing, I just want to be early to my next class" i lie because the last thing i want is a Son-Kan fight at school.

"woah! isnt this your new dog, son ami?" myungsoo catches up to us, just my luck.

"says the dog himself" sunjong sneers before i can say a thing.

if glares could kill then i dont know who'd be dead by now.

"let's go, Sungjong" I grab my bodyguard by the arm and drag him with me.

"yeah, lets go sungjong" myungsoo mocks me with a girly voice.

I feel sungjong muscles tensing but I tighten my grasp on his arm and continue walking without falling in Myungsoo's provocation until we arrive to the student affairs office so I can summit my drop out form.

"are you sure?" the blonde asks looking down at me.

"not really, but it's something I must do"

I hand the document to the front desk girl and she instruct me to go talk to the concelour to reconsider.


I just followed hoya to the schools bleachers where he liked to watch the girl in turn after the soccer game.

"Son Ami's acting weird" I tell Hoya who's talking to a girl right next to me ~her hand placed on his shoulder and a silly smile on her face. obviously doesnt know what she is getting into ~but i know he can pay attention to both.

"what do you mean?" He ask, eyes still fixAted on the chick.

"She ignored me...not even verbal sparring. She wouldnt do that before"

She dismisses the girl and she waves bye to me. I dont return the gesture, im in a hell of a bad mood. Hoya stares at me.

"Dude. You threw her away from a cliff, brought almost the whole Kan clan to her door, kidnapped her bodyguard and you want her to talkback to you, that's messed up. It's a surprise she even showed up to school today"

"Well, i was the one that ended up with a bullet in his tigh" i said to my defense and then realization hit me like a truck. "Wait!. You dont think she is here to drop out of school, do you?"

He shrug "probably"

Oh! Hell no! If i am staying, she is staying. I jump from the third row to the ground without breaking a sweat.

"Myungsoo!" I hear hoya yell but im already stomping across the field.

Sungkyu was walking toward us when i walked past him, i ignored him too when he called out and so i did with everyone looking at me as i made my way to the student affairs office. I stop in front of the door and exhale the air i was holding to calm myself down even the though I wanted to kick the damn glass door down.

But no, im kim myunsoo now and kim myungsoo is the friendly guy everyone likes around here.

"Hi!..." i greet the front desk girl! Dammit! Cant remember her name, well, plan b "did you change your hairstyle?"

Her face lightens up. Hell yeah!

"Yes, i cut it short last month but im not liking it that much now"

"Why not? It looks cuter"

"You think so?" The way she smiles tells me i've got her eating from the palm of my hand.

"Yeap, totally"

"Aww thanks..anyway, why are you here for,myungsoo?"

"Has son ami been here? Someone told me she wanted to quit school"

"Yeah she was just here! I tried to convince her to stay but she seemed so determined so i sent her to the counselor. Not that i care if she drops out but it's a school rule to try to keep as many students from leaving"

I didn't know that but thanks "i know right? That's why i was asked to talk her out of it!"

"Well she just left so maybe you can talk to her before she gets in the counselor office"

"Sure" i smile "thank you! And keep your hair like that"

God, I am so good at lying. I speed walk until I spot the petite figure of son ami sitting on the sofa outside the office. She is reading a magazine about traveling around the world, she is so focused on it that didnt notice when i sat infront of her. Lucky for me, her dog is not around.


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