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MY alarm wouldn't making noise. I tried covering my ears but it was all in vain. This is so annoying. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school!! 


  After my mantra, I switched off the alarm and decided to take a bath and get ready for school. I remembered my first day and shoot, I feel like ditching school right now. 


  I wore the usual clothes I wear all the time, just different colours. I am wearing a black trouser and a maroon top with a high top shoe. Since I still have a little time,  I decided to apply a little make up on my face. I am a great fan of makeup but I don't do It all the time. I have an obsession with mascara and lipstick. Even though I don't use lipstick often. 


  I lined the top of my eyes before applying a not very thick layer of mascara. I have a pretty long lash. So I just apply mascara to darken it a bit. I lined my water line and applied powder and very little pink lipstick which makes my pink lips more plump. I looked at the mirror one final time and darn do I look alive and good. 


  My blue eyes popping and looking much more like the Ocean. Ocean. My mind immediately drifted to the obnoxious jerk called Jason.  I can't spoil my good mood that I tried to build by thinking about him,  so I concentrated more on my appearance.  I packed my blonde hair into a bun, leaving a few strands of hair to fall out at the side of my face. One final look and I grabbed my packed backpacking and went downstairs. 


  "Morning to my princess" dad greeted with a smile as he looked away from the newspaper he was reading. 


  "Good morning to my king" I said bowing a little. 


  "You two are so dramatic" mum said as she dropped the beacons on the table. Uhhh... Beacons. I just love my breakfast.


  "You are the drama queen" my dad said shaking his head a little with laughter.


  "What do you mean?  That I am dramatic? Or I love making unnecessary arguments or that I exaggerate too much?  What do you mean knight" Mum asked hands akimbo. And they have started again. 


  "No. I never paid any of that.. You know I love you way too much to ever think you cause trouble" dad said soothing her and I am sure her heart melted. 


  "Oh I know you do. And I love you too" mum said giving him a small kiss on the lips. 


  "Oh come on!,  your daughter is having her breakfast and I think we have our rooms for a reason " I snapped making them both roll their eyes. 


  "Oh please!  As if you didn't do that with Sean... Oh hope you haven't had sex with him yet? " She was blabbering and my facial expression changed instantly. 


  Do tapped her a little and she immediately realised what she did. 


  "Oh. I am so sorry. I didn't mean it that way" she quickly apologised as she stood next to me.


  It is not that I am not over Sean, but I am most definitely hurt all over again whenever I hear about him. It makes me feel like the most stupid person ever. I mean I really really liked him with everything in me.  And he called me useless and a plain Jane. He used me and it hurts so much.  I am so glad all the time he requested for sex I would reject him even though he feels sad. 


  Just then, the doorbell rang. 


  "I will get it" I offered as I stood up to check who it was. 


  "Oh. Hey! " I said with a broad smile as I saw jade. 


  "You look good girl" She winked at me. 


  "Thanks. You look great as always too.  Come in"


  She came in and greeted my parents. 


  "Let's get going to school so we won't be late" she said. Mum was going to drop me off. 


  "Oh.. Thanks.  I was actually waiting for my mum to drive me" I said with a smile. 


  "Don't worry Mrs knight.  We will be going to school together and coming back together. In exchange, You just have to make me that delicious lasagna of yours" Jade said with a beam on her face 


  "Oh that's so sweet of you jade. I will definitely make lasagna for you. Just come over whenever you feel like eating it" Mum said with an equal smile. 


  "Alright. We will get going now. Bye mum, bye dad" I waved them as I grabbed my backpack and headed outside with jade behind me. 


  "I really appreciate you driving me. Hope I am not stressing you? "  I asked a little hesitant. 


 "Oh come on. Stop treating me like an older person. What are friends for? " She said as we tucked in our seatbelt. 


  "Thanks" I said with a smile. 


  "Don't mention. Friends don't thank each other." she said winking and I  gave a small laugh. 




 As I thought. I will be the talk Of The school for a while. And yes I am the talk of the school right now. 


  "Hy ocean. You look beautiful"  Jason sneaked up behind me and whispered in my eyes which startled me. 


  "You need to stop doing that now. And why are you even talking to me? " I asked scrunching my nose up. 


  "Ouch that hurts.  Who wouldn't want to talk to the most popular new girl in school?. Everyone is talking about how beautiful you are and how cool you were yesterday" He said way too happily. I noticed that he is always smiling and looks happy all the time we talk. 


Edited: 05.06.2019

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