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Christmas. It's Christmas finally.  A time to celebrate with family and friends. A time to exchange gifts. A time for those with boyfriends to exchange cute gifts and get lots of hugs and kisses. But the problem is that I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. I know I shouldn't judge based on assumptions but my intuition keeps telling me something else. I can't shake off the image of my boyfriend hugging another girl passionately. I am definitely going to confront him today. I am just sad it happened a day before Christmas. 


     I lazily took my body and entered the shower. Puffing my favorite vanilla body wash into a sponge and scrubbing my body. I allowed the hot water to cascade down my body calming my muscles.


     I walked out of the bathroom and dried my hair. I saw a small note on my bed and I immediately lightened up. I am sure Sean dropped it there. 


     "Happy Christmas Lil sister " I was sad it wasn't from Sean and happy Aidan dropped a note for me. Right. I forgot to ask him yesterday if he asked Ari out. I was too busy thinking about Sean that I totally forgot about Aidan and Ari.


    I applied my body cream and wore my new gown. It's a blue grown that stops right above my knee. It has pretty little shinning studs around it. It's a simple and yet very pretty gown.  I applied my makeup and went downstairs. We will be heading to church right now. 


      "Merry Christmas everyone!" dad screamed pouring glitter all around the place. 


      "Merry Christmas! " I said excitedly laughing at how childish my dad looks. 


   " Aidan, Mum, let's get going or else we will be late for church service! " I screamed and they both came running down. 


    "Wow Cia, you look extremely beautiful " Aidan said satisfied with my look. With my hair flowing down, I must say, I really look great. I am not praising myself but it's just a fact I am beautiful naturally. OK maybe I am praising myself but I guess it's allowed. 


   "You don't look bad yourself either " I said nodding at his black suit. He really looks great with his blonde hair styled upwards. He gets mum's blonde hair and I got dad's brunette hair. Sometimes I wished I was blonde but sincerely I prefer brunette. 


   "Mum you look perfect " I said hugging her. She was also wearing a blue gown but not the same design with mine. She looks really stunning. 


    "Thanks. Now family pictures before we get going " she said setting the camera. We all looked at the camera smiling and took a perfect family picture.  My mum asked our gardener who came by to help her make four portrait of each. We told her to leave it that we could do it some other time but she was adamant on doing it right away. 


   After taking some photos with our cellphones,  we finally got into the car and drove off to church singing Christmas songs on the way. One of the reasons I love Christmas is because I get to spend a lot of time with my family. It's awesome.




The church service was great and really fun.  I enjoyed it and what made it more fun was that Ari and her family were also there. Church service with your best friend equal fun. And Aidan wouldn't stop flirting with her. I told him we were in the presence of the Lord, he should reduce the obvious flirting but he would just brush me off. 


    Deep down I am  furious. Sean hasn't  called me yet. It's already past eleven. He should have called already. I entered my room and laid down on my bed.  I couldn't stop turning around. I took my phone and dialed his number but it went straight to voicemail. This is so frustrating. 


   "Ari come down. Food is ready! " Mum announced. I went down immediately and my eyes immediately dilated.  The different types of food displayed on the table is just wonderful.


   The doorbell rang and I opened it. Ari and her family are here.  We usually rotate. Last Christmas we were at their place so this Christmas they came over. 


  "Welcome everyone. Food is ready "  I announced excitedly and we all sat down.  Ari betrayed me. She. Went and sat down next to Aidan. If he doesn't ask her out today I will definitely kill him with my own hands. He keeps saying that whenever he tried asking her out,  he gets nervous and then he wouldn't. 


   "Enjoy your meal everyone " mum said serving the adults wine and passing Ari and I  gape juice. 


  "Come on Kira,  it's Christmas, let them also have a little wine" dad said jokingly 


   "I really don't approve of underage drinking " she said sternly. 


   "I know. Just this once. Let them enjoy also to the fullest "  he said and she sighed and served us small quantity of wine. My first time taking an alcoholic drink. It tastes really great. 


   We all enjoyed our food with so much gusto. After we were done, Aidan, Ari and I cleared the table and decided to help wash the dishes leaving the adults to talk alone.  


Edited: 05.06.2019

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