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Our Past

"For the fifth time, I wont change my mind" i huff but myungsoo still looks at me with that fake innocent smile of his that is making me more exhasperated  every time i have to repeat myself.

"But why? You're going to throw away such a brilliant future" the Kan's heir sound as of he is truly concerned for me.

"And what exactly is your problem with that?"

I know what he is thinking. Its clearly in the way he looks at me: his toy will be gone.

"Because you're my classmate..."

"He is right, you should reconsider the temporary absence permit amd come back when you're ready"

But i dont think i'll ever be ready to come back to the peaceful life i had before. I met myungsoo, again.

"Think about the time you'll lose if you give up now" the counselor tells me. Who the hell hir3d him?

"It's not even a year so its okay"

"Is it?" The guy next to me asks with a serious tone. He was in 'kan myungsoo' mode for a second


"What?" He blinks innocently.

"Sorry, sir. But i already made up my mind to stop studying" i stood up and leave with large steps before they try to convince me again.

But not long enough to prevent myungsoo from catching up to me before i can call out to sungjong who's just a few meters away from me.

" son ami! Wait!" He grabbed my shoulder and made me turn arou d to face him,

"What do you want?" I glare daggers at him.

Sungjong runs towards us but is intercepted by hoya and sungkyu in the middle of the way.

"We need to talk" he stares into my eyes, his hands still in my shoulders "in private".

"No" i grab his wrists and shove them away " I don't want to have anything to do with you ever again! Not as kim or kan myungsoo. You go ahead and live your peaceful lie until you realize that even. If you change your name and your attitude you can't really change who you're born to be, Kan Myungsoo.

His face was a mix of emotions but disappointment was the most obvious one.

"The you from before wouldn't have said that" He whispered and for a moment i thought i heard it wrong.

"Excuse me? What was that?"

"It's not only me who's changed, you're not the same Son Ami from over a year ago"

"What are you talking about?"

"As I said, we need to talk" the look i got from Myungsoo said that it wasn't a joke or he would do something weird.

So Myungsoo knows the accident that Woohyun told me about, he knows about our past.


"come with me" he walks past me.

I look back at sungjong.

"Hey! Ami! Don't go!" he strugles against hoya and sungkyu but it's one versus two equally strong men.

"Don't worry, sungjong. I'll be back soon"

He glares at me and i know what he is thinking: "Woohyun's gonna kill me"

I follow the Kan heir towards the parking lot.


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