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   It was already the holidays and the whole school was excited to be going on their Christmas and new year break. I mean, what could be more joyous than this day. We will be leaving this hell hole called a school. Seriously I can't wait to finish highschool. One more year to go.  I will soon be in college. Which means one word. FREEDOM.  I know mum, dad, Aidan and my sweet sweet boyfriend Sean are all going to miss me. But I have to go to college. Sean is going to Washington State University while I am going to New York University.  We will be apart but I am sure our love will always remain forever. He is the perfect boyfriend a girl could ever ask for.

"Earth to Ciara " Ari, by best friend snapped her fingers in front of me. 

   " sorry. What? " I said snapping back to earth. 

   " I said do you have any special plans for the holidays?  What were you even thinking?" she asked hand on her waist. 

" I don't have any special plans and I was thinking about how we will soon be graduating from high school and we will be in college soon " I said grinning. 

   "girl, we still have a year to go" she said rolling her eyes making me pout. 

" it's just one more year. We can do it " I said.. I am normally the optimist.

      " yeah.. We will survive the torture definitely " with sarcasm on her tongue she replied. 

 I just shook my head and smiled. If there is anything Ari Hates in this world is school. I thought I hated school but when I met Ari, oh I am a school lover. 

  After the last bell, we grabbed our bags and the whole school was in an uproar... People are so excited to be going for the holidays.. Well I am among those people. 

   We bade our class -mates goodbye and Ari and I left in her car. Her house is basically two blocks away from mine. We live in a small town in Los Angeles. 

 She dropped me off and left waving me good bye 


  " mum am home!" I half screamed immediately I entered the house. 

"cia baby.. How was school! " she yelled back from the kitchen. 


 " it was good mum.. We are finally on break " I said happily entering the kitchen to meet her. I sat down on the counter and mum glared at me. I don't know why she doesn't like people sitting on the counter.  I mean the kitchen counter is for sitting right?  OK maybe not. But whatever. 


  " cia. I have a big surprise for you in your room go check it out " she said grinning.  I love surprises.  They thrill me and my blood pumps whenever I hear about a surprise. 


  " really!? OK I am on my way"  I said running up to my room. I entered the room and immediately frowned. There was nothing here. 

  I was About to go and nag mum when someone came out from beside my bed and screamed. 


  " surprise!!! " Aidan said with his arms wide spread to hug me. I was a little scared. 


    " oh my God Aidan, you are here, my big brother is here " I said jumping Into his arms. 


  " yes. Your big brother is here. How did you like the surprise? " he asked.  I can feel him grinning. 


 " best surprise ever!.  I thought you said you won't be able to be home for Christmas? " I asked sitting down on the edge of my bed. 

  " hmm let me see" he said stroking his chin.


  " I wasn't.. But then I missed my baby sister and I wanted to surprise her " he said dragging my cheeks. 


 " come on. Stop dragging my cheeks and I am not a baby " I said with a pout. 


" oh yes you are. You will always be a baby to me" he said kissing my cheeks. 


   "whatever . But seriously I missed you so much"  I said hugging him again. 

  " I missed you more cia" 

 " Aidan, cia.  Come down lunch is ready" mum called and we both went downstairs. 

  My mum prepared her famous macaroni and cheese with chicken nuggets... Wow. This is alot. 

" am home! " just in time dad announced his presence. 


" welcome home dad" we all said with a smiling face. 


" woah.. Look who is home.. My big son is here" dad said with a huge grin giving Aidan that manly hug they usually do. 


 " I missed you too dad" Aidan said and we all laughed. He quickly washed up and joined us back downstairs.  He give mum a kiss before sitting down. 


  I am sure me and Sean will be this adorable one day.  I miss Sean already. He had to travel today so he wasn't in school. 


  We all began to chatter about things. Aidan will say something funny and we will all laugh. 

 This is the best family a soul could ever ask for. I can give up anything to see my family this happy.  

    I hope our happy isn't short lived. And we will always be this happy for a long time. 



First chapter up, I hope to  write more chapters soon. Please vote and comment I will really appreciate it. 


Edited: 05.06.2019

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