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Flowers From a Killer

Book: Flowers from a Killer by author Veronica S. Lawson.

Participants: Goodness O Shadrach, Marilyn Lucero, Vijay Kumar Kerji, Jessica Wright, Devine Iternal

Book Description:

Sasha while returning home alone one night is nearly abducted by a masked man who claims to know her. Now she must figure out who he is, and stop him before he comes back and makes her his bride.

(This is a clean romantic mystery book. So no gross adult scenes shall grace these pages.)


Goodness O Shadrach

All I can say is that this a very interesting novel. My suspects at first, were Corner, Frederick, and an unknown lover.

I know I shouldn't suspect Frederick since he is her brother but duh, I'm a writer, everybody is a suspect.
I stopped suspecting Frederick when I noticed that apart from that one scene of him catching Sasha, there is no show of him again but then my suspect increased on Corner with his every present whenever the attack will be made and his often excuse of seeing a black cloaked person running this way and him following 🙄, it got boring to have to face the same explanation every single time.

Meanwhile, in place of Frederick, I have started suspecting another guard, maybe with time, he will be revealed.
My suspicion on Corner ended when he was arrested and kept looking for someone to put in his place but when Aron started acting nuts and refusing to let Sasha see the video clip, he took Corner's place and the more he acted crazy, the more I suspected him. I did have a suspicion on the ringmaster but I waved it away after the circus thing, I never knew he will be included, I guess I was wrong that side 😀 but it's okay and the novel is very interesting and intriguing.

I'm looking forward to the second book and yes, you might want to have a look, towards the ending, you started having misspelled words and typos, you should take a look at it.

Congratulations on writing a very captivating story Veronica, you did a nice work there 😄😊


Veronica Lawson

Goodness O Shadrach glad you liked it. I do agree Conner giving the same excuse was repetitive but that was the point so suspicion would be cast on him. :) thank you for your feedback I will look back over it some time and do some editing.


Marilyn Lucero

Veronica Lawson, this is such a wonderful and a very well-written story, leaving us readers turning one page after another as we get hooked up in every chapter. The suspense is very well held up so long that you will hardly believe that the culprit is Aaron himself.

The life of a princess in a castle surrounded by guards is portrayed very well. At first, I am disappointed at how poor the training of these guards is that they could fail in their watch over a single and helpless lady inside her room, only to be surprised later that those were parts of the dark plan.

Looking forward to the second book though I am honestly scared that this time the traitor would be Conner.

I just want to point out some errors though, as I always say, I am not worthy of because I, myself, have tons of it in my own work. You write so well that I did not see any grammatical errors. Only that there are few 'typo' errors in it. Perhaps you type so fast that many times, you write "than" instead of "then" and that in the middle of some sentences, the first letter of some words is capitalized. Yet, these do not destroy the beauty of the story.


Veronica Lawson 

Marilyn Lucero thank you. I will definitely look over those areas. :)


Marilyn Lucero

Veronica Lawson , excited for the next book!


Vijay Kumar Kerji

The story is quite interesting and flows with a gripping pace. But considering the rest of the prose, the opening seemed rather not that intriguing. The author could've started with the appearance of the killer who comes at the end of the prologue.
In the next parts, the author showed Sasha's loved ones and her mother's demise. What happened to her mother is deferred until the fifth chapter which keeps the reader guessing and looking forward to reading about her. The remaining characters - her fiance, father and the head of the security guards play their role well and the scenes of Sasha with each of them are showed very well. But it is a bit disappointing to find out that Conner, the head of the security guard is the one who stalks the main character.
Though this scene in the fifth chapter is showed well, it could be even more dramatic.

The author should check for spelling and grammar mistakes to make the story flow better. I came across the sentences having the word 'Than' instead of 'Then', which disrupts the flow. In total, it is a satisfying read and the author has put good efforts in entertaining the reader


Veronica Lawson

Vijay Kumar Kerji a little confused. The killer does indeed appear in the prologue and Conner wasn't the one who was stalking her. You find out later in the book that it's someone else entirely who was setting him up as the stalker but Conner wasn't the stalker? I do have a tendency to write than instead of then so I will make sure to look over that. Thank you for the feedback. :)


Vijay Kumar Kerji

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