Bloodline of Atlantis: The Triple Psi

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The Family Secret


     Sam sat at her computer, hunting for something on Google in an attempt to occupy herself while waiting for Morgan and Tia to get home. As her fingers flew over the keys, she occasionally glanced at the clock. She sighed, inhaled deeply and blew out a puff of air, inflating her cheeks and briefly giving her face the appearance of a chipmunk, then went back to her search for dolphin wallpaper for her desktop background.

     Dolphins were her favorite animal and there were examples of her obsession peppering the living room. Three statues of dolphins leaping out of the water stood atop an oak entertainment center, a two-foot wide rectangular picture clock was on the furthest wall from the door, and smaller statues sat on thin display shelves on the wall behind a chocolate brown couch. Joining the decor on the walls were framed pictures of the three sisters and their families. There were also shelves containing figurines of Italian greyhounds, horses and a large number of anime characters.

     Next to the couch, facing the wall, was an oak computer desk with a plush leather office chair where Sam currently sat. The desk was covered in various anime figures and memorabilia, which barely left room for her keyboard and mouse.

     Sam heard the front door open and immediately turned off the monitor. “Sooo,” she said, popping her head around the corner, “What’d ya get me?” she asked, practically drooling at the two large bags her sisters carried.

     Tia’s expression became playfully indignant. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. These are groceries.”

     Sam cocked an eyebrow. “So, then you won’t mind if I look in the bag?” she asked as she attempted to sneak a peek.

     Morgan playfully slapped Sam’s hand away. “Get your grubby paws outta there,” she said with a smirk.

     Sam laughed, but it was Tia who cocked an eyebrow this time. “I’m locking these in my room 'till Sunday. You keep out,” she said while pointing an accusing finger at her sister.

     Sam rolled her eyes. "Oh come on. You know I’m only kidding.”

     Tia chuckled. “Sometimes I wonder.”

     “Oh!” Sam suddenly said with wide eyes just before dashing out of the room.

     Tia and Morgan looked on in confusion but their expressions turned to understanding when they saw Sam return with a bank envelope.

      “Here’s my rent. Sorry, it took a couple days,” Sam said as she handed the envelope to Tia, who had been designated their treasurer when they had first decided to share the house they were renting.

     “Don’t worry about it. A lot of people are eating out less these days,” Tia answered solemnly.


      “Morgan, catch!” Sam yelled across the service aisle of the crowded restaurant. Since she was only five-foot-three, she had to hop a little bit to see over the head of one of the other, much taller, waitresses in order to gain sight of her target. Sam tossed her a dirty washcloth.

     Morgan, who was five-foot-six, raised her hand in the air and neatly caught the washcloth. “Got it!” She put the cloth into the bucket of sanitizer behind the counter and went back to busing the tables in her section.

     Sam turned toward the grill to ask the cook a question just as he dropped one of the larger carving knives. It landed only two inches from the foot of their manager, Anthony. Anthony's expression became incredulous. “Jeez, Josh! Are you trying to kill me?” he teased. Josh laughed as Anthony picked up the knife and brought it into the back to wash.

     A few minutes later, Sam grabbed the newly cleaned knife and attempted to hand it back to Josh. “Here’s your weapon of death,” she said with a laugh.

      “No thanks, I already got a new one,” Josh replied with a smile as he held up a different knife.

     Sam laughed again, set down the knife, and walked into the dining room. The family-friendly restaurant was bright and cheerful with balloons tied in a bunch near the entrance and posters of ice cream hanging on the walls. She noticed a new group of people in her section and proceeded to introduce herself.  “Hi, folks. My name is Sam and I’ll be your server tonight. What can I get ya ta drink?” she asked the four people sitting at the table in front of her.

     “We’ll all have Cokes,” replied a cheerful woman in her early twenties.

     “Alrighty. Do you know what you wanna eat, or do you need a few minutes?”

     “A few minutes please,” the same woman replied.

      “No problem,” Sam said with an easy smile. “I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

      As Sam entered the back of the restaurant Morgan waved her over. “Sam.”

     “What’s up?” Sam asked.

      “What are you doing taking another table?” Morgan asked with her eyebrows raised and an amused tone in her voice.

     Sam frowned in confusion. “Huh?”

Wendy Winchester

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