Chasing Love

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CHAPTER 21 : The Revelation



"I WAS BAFFLED like why my heart was racing when you looked at me that day and smiled. You used to do that and I did not mind it, but why these days that i have noticed every inch of your face? Your green eyes, your hair the way it blown and your smile. Why it seemed like it was my first time? I know, I am the only one who can answer my questions, I know."*

"Emi?" my reverie's gone when I heard zanea's voice. I ran from the rooftop to the class room when my heart was racing after Kyoto smiled at me. Damn! I am not a high-school student to act like that but why did I? "Are you ok" she asks

I nodded my head fast "Yeah, I'm ok"

"Wow! They are friends now" It's janelle trying to let others hear what he said, then her and Denise laughed.

My jawline starts clinching while zanea became quite. "Someone needs love and attention so let them be" talking to zanea and trying to let them hear what I said. Janelle was about to come towards me but the professor came along with Kyoto. She had no choice but rapidly went back to her chair, I raised my left eyebrow and smirked at her, she got irritated.

After the 4th class, I left the room hurriedly so Kyoto couldn't talk to me, because I know he would ask me why did I run and I don't know what am I supposed to answer, but -- he has a problem right now, he wanted to open up but I run. I stopped from walking and hit my own head with my hands. *"stupid! Stupid! Again!"* my head scolding myself. I turned around and going back to the class room.

Kyoto was not there, even on the rooftop but I still keep looking for him, I wonder where he is. My feet brought me in the nursing department, entering the outdoor corridor then I saw Kyoto sitting at the brown wooden long chair with Kate. I hide immediately and I can hear their voices, I can hear their voices.

"Don't force yourself if you don't want to see your dad" Kate said and I got irritated. *"Stupid! His dad is dying, you should force him, and how come these two meeting here?"* my mind mumbling.

"I didn't see him for 5 years and I don't know what to feel. When he abandoned me and kept blaming me to kyle's death it sank on my mind that he was a worst father" Kyoto stated. Kyle? His brother? I think so.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry that I left you, I had no choice cause I fell in love with him, I did not think about your situation, I know I was too selfish" It's Kate. I peeked over the wall like an idiot to check them, kate hugging Kyoto then I felt my heart skip.







The bell rings, briefing us that our class is over. Mates automatically stood up that seemed like they are waiting for it and the professor says goodbye. "Go to the rooftop" Kyoto said then he left the room. I sighed like there's a punishment waiting for me, even though I know I did not do anything wrong. I stood up and come after him.

I reached the rooftop with an unhappy expression in my face, I was like I don't care if he notice him or not I am just feeling unease.

"So what do you think about that?" he brokenly asked. I got confused what he meant.

"About what?"

"About Kate hugging me while telling her my feelings towards my parents" Then my eyes widened. How did he know?, he looked at me and chuckled "Yes, I saw you there. You made a right choice to not get near on us, you let us to talk instead. You are smart" he added. I removed my sights from him, this is so ridiculous, I thought he would ask why did I run, I shouldn't feel disappointed but why am I? "It's getting bigger and bigger the chance that I will get her" he noted while looking afar then he looked at the sky again. I felt mad and irritated, not because of his chances to get Kate, It's because he did not even care about his dying father.

"Why are you doing this?" I brokenly spoke. He looked at me confused. "Your father is dying, today, tomorrow or the next day might be his last breath, why don't you go there to forgive him? To talk to----

"Why are you acting like that? We are talking about the plan" he cut my words.

"Kyoto we have so much time to talk about that, but your father is------

"Dying! I know he is dying!" he yelled. "And you have no right to tell me what to do cause you are nothing to me!" I slapped him. Because those words hurts me.

"So asking me as your friend was fake, you are not different from them" Then I'm walking out. I was just telling him the right thing to do, I was just helping him or maybe I was too concerned about him. I didn't noticed the tears came out, I wiped it and look at them in my hand. Am I crying? Damn! I do crying.







Kyoto and I have not talk for 3 days, I guess the rooftop is peaceful or maybe Kyoto still went there, I don't know, cause I didn't visit there after our arguments. I did not even try to glance him, I acted like I didn't know him. Even zanea noticed that, asking me what happened but I just answered "Nothing in particular" Then she did not say a word. I'm mad, that's what I feel.

"Finally!! Ahhhh!" Candice hurriedly laying in sofa and shouted when she entered my apartment. It's Saturday and I said yes to her that she will come here so there she is.

"You sounds like you've been to a stressful life" I spoke. She got up.


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