Cerestial: A Brief Beginning

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A New Self

Saturday 21st March 2020


The pleasant burning that ran through his throat and chest was held for a second, two seconds and then three; Before Devin slowly exhaled the cloud of smoke up towards the ceiling above him and reached towards the metal bedside table, stubbing out the cigarette into an ashtray. The bed was comfy under his back and the lack of sheets kept him at the perfect temperature, he hated overheating but it was just something he had to live with, what with being a Werewolf and all.
However, he paused, yellow eyes flicking across to the much smaller body that had claimed all the sheets, covering himself up as much as he possibly could.
This sight caused a chuckle to escape the Wolf, “You’re so damned cute, you know that?” He teased, rolling onto his side to make direct eye contact with the scarlet orbs peeking out from the bundle of sheets, “Its morning now, so you gotta get up or your Dad will get upset,” He pouted, leaning in with a quiet snicker.

Ceres slowly poked his head out from the covers, pouting in return, “Hey, you don’t need to remind me of that,” He sighed quietly, wiggling to his feet whilst still wrapped up in the white sheets, “My Father is going to be so disappointed in me, I can’t tell him about any of this.”

Devin hummed to himself as he stood, the sunlight peeking through the window running over his notably scarred back as he pulled on a pair of black boxers, “You know, Babe, all night I’ve heard you say stuff like ‘I can’t do this because Father’, or ‘I can’t do that because Father’,” He stated, looking over his shoulder, “When’s the last time you actually did something for yourself?” He asked with a cocked eyebrow, his eyes glinting in curiosity.

The smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he saw the Blonde elf pause, mid putting on the white t-shirt and black trousers that he’d worn to the Club the previous night. Bingo.
“… Well?”

“Well, actually, my first time was last night.”

This caused Devin to snort, making his way around the bed with his large bare feet splaying out with every step. You could say that again, Elf.
“Well, you seemed to be enjoying it,” The Wolf added on, reaching in and running his fingers through the lengthy Flaxen locks that lay against the boy’s back, “You need to live a little if you ask me..” He purred, leaning in slightly. Now, how far could he push this..? His eyes swayed over the boy’s features before the smirk finally crossed his lips once more.
“Why don’t you, I don’t know… Cut your hair?”

Ceres jolted as the suggestion registered rather violently in his head and he span to suddenly look up at Devin, “C-Cut my hair?!” He yelped, a horrified expression bursting onto his features. The remark has even caused him to take a step back, “But… No Elf cuts their hair! For many, many reasons!”

Devin slowly crossed his arms in front of his bare chest, flashing a toothy and cocky grin down at him, “Why? Are you all really that obsessed with Traditions?”

Ceres shook his head, “N-No! Well, yes, but…” He trailed off, wincing as a thought crossed his mind, “Cutting our hair… It hurts us.”

Now it was time for the taller male to be surprised, he even caught himself tilting his head slightly as the puzzled expression made its way across his face. Then, he slowly perched himself on the side of the bed, “Tell me more.”

The Blonde paused; looking down as he absentmindedly began to plait the thick locks over his shoulder, “Well… Our hair is our physical connection to the Gods.”

“Gods aren’t real—“

“No! Ours are! We hear them; feel them around us like heavy spirits…” Ceres frowned, eyes half-lidded,
“We honor them with the length of our hair, the longer it is the deeper the connection… Our traditions allow our fringes to be cut, but even that is a push, our Ser of the Court has their entire head of hair braided because they have so much of it!”

Devin’s intense stare carved into Ceres as the boy paced in front of him, still absentmindedly toying with his hair.

“It’s painful and burns deep in our veins, like someone has run a knife along our every nerve,” The Elf continued, his red eyes wide and panicked as the thoughts passed through his mind, “To cut our hair is to sever our connection to the Gods, they can’t see us, they can’t hear us…” A pause,
“They… Can’t help those who they can’t see.”

Devin hummed, raising a hand and slowly cracking each knuckle as he took the information in.
“Right, but, when was the last time they helped you anyway?”

And with that, silence passed over the room.
The Wolf felt the pride burn in his chest as he leaned back, his gaze once more fixated on the Elf.
Hah, there we go. He had Ceres right where he wanted him.

Not missing his chance, Devin pushed himself back to his feet, pacing around him and then towards the door.
“I’m going to make some coffee, join me when you’ve thought about it.”



Devin swallowed thickly and sighed quietly as the last gulp of coffee ran down his throat.
Ceres had been upstairs on his own for a long time now, a part of Devin was wondering if he should go and check on the boy, but that part was very quickly stifled as his ear twitched at the sound of feet on the creaky stair boards.

Ace of Prince

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