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Opening my eyes this morning with a broad Smile on my face,  I remembered how yesterday was perfect. My brother came back, and the best part is we are on holidays!  No more grumpy face when I wake up and mum won't be preaching to me how education is the key. I checked  my clock and it was already past eleven.  Can't remember the last time I slept this long during the weekdays. I immediately came down from my so sweet bed and entered the bathroom to do my early morning routine. 


   Immediately I took my bath, I rapped my pink towel round my body, with my face towel in my hand using it to clean my face.  I opened the door and entered my room and I swear I almost had an heart attack. 


   " oh my God Aidan! You almost gave me a heart attack " I said putting my palms on my chest in an attempt to control my heart beat. 


" oops. Sorry Lil. Sis. You know I don't usually knock when entering the room " he said shrugging his shoulders with a chuckle. 


  " well you should start doing that now.  And I want to dress. Go out " I said pointing at the door. 


   " come on. You are my baby sister.  You can dress in front of me.  So you can show your whole body to Sean but you can't even dress in front of me? " he said with a smirk on his face. 


  " oh lord!  I don't show my whole body to Sean. Just leave" I said shaking my head. 


  " I won't... So you are telling me you and Sean haven't hit it off before?" he asked surprised written all over his head. 


  " we haven't slept together. And we won't do that now.  Please can you stop talking about my sex life here? " I was already done applying my cream on my body, then I opened my closet to pick a cloth. Sean will be back today so I want to look a little bit finer for him. 


  I chose a short blue gown that stops mid-thigh and and showing a good amount of cleavage. I kind of feel like I am exposing a little too much, but my subconscious is telling me I need to look sexy face r my boyfriend at least once in a while. Especially if we haven't seen each other for long. Well two days is long to me. So I decided to just leave it on.


   " you should always talk about your sex life with your brother.. That way I can even give you new tips.. You know I am good at all these things " I heard Aidan saying from the room.  I can imagine him laughing because I will be embarrassed and yes. I am embarrassed. 


   " Aidan just shut up. " I said back from the closet.


   " you miget need my help on these matters someday. So  why don't we just talk about it now? " he asked. 


" no I won't. And no we are not discussing this matter again "  I said Coming out of the closet and sitting on my chair facing my mirror to do a little bit makeup. 


    After I applied like two coat of mascara, lined my eyes and apples lipstick with a little pancake, I felt satisfied with my looks. I stood up and faced Aidan. 


  " how do I look? " I asked him with a smile. 


   " woah woah woah. You look good but I seriously don't appreciate that gown you are wearing. It is too short and it reveals way too much.  You should change that gown " He said with a frown on his face. 


  " come on!  I think it is perfect. Besides Sean will come and pick me up today. We will be going on a date this afternoon. " with a pout and a smile at the same time I replied. 


   " And you tell me that you haven't had sex before? Look at what you are wearing?! " 


   " no we haven't!  And this is like the first time I am wearing this kind of clothes for him" I said blushing a little. 


   " so you plan on heating it off today? " he asked with I think disgust on his face. I'm  can't quite read his facial expression now. 


   " no we don't!. If it makes you feel better,  I am wearing a coat. Besides, it's freezing outside " I said rolling my eyes. 


   " I feel a little better that you are wearing a coat but am not totally satisfied. I still think you should change the cloth l" he said with a pouty face. 


 "Aidan, CIA!, get down here,  breakfast is ready! " dad called us from downstairs. I couldn't be any happier. Thank God this banter of my clothes will be over. 


   " we will be down in a sec! " Aidan answered and I immediately left the room with him behind me. 


  " good morning father " I said with a little bow and a smile kissing him on his cheeks. 


 " morning princess " he replied with a small bow also and we all laughed. 


 " And greetings to you too mother " I said dramatically sitting down an the chair next to mum's chair. 


" morning daughter " she replied kissing my cheeks. 


Aidan and dad did their manly greetings and when mum kissed his cheeks he started whining that he is no longer a child and he doesn't want it. 


  " Alright, enough chattering. Now everyone focus on your food " dad said and we all turned back to our food. 


  " cia, you have somewhere to go? " mum asked probably noticing how dressed up I am. 


  " yeah. Sean will be back today and he will be taking me out on a date this afternoon " I said with a smile. 


Edited: 05.06.2019

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