Cerestial: A Brief Beginning

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Mars Briel

Friday 13th March 1998



“Hah!” The longhaired brunette boy barked his laugh, looking down with pride-filled ruby eyes at the squished and much smaller blonde under his pin, his face being pushed down into the sandy-brown rug that lay over the sitting room’s floor, “Pinned you again!”

“O-Okay! Okay!” Then nine-year-old Blonde in a very harsh and unforgiving pin called out, his high-pitched voice being muffled by the flooring, “You win again! Lemme go, Mars!”

Mars hummed to himself, obviously very pleased with the result. He pushed himself up slightly, not yet releasing the pin, “Not yet!” He cackled, pushing his weight down on his younger brother, causing the smaller elf to squirm, “Say you’re a baby, and maybe I will!”

“I’m not!”

“Say it and I’ll let you go!”


“Tick tock, Ceres!” The teenager mocked, glee sparkling in his eyes, “I can stay here all day, but I can’t guarantee you won’t be crushed!”

Ceres panted, the wind being pushed out of his body as he wiggled fruitlessly, “But--!”

“Just once, and I’ll let you breathe!”


“I… I’m a Baby! There, I said it! Let me go!”

With a satisfied snicker, Mars easily let go and shifted back, watching the blonde gasp for breath and pant heavily now that the heavier weight had been relieved. Mars’ simple white clothes were now creased and as was Ceres’ navy blue school uniform.
It always without fail was satisfying to see his younger brother be reminded he was the weaker and smaller of the two.
“Now, we should…”

“Mars!” Ceres bellowed, catching the teenager, who had glanced away for but a second, off-guard as the smaller elf tackled him to begin the scrapping across the rug once again. It was a very inelegant flailing of limbs and strings of petty insults as the brothers fought messily, very much like two young puppies still trying to figure out how to play, nipping, pulling, pushing and yelping when the sensitive areas like hair or sides of torsos were gripped.

Two very precisely aimed hands shot out and snatched a long elven ear in each tight pinch, the two boys yelping and instantly acting as if their bodies were being held up by a string connected to their ears,
“Ow, ow, ow--!” They chorused as the hands were raised up, forcing the brothers to stand shakily whilst leaning in towards the tight pinch on their ears, with a very content looking 5’6 mousey-brown-haired elf stood between them, dressed in a comfortable red knitted jumper and black trousers.

“Ca… Callisto, let go!” Mars grunted, his expression all screwed up as the pinch just tightened, having to lean down further towards her level as he stood at three inches taller than his sister, “We’ve stopped! We’ve stopped!”

“Mars started it anyway!” Ceres whined, standing on his tiptoes with his head tilted to lessen the pull on where his ear was being held.

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“Boys!” Callisto repeated herself, pulling on the ears slightly to get them to instantly wheeze with sharp pain, “Dinners ready, now come on!” She cooed prior to turning and leading them off with their ears still in a tight, taxing pinch.

The three siblings moved through the house, the twos boys stumbling and hissing in pain as they turned corners, still being forced into their awkward postures in a desperate attempt to lessen the sting. Finally, as they entered the large dining room which held enough spaces to seat twelve people, their ears were released and the two boys instantly fell away, clasping their throbbing ears with embarrassed whines. The dining room was lengthy, with a mirror situated across the far wall just behind the tallest chair at the tip of the table.

At the said far end of the long, mahogany table where clean white plates had been set up with bowls of roasted foods down the middle, sat beside the chair at the tip of the table, was a much more mature elf whose dark brown hair danced on the edge of being black and fell in thick curls to her lower back. She looked comfortable in a wine red long-sleeved shirt, a silver necklace sparkling at her neck. As she looked over at them, ruby eyes that echoed the eyes of Mars and Callisto lit up and a kind smile curled on her lips, “Children, were you fighting again?” She asked simply, her smile line threatening to reach the freckles that scattered across her face.

Ceres and Mars quickly looked to each other, sharing a secret and silent agreement in one look,
“No, Mother.” They responded in unison.

Mars cleared his throat, moving forwards first and walking around the end of the table, sitting opposite his Mother and beside the still empty seat at the end of the table,
“How is..?” He began, looking down to her arms.

In response, the older elf slowly lifted her arms, now revealing the small bundle of blankets, where a tiny face was tucked in. A small baby was sleeping soundly in her arms, small enough to be new-born.

“Little Charon is fine,” Jupiter responded softly, her gaze softening even further as she looked over her sleeping child, “She’s quiet right now, Lady Michelle will be taking care of her whilst we eat.” She confirmed.

“How are you feeling, Mother?” Callisto asked, now also sitting at the table, taking her place beside her mother and slouching back in her chair as she did.

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