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The Beautiful Witch

Book: The Beautiful Witch by Marilyn Lucero

Participants: Robyne HypGothic, Goodness O Shadrach, Vijay Kumar Kerji, Roza Csergo and Anna R. Case. 

Description:  Seeing herself in a full-length mirror in a beautiful wedding gown, Kaitlyn's thoughts flew off to the warning their gardener gave her. What he said flowed out vividly into her mind and all of a sudden, she got scared. Her marriage to a man her parents had arranged for her would give way to the revenge her groom's parents had plotted long ago for their family.

In that last minute before she would go down to the waiting bridal car, she made up her mind. She couldn't allow herself to be trapped in a living hell, much more to a loveless marriage.

She ran away with the help of their gardener to Mount Maria which was said to be ruled by a goddess. But then rumor had it that she became the beautiful witch...


Robyne HypGothic

What a fascinating story! I have read five chapters and look forward to reading more. I am convinced, of course, that Kaitlyn is the beautiful witch. My curiosity was such that I was hoping Dr. Michael was Joey and that somehow the two would end up together.

Then I am thrown off by Joey's family name being completely different to Dr. Michael's. I am so taken with the characters that I am now hoping that if perhaps both have lost their loves, that they may find love with each other. Aside from these thoughts, I am really hoping that the witch is real. I am completely invested in this story. I really want the old ways to be vindicated against the new and I am enjoying how this dichotomy is being set up by the author.

I think the emotions of the characters are so well explained that it is easy to feel emphatic toward their plights. To be honest, I also enjoyed the details given of the hospital and there being no more beds. The problems that characters face are so very real. Great story so far and great work.

Marilyn Lucero

Your review is so heartwarming and it ease out the fear I am feeling right now. Thank you so much, now I am more inspired to complete this book.😊❤

Robyne HypGothic

I forgot to say in my review that I really did love your book. Please do continue xo

Marilyn Lucero

Oooh, thank you so much😊


Goodness O Shadrach

This is a story I can't do without. I am currently waiting for the next update (I hope she updates fast.)
I like the way the feelings of the characters are being portrayed. And the way Dr Michael handled the issues, it feels so real.

Kaitlyn on the other hand, I feel so sorry for her, can you imagine dressing on a wedding day as the bride but you don't know your groom? 😳 damn, I tilt my cap for her.

It's understandable if she doesn't care about this unknown groom of hers, since she has already detailed how she wants their life together to look like, after all, she was jilted by the love of her life.
Hearing about the goodness of the goddess, I'm like WOW, if she really exists then that is one hell of a good goddess. I so much wish she is real though.

Dr Michael is a good doctor with his patients well being at heart, he cares for them, although their belief of the goddess do piss him off but he never gave up on them.

I feel sorry for Magnok Isok, the gardener and the loss of his family which makes me wonder if Kaitlyn is his 2 months old daughter that was found at the shore? 🤔

The story is amazing and it's an interesting read, although I must point some little mistakes that can be made by anyone actually.

Sometimes, you address Doctor Michael as a she or her, and some times Kaitlyn as a he.
I hope you can look at it and correct it, it was confusing because I found it hard to understand who you might be talking about at the moment. Apart from that and a few more, the book is an excellent read.


Marilyn Lucero

Goodness O Shadrach, thank you so much for loving the story. It's such an honor to be liked by wonderful writers like all of you.

And thank you so much for pointing out my errors. I am really giggling about it because it has been one of my STUBBORN WEAKNESSES. I just don't know why my brain is so blunt about using he for she and vice versa. Many readers are commenting on that but still, I am not learning yet😀.

I'm working on the end chapters of my other book, so I would soon be able to update faster on this one😊

Goodness O Shadrach

I'm waiting.

Marilyn Lucero

Goodness O Shadrach, thank you❤


Vijay Kumar Kerji

The author's writing style is unique and simple to understand without any run-on sentences or overly described paragraphs. Most of the scenes are showed well and it creates much interest in the reader. The overall plot is quite appealing and I like the setting which is a picturesque mountain and people living under that mountain.

The story starts with an interesting note of the protagonist, Kaitlyn, escaping from her house with the help of her gardener, Manong Isko. The secret he reveals to her about her marriage - the marriage arranged for an act of revenge - makes the reader feel sympathetic towards her. What follows after this inciting incident is wonderful. The author gives enough background about the place - Hacienda de Luna - and the people living under that mountain. Dr. Micheal plays a vital role in these scenes and his venture to go to the mountain top only to get caught in the middle and meet the floating Goddess is appealing to the reader. The villager's belief that all their happiness and their problems are attributed to the Goddess Maria is well described.

Overall, it was an interesting story to read and I'm willing to read the remaining portion of the novel. Congratulation to the author for coming out with this unique idea of the story. There are some grammar mistakes which I suggest the author rectify, and other than that, the story flows well. Good Job!

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