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It's now almost two weeks since I left the hospital and going back to school. Sincerely speaking I am not ready to go back yet. This is my final year in high school. It's definitely going to be a long and dramatic one.


  "Cia are you ready! " Aidan called from downstairs. I don't think I will ever be ready. 


  "I am coming down! " I yelled back and sat down on my bed to calm down a little first. After packing my backpack,  I carefully went downstairs since my leg isn't completely healed yet but I am no longer using the crutches. 


  "I am ready now" I said grabbing an apple from the table. Mum handed me my lunch bag and I thanked her with a smile. 


  "You will do great baby. Don't be nervous " she said giving me a hug and I hugged her back. 


  "Thanks mum" I said with a smile. 


  "Now get going... You don't want to be late on your first day" she said gently pushing me. 


  "Yeah. Bye. " I said and we left the house with Aidan. Ari came so that her 'boyfriend' could drive her to school. 


  "So are you ready for our last and most adventurous year?" she said excited like a kid in a candy store.


 "I am ready for the worst year" I said as not interested as possible. 


"Come on. Don't be boring... I think we should even make our own bucket list. Yes. Let's do that" she said jumping on her seat and her eyes glowing at her own thought of having a bucket list. 


  "You can have a bucket list but I am not joining you in making a list of stupid things " I said rolling my eyes. 


  "Stupid and thrilling " she said and I still did not burge. 


  "OK ladies. Here we are. You can continue arguing in school. For me I need to go and get ready. I am starting my first year of college " Aidan said excited. He skipped a year to have an 'adventure ' and now he is starting college. Lucky him. 


  "So you are leaving me? " Ari said with a sad eyes. I am kind of happy because now she won't talk to me about the dumb bucket list. I am also sad that Aidan will soon be leaving. 


  "No I am not. Besides I still have two more days to be with you " he said holding her face in his palms. Now I am a third wheel. 


  "I think you can discuss this later 

We are getting late seriously " I said making Aidan release her face. 


  "I love you " he said giving her a long kiss on her lips. 


  "Enough seriously. Ew..  You can't do that when I am around " I said dragging her away and making Aidan roll his eyes. 


  "I love you too. Bye " she said waving at him. 


  "Love you too sis! " he said getting back in the car. 


  "Whatever " I said brushing him off. He just smiled and drove off while Ari and I entered the school. 


  Here the worst year begins. 


   You could see everyone chattering and hugging. Excited to be back with friends. The new students looking confused. Everyone is happy to be back well except me. I am definitely not excited. 


   "Come on, at least smile... We will definitely have fun " with a slight nudge, Ari winked at me. I just rolled my eyes and ignored her 


 Like the so not good morning it is,  I saw Sean. He looked so normal and carefree..  


  'you are nothing but a plain Jane' .his words came flooding in my ears. I wanted to rip him apart... A sudden surge of hatred rushed in my blood. He hurt me. He broke my heart. 


  "I think we should get going to class now" Are said dragging me along. She could see the anger in my eyes as I stared at him. He didn't even know I was looking at him. My whole day has just been ruined. 


  My First Class was English. I

The teacher came and talked to us about how we should all be serious as this is our final year in high school. The class was as boring as hell.  Well not that I heard a single thing the teacher was saying.. All through I was thinking of how I would survive the remaining high school year.


  The ball rang and I packed my books and left for my next class which was maths. A lanky man with a big rimmed glasses came in. He adjusted his glasses and looked round the class before clearing his throat. 


  "I hope we all get along " he said and turned towards the board and started scribbling things I was not interested in knowing. 


 After he gave us assignment, he left the class. Just great. First day back and I have an assignment already .


   The day went by with me pouting and not in the mood. It was lunch time already. I lazily went to the cafeteria and sat down on an empty table. Ari saw me and quickly sat down with a smile on her face. 


  Just as I was about to start eating, I heard the most irritating voice speak. 


  "So,  I heard you had an accident.... Glad you are not dead " Sean said with so much venom in his voice. To say I was shocked was an understatement. No one knew about my accident. Or rather 'Murder attempt'. I wonder how Sean knows. I feel like strangling him. 


   "Well thanks for asking.. And yes I am not dead. If you will excuse me now" I said with a fake smile and grabbed my tray leaving the table and pushing him in the process. Ari followed immediately. 


Edited: 05.06.2019

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