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 Fast forward to Friday. Yes finally. My first week of school is over. I am so excited. I can finally sleep and probably ask jade to show me new places in the town. Alex did sit with us for lunch but never asked me to his party. Which means no invitation and we won't be attending it. 


   The hall was crowded as everyone is in a hurry to start the weekend. I dropped my books in my locker and grabbed new ones for my assignment.  I was walking outside when I heard someone call my name. 


  "Oh. Hy Alex" I waved at him with a smile. 


  "Hy. I was wondering if you could attend my party tomorrow" he asked a little hesitant.  If it were up to me,  I would definitely say no. I am not a fan of crowded places anymore. But since it is a sophisticated party, I am guessing it is going to be nice.  And the only reason I am going to agree is because of jade. 


  "Sure. What time is it? " I asked 


  "It starts by eight"


  "Cool by me.  By the way can my friend Jade attend?" I asked. 


  "Sure. Give Me your number so I can send the address to you"  he said with a smile. 


  "Alright thanks. She will be so excited." I said with a smile as we walked towards the school exit and I gave him my contact. 


  "That's great. At least she will keep you company and you may be more comfortable with a familiar friend there with you". How thoughtful he is. He is way better and nicer than that jerk called Jason. 


  "Yeah. You are smart" I complimented with a small nod. 


  "I know right. A handsome face and a smart brain" He said with a smirk. I see. It runs in their blood. Two proud jerk. But one jerk is better than the other. 


  "By the way, what's your relationship with Jason?. Heard you two are related." I asked as we approached jade's car. 


  "He is just the obnoxious cousin I unfortunately have"


  "Ohh. Why don't you guys like each other? " I asked a little hesitant. 


  "There is jade. See you at the party tomorrow" He said pointing at a very annoyed jade. I am sure she is tired of waiting for me. 


  "OK. Bye" I waved at him as he left. I am guessing he doesn't like talking about his relationship and personal issues about Jason. I might have over stepped my boundary. 


  "I am sorry. Alex was talking to me" I apologised as I got into the front seat. 


  "Whatever. It's not like we get to attend his stupid party. I mean it is just a party right? A party hosted by a millionaires son.  I am sure it won't even be fun. Like puff.. Whatever" She blabbed on and on as she started driving. 


  "Guess what jade? " I asked her


  "What? You are hosting a party same day with Alex? " she asked clearly annoyed. 


  "Even better. We got and invitation from Alex!." I said with a beam


  "Are you fucking kidding me!? Oh my God. Oh my God. I can't believe this. How the hell did you do it girl!?" she asked/ screamed.


  "Don't get us in an accident or else we will be partying with the doctors and injection instead of Alex. " She just rolled her eyes. 


  "I was coming to the car when he saw me and asked me if I wanted to attend. I said yes and he said you could also attend because you can keep me company." I summarised the event for her. 


  "This is awesome. I need to go and start selecting clothes for the big day" She said all excited. 


  "It is not like it is your wedding girl. Calm down. No need to go all serious. It is just a party" I said. 


  "A millionaires party if I may correct you. A one in a billion party." She exaggerated yet again. 


  "Whatever. It's by 8pm tomorrow" I reminded her. 


  "Rest assured I will be ready by six."


  "I won't be surprised if you get ready by 4" I said rolling my eyes. 




   We are parked in front of my house already. I got down from the car and waved her. 


  "See yah. Let me go and practise How To behave during the party"  she said with a wink.


  "You have gone crazy now I am sure." I said hitting my forehead with my palm. 


  "Whatever" she said before driving off. 


  The house was unlocked when I entered. 


  "Anyone  home? " I asked 


  "In the kitchen" I heard mum calling. I could perceive the aroma of the delicious macaroni and cheese.


  "You are back early" Was The first thing I said as I threw my bag on the floor. 


  "Good afternoon to you too. We close early on Friday. Now pick up your bag and freshen up. Lunch is almost ready" I said pushing me out Of The kitchen to go and pick up my bag. 


  "Arrrghhh. Fine. I am going."  I pouted but still grabbed my bag and left. 


  "Afternoon dad! " I called out. 


  "Afternoon Ciara" he called back. And  went into my room and decided to take a quick shower before changing.



  "Mum, dad, there is this party I want to attend tomorrow night. It's by eight" I asked or rather said a little hesitant. 


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