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(2) Boy

The boy stood in the shower washing away the adventure of yesterday night.

Instead of watching and supporting the team like he always did, he snuck off the school grounds and headed down to town. He walked into a place he wouldn't let his mother ever comes to know off and did what he knew was natural for a boy like him. He found someone, and danced around, drank a little, and left. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for a passionate kiss that was just that, except it linger on his lips early in the morning, right as the water fell down his back.

There was a moment when a fight broke out, but there was barely any noticeable scars, so all he had to do was walk around the day like every other day since sophomore year.

When he was finally done, he covered his body shaking his wet brown hair as the water went everywhere. He checked his face for anything he needed to cover and decided if anyone asked he'll say that the small cut on his lip was just an excessive lip bite. Nothing special.

When he was halfway dressed, his roommate who he paid extra money to have, jumped on top of his bed.  Stuart had waited to tell Carter the juicy news of yesterday with Amelia as if something happened that wasn't another ordinary conversation.

As Carter began to put his brown shoes on, Stuart sighed heavy waiting for Carter to ask him what he was thinking about. Cater was afraid but asked anyway since the eagerness seemed to overweight all his other emotions.

"What happened," Carter said unenthusiastically. All the time he wished he could fast forward all the scenes about Stuarts none existing love life so he could get on with his day. But he didn’t. He finished putting on his shoes and listened.

"Well...since you asked,” Stuart grinned. “She knew I was going to take her so she gave me the ball just to save her time. I would have finished it, but then I realized if I got my hand broken even more my mom would come. So I let her have the ball."

"Oh yeah,” Carter rolled his eyes unimpressed. It might have gone similar to what Stuart had said, but that wasn’t the whole truth. Carter sat and imagined whatever it was to make the moment memorable.

“You efficiently flirting with someone's girlfriend," he commented afterward.

"I wasn't flirting with James's girlfriend." Stuart protest, not really believing it. Honestly, he felt hurt by the whole idea that Amelia could date some prick like James. A guy that seemed to be the exact opposite of her bubbly personality, with an egoistic self-involved person.

Which he also was on very bad days.

Carter shook his head, rolling his eyes once again. It was so clear Stuart had a thing for her by the way he basically stalked her. "Sure you’re not. And you didn't enjoy talking or in your case making fun of her. You're typical."

"What? I'm definitely original."

Carter put his hands together, right in front of his face, and eyed Stuart. "You follow her and know where she is at all times. You're head over heels for her in a murderous way that's not an ounce bit attractive. Face it, you’re a full-blown creep."

"Thanks for sparing my feelings."

"If I don't, you might do something out of the blue and turn into that Ted Bundy."

"Now looks who's being extreme."

Carter shook his head. "I worry about you."

He stood up heading towards the door, but Stuart stopped him. "What about you?" Stuart questioned, trying to turn the conversation that had just gone Deep South around. This wasn’t the explanation he was waiting for, this was the complete opposite.

"What are you talking about?" his hands were on the knob.

"You sneak out like every night and think I'm not going to figure out the pillows aren't you when I get back. I'm your best friend, and since we’re being honest. I don't think it’s smart for you to get mixed up with whatever it is you do. "

"Thanks for the advice, but I think I’ll past."

"Carter. I'll stop what I'm doing if you promise you'll stop doing whatever you're doing."

Carter blinked repeatedly, fumbling words to create a coherent sentence. "That's not even on the same level. You actually need to stop following her, that's like...what the fuck! I don't even know how to explain that. Just stop! If she ever considered you for anything, that doesn't mean keep trying."

"Fine. I'll see you in class."

"Good, and don't stalk me too, "he paused looking around the room, "that's creepy," he said it as a joke with the hint of truth as he closed the door, hopefully easing the harsh atmosphere.

Stuart threw his body back, laying down on his bed. Everything Carter had said was right. He was doing way too much, seeming desperate. Just because he believed he was right for her, doesn't mean she thought the same.  So today was the last time he was going to do whatever it was he did and he was going to act like the last 2 years where just him on some serious mental stuff.

After his short conversation with himself on how he was going to stop pining for the same girl in his last year before college kicks in, he strolled down the almost empty hall to his class, skipping breakfast too.

He walked into his first-period class 5 minutes late and sat down by Carter who raised a brow at his tardiness that was nonexistent until now.

"Dude-" Carter whispered, about to scorn him for being late.

"I'm fine." he interrupted.

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