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 Ciara's POV. 

 I feel really weak as I try opening my eyes. What happened? Where am I?, what is going on. All these questions came rushing to me as my head began pounding. 


  "ouch" I said out loud as I placed my palm on my forehead. 


  "Cia are you awake? " I heard my mum's worried voice. 


  "What happened " I asked her once again as the memories came flooding back in to my head. I started sweating and shaking. 


  "Sweetheart call the doctor " my mum said to my dad and he nods his head leaving the room immediately.


  "Calm down cia, it's me. It's your mum" She said hugging me as she cried. 


  "I am so scared mum. I really am" I sobbed into her shoulders. 


  "Shuu.. It's okay. You are fine. We are here for you " she said with a soothing voice. I immediately calmed down. Soon my dad came in with a doctor. 


  As the doctor was checking me, I heard my mum call Aidan.  I missed him so much. I know I do even though I was unconscious for God knows how long. 


  "Today is what please? " I asked confused. 


  "It's Wednesday ,9th of January.You have been unconscious for two weeks " the doctor said and I just nod my head in understanding.  So it's already new year. 


  "Oh my God, she is really awake! " Ari said hugging me with tears running down her cheeks. 


  "Yeah, I am awake. " I said hugging her back .


  "Why did you do that to me?  I really hate you for that" she said hitting me with a pouty face. 


  "Ouch!  I am still In pain " I said and she immediately apologised making me smile  


  " Don't worry.. I won't leave you again " I said with a small smile. Deep down, I want to disappear. Disappear from everyone in this town.  As I sat down on my hospital bed, I recalled how Sean and I's break up went. I am sure he never checked up on me once. Who am I kidding?  I don't even want him to. 


  "We will monitor her for twelve hours, if there are no complications, she can go home and be coming for weekly check up for one month. After that, she will be totally discharged. But for now, you will have to use these crutches" The doctor explained handing me two sets of crutches. This is a nightmare. I hope I stop using this as soon as possible. 


  "Ok. Thank you doctor " my dad said and the doctor gave him a small smile leaving the room. 


  " OK. I think you two should go back home now. It's already past eleven in the night. You need to get some rest " my mum said referring to Aidan and Ari. 


  " I want to sleep here with CIA" Ari whined. 


  "you were here through out yesterday.. You need some rest or else you will be sick. So no. Aidan, take her home" mum said sternly and she just pouted. 


  "Fine... But Cia, I will be back as soon as I wake up " she tells me and I nod my head... I haven't spoken much since... I don't feel like talking at all.  They both bid us goodnight and left. 



 The next day when I woke up, mum and dad were both sleeping on a small extra bed in the hospital room. I just smiled a little and silently thanked God for everything. I have the best parents ever. 


  When I checked the wall clock, it was past eleven A.M. wow Ari... So much for 'I will be here early'. I just rolled my eyes. Just in time, mum and dad opened their eyes and the doctor came in. 


  "We have monitored you and there are no any complications so you are free to go home. " he said with a smile and laugh. Couldn't be more happy. 


  "But, as it is, you have panic attack and nightmares. We noticed that while you were asleep.. I have prescribed some drugs for you for the panic attack, they may not necessarily work all the time. I will advice that you try and control your breathing when having panic attacks and you should worry less" he added.  This is going to be real hard. 


  "Thank you so much doctor... We may take our leave  now" my dad said and the doctor nod his head. 


  We packed my things and left the hospital. Entering my dad's car... I looked at the city as the car was moving... The previous year was definitely my worst year. 


  "How are you feeling? " mum asked me from the front seat. 


  "I feel much better " I said with the fakest smile. 


  "That's good " she said. The car ride was extremely quiet which I am thankful for.  


  Soon we were at the front of my house.. Oh how I missed home. I came out from the car and entered the house with my crutches that I haven't mastered how to use yet. 

The house was too quiet. I wonder where Aidan is. 


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