Cat's stone

Cat's stone

It was ginger, like real flame. Yellow eyes shone on a muzzle. I called it Mars, like God of War. But I sometimes joked, that I had given it the wrong name.

Another cats brought dead birds or mice in the house, but my beast found dangerous things. Dangerous for cats, of course. Mars was like a real crow. It loved shiny things: nails, coins, keys, etc. I always started to feel nervous, when I saw it with similar things in mouth.

On that day Mars brought something new. When the cat jumped down the windowsill and came to me, I saw a small white stone, jammed between cat’s teeth. I wanted to pick up this thing, to explore it better. The cat usually let me do it. But then Mars ran away from me. It hid the white stone in the cat’s bed and laid on its top.

I was surprised. I came to my cat and stretched my hand to it. Mars showed me teeth and hissed. It was a threat. It said “It’s mine”. It said “You can’t touch it, or I’ll kill you”. I decided to leave my cat alone. Mars needed time. Maybe it would calm down tomorrow and let me explore this stone.

But nothing changed in the morning. The cat was laying on the bed and hissed, as I tried to pick up this thing. Cat’s breath was heavy, and the eyes were shining with an evil light. I went to the kitchen. Cat’s bowls were full. Mars didn’t eat at night. The cat was thirsty, but he didn’t leave the cat’s bed.

It worried me. Strange things were happening to Mars. I took the bowls and brought them to the cat. Mars stood up and went to the bowls. Cat’s legs trembled. It went very slowly. Mars ate and drank a little and returned to the bed.

I called a vet. My friend, Josh, treated Mars all the time. When he had come, we tried to pick up the stone again. Mars shouted like a possessed one. Cat’s scream stunned us. We moved away hastily, we saw, Mars was ready to jump on us and tear us. We saw foam around cat’s mouth.

- We must tranquilize Mars, - said Josh, - I’ll come back tomorrow with medicine and a special gun.

When he left me, I hid in the kitchen and locked the door. I was frightened. I felt, as if death had settled in my living room. Death hid in a small stone and came for us.

Finally, I fell asleep on the floor. When I woke up, darkness had fallen on this room. I didn’t hear cat’s screams. Now crunch sounded quietly near me. I looked up at the door, but it was closed. Something gnashed behind the door. Something broke there. It broke and changed.

I came up to the door. Curiosity and fear mixed together. I wanted to see and feared it at the same time. I touched the door handle, and opened it a little. Horrible smell was in the air. There were glowing spots on the floor. And a terrible creature was staying and looking at me surrounded by puddles of glowing slime.

I saw a ginger tuft of wool on bald skin. This skin was covered with small tusky mouths. Glowing slime was flowing down this monster, which was my cat once. Cat’s bones got out half of the body; the mouth opened and closed, but was silent. And this creature came to me.

I closed the door fast. I moved the table to the door. Mars was behind, but it didn’t catch me. I heard this monster all night. It wanted to come in this room, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

I didn’t find Mars in the morning, when I opened the door again. My cat was gone. A white stone disappeared too. I don’t know, where they are right now. I don’t want to know this.

Dark Morion

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