Cerestial: A Brief Beginning

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Saturn Briel

Monday 20th March 1978


Rough hands grazed gently over old pieces of parchment that had been sprawled out over an Antique walnut desk, revealing long hand-written lines of study that tired golden eyes danced over. The eyes narrowed, before softly closing for a brief moment as the right hand moved from the pieces of paper to rub the eyelids, and the tall man slowly stood from his desk. The Mahogany desk chair slid back almost too easily, and soon the man’s right hand had moved across and wrapped around the silver and circular handle of an ebony cane that supported his weight with ease and trust of many years of use.

“These notes…” He began quietly with a husk to his voice, shifting his platinum blonde hair back over his shoulder so that it fell once more to his lower back in loose plaits, “… Useless.” He chuckled dryly, turning from the desk so that the dim lights of his study illuminated the numerous silver accessories and implements that had been precisely placed across his white button-up. He was forgetting something, he knew it. He could sense it, something was wrong and the fact he just couldn’t put his finger on it had begun to irritate him, much like a constant, repetitive droplet of water.

Slowly taking steps around the study, he paused to check his reflection in a small mirror that his wife had hung for him on the wall. There was a light layer of dust across it from the lack of use it saw, but he still kept it hung up, maybe one day it’ll come into use. Until then, it existed to remind him of the scars that ran across the left side of his face and neck, then beneath the collar of his white shirt. Very quickly looking away, the irritation came back.

He was definitely forgetting something, and Saturn Briel was not the kind of man to forget. It hadn’t been in his notes, or his medical plans, or his private journal. A slight grimace caught the side of his upper lip in his irritation and his golden eyes narrowed, his hand squeezing the top of the cane hard enough to bring a slight relief, but not for long.

“What is it, that I am missing--?!” He started to growl out, before catching himself as his pointed ears twitched at the sound of a knock on his study doors. Instantly, his posture was corrected and he stood to his full height of 6’4. Taking a breath, rolling his head to allow a slight crack run from his neck and clearing his throat, he then turned towards the door, “Yes?”

“Father..?” A quiet voice rang through, the door slowly being pushed open. Saturn had to redirect his line of sight down, to rest on the small brunette boy with blazing scarlet eyes that gazed right back up to him. The boy by appearance looked to be at the age of seven, and as he stepped further into the room he glanced around the study with wide, wonder-filled eyes, before he caught himself and suddenly stood straight, looking up at his father, “Sorry for the interruption, Father,” He stammered, “But Lady Michelle sent me to re… Request your attendance!”

Saturn paused and the frown caught his expression once more as his eyes focused in on his Son, his expression otherwise unchanging at the appearance of his child, “I see,” He hummed, tilting his head ever so slightly, “Did she say what for?”

The boy hesitated, feeling the weight of his Father’s stare like a tonne of bricks, “Yes Sir, she said Mother has delivered the baby!”

Silence fell over the room and for a brief moment, Saturn’s eyes grew distant.

“… I see,” Saturn continued, “Run along, Mars, tell Lady Michelle I shall attend in but a moment.”

Instantly, Mars nodded, a slight glee sparkling in his eyes as he backed off, shutting the door with a soft thud. The moment the door closed, Saturn was leant against a wooden bookcase, staring up at the painted ceiling of his study, “… Another child?”

Had he truly been so busy he forgot about how his wife had been expecting? And that she’d gone into Labour that day? With the grimace only deepening on his features, he shook his head and sighed, “… Another child it is, then.” Reaching over for a moment towards the edge of a bookshelf, he plucked a long silver and black coat from its side and slid it on. It was perfectly tailored to every measurement; he didn’t leave his study without it. Straightening his clothes out for a moment and flicking his long platinum locks over his shoulders once more, he moved towards the door of the study and then out into the corridor.

The Gentleman hadn’t left his study for days now, when the Elven Court hadn’t called for him it had become the place his wife and two children knew he resided. Well, make that three now, he guessed. With his black military boots thumping on the flooring of the hallway, he made his way to the stairs and slowly up, his cane in his hand and effortlessly supporting his every move. It was at the top of the stairs that he heard it; A baby crying. Saturn’s eyes fell half-lidded as he slowly moved along and towards the open door leading to the Chamber his wife slept in; He joined her occasionally. Outside of the door stood Mars, who the moment he spotted Saturn on his way, stood to attention once more. However, his slightly younger sister, whose brown locks messily covered her face, was sat leant against the wall, fast asleep and dreaming.

“Callisto, get up!” Mars whispered, only getting grumpy mumbles in response as she just turned away from him to continue her nap. That was of course, until Saturn strode past and into the room, the sound of his footsteps and cane causing them both to tense a little. It was rare for them to see their Father out of his study and his study was very much off-limits. His presence, therefore, was always intense and overwhelming.

Ace of Prince

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