Bloodline of Atlantis: The Triple Psi

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First Lessons

     Sam and Yuji headed out to the school, leaving through the front doors of the palace. Across the street was the city community center and, like most of the buildings, it was white with blue accents. An Atlantian car was parked in front of it. The car was small, didn’t seat more than four people and had three wheels. Sam thought it was adorable.

     She walked stiffly as she headed down the street to the school, silently thanking God it was a short trip. The reason for this was Yuji was walking close behind her and she couldn’t help feeling like running from him as fast as she could. “Do you have to walk so close?” she asked curtly.

     Yuji frowned. “I’m supposed to be guarding you.”

     “Well can you do it from about ten feet back?”

     Yuji sighed. “Did I do something to upset you?”

     “No. I just don’t need a bodyguard. You’re only here because my mother is paranoid,” Sam grumbled.

     “I see. Well, I’ll try not to get in your way too much,” Yuji said with some amusement in his voice.

     Sam rolled her eyes but offered a grudging, “Thank you.”

     They reached the school and paused a moment as Sam looked at the sign to see the ‘Late Bloomers Psionic Academy’. She took a deep breath and entered the building.

     “So when did your abilities start showing up?” asked the male admissions clerk.

     “I was eleven, but I’ve been living in America so that’s why I’m enrolling now.”

     “Okay, and what’s your ability?”

     “I’m a double psi; Telekinetic and psychic.”

     The clerk raised an eyebrow. “Congratulations. Those classes are back to back so that makes it easy for you,” he said with a smile. “You’ll start classes tomorrow. Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need,” he said as he handed her a sheet of paper.

     Sam took the paper and looked at it briefly. “Thanks.”


     The next day Sam stood at the front of her psychic class, waiting to be introduced.

     “Everyone, we have a new student today. This is Sam. She’s spent most of her life in America so I’d like you all to only use English when speaking to her. Sam, you can sit in the fourth seat in this row,” the teacher said with a gesture toward the seat.

     Sam smiled. “Thanks.”

     “We’re only two days into the course so I’ll just do a quick recap for you,” the teacher said as Sam took her seat. “Psychics make up nearly thirty percent of our population. Our powers include visions of the past, present, and future. You have to learn to decipher what you’re seeing because many visions can be easily misinterpreted. For our first exercise I would like you to pair off with the student to your left,” she said as she picked up a stack of lined paper from her desk.

     Sam looked to her left. A boy about fifteen-years-old sat there. “Hi,” she said.

     “Hey,” the boy answered in a disinterested tone.

     The teacher handed out sheets of paper to the class and as Sam reached for hers she accidentally gave herself a paper cut. “Ow!” she said as she dropped the paper and pulled her hand back to inspect it. Blood was oozing from a half-inch cut on her right index finger. “Damn it,” she exclaimed as she rubbed away some of the blood to get a better look at the cut. She had trouble finding it, however, because it seemed to be nonexistent. “What the hell?”

     “Are you alright, Sam?” the teacher asked.

     “Yeah...but it’s weird. I got blood, but no cut.”

     The teacher held out her hand. “May I see?”


     The teacher looked over Sam’s finger and, sure enough, there was no sign of an injury. “Hmm. Are you a double psi?”

     “Yeah. I’m also a telekinetic.”

     “That makes you a triple psi!” The teacher exclaimed in amazement. All at once the students broke out in a flurry of excited whispers.

     Sam’s eyebrows shot up. “A triple psi?”

     “Yes. You’re a healer. This is wonderful! We haven’t had a triple psi in about fifty years,” the teacher said with a broad smile.

     Sam felt all eyes on her and blushed a bit.

     “After your other class, you should see the admissions clerk.”

     Sam nodded.

     “Alright, everyone, think about wanting to know the future of your partner. Now touch their hand and write down what you see. Please keep in mind that some visions may be about private matters so don’t show your notes to anyone but your partner.”

     Sam touched the boy’s hand and nothing happened. She raised her hand.

     “Yes, Sam?” the teacher asked.

     “I’m not getting anything. Usually, it happens without me even thinking about it.”

Wendy Winchester

Edited: 02.08.2019

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