Chasing Love

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CHAPTER 27 : Three Special Words



MY TEARS began to fall, couldn't control my emotions while looking to his widened eyes that I could see how surprised he was and I felt the tightness of his grip on my wrist. "Why?" he had asked with his deep voice, he looked mad. "I'm sorry, I couldn't control it, I tried to but still I couldn't able to control it". When I answered it he slowly letting go of my hand without removing his eyes on me, I was afraid what would he answer to my sudden confession.

It was hurt to see his expression, I expected that it would be like that, I expected that because I know he already in love with someone else. He closed his eyes and massaging them into his head like he was really confused. "If you are thinking about the plan, I think you will be successful because kate-----

"You can go" he cut my words. "This plan is done" the way he looked at me It was not as same as before, he looked so disappointed. "I want to be alone for now emi" he added. My heart skipper than skipped, I was prepared to get hurt but I didn't know that the pain would become vicious, deliberately hurts you.

"I am not asking you to love me back" now, he returned his eyes on me. "I answered you cause you asked me, that's what my heart wanted to say, it's hard for me kyoo, it's really hard for me hiding my feelings for you" I bowed my head and cried. "I didn't meant it to love you, I kept asking myself why you and the answer I found it is because you are Kyoto, you are" I saw the tears came out from his eyes. He did not respond, he was just staring at me while listening. I wish I could know what was he thinking, I wish I could know what his heart respond to this, I wish. "Don't worry, I will try to stop this while it's early, I know it's hard to do that cause we are mate and we see each other every day but I will try my best to stop this, to stop my feelings for you" Then I began to walked towards the door and went downstairs.

While going down the stairs my knees were suddenly weak so I sat down for a while and there, I continuously cried.

How? How to unlove the person immediately? Because it's really hurt, for the third times it's really hurt. What was hurt the most he did not respond, Every drop of my tears are the pieces of my broken heart and every seconds beat of this got me thinking that I wish I did not agree to his plan. Why this pain is suffocating me? Why?.







The class had been started; all mates were seriously listening to our professor echoing the voice outside the room. Kyoto was not there, he did not attend the class after what happened on the rooftop. I confessed and I cried in front of him, means, my feelings was strong that it made me cry, I did not even cry in front of Jerome before when I told him I liked him too, so Candice was right it was just infatuation, I sighed.

Until the classes were over, Kyoto did not appear; maybe he decided to go home to make his mind clear. I am the one who should do that but I chose to stay in the university. While walking on the gay way I was thinking that Ah yes, I shouldn't be assume, he went home because he is still hurt to lose the father, Shit! I forgot about it, I was just thinking only myself; I did not think about his feelings, yes, he must be confused. I abruptly stopped when someone blocked my way, when I looked at it, it was kyoo. My eyes widened, I thought he went back home. "Is it true?" he suddenly asked. I got confused. "Kyoto!!" Then there's Kate calling kyoo seemed like she ran after him. When I turned my eyes back on him, he looked mad. "Ha?"

"Is it true that Jerome kissed you and you kissed him back?" he cleared. Wow, it must be her who told another lies to kyoo.

"Kyoto, stop-----

"I am talking with her Kate!!" I startled when he yelled at her. Kate immediately Shut her mouth, she must be shocked and kyoo was look really mad. "Answer me"

I sniggered. "What is it to you if I kissed him back? It is nothing right?"

"Really? You think so?" and suddenly my expression changed. He was confusing me; I didn't know what he meant for that. I was surprised when he grabbed my hand in front of her and about to leave. "Kyoto?" But we stopped when Kate called his name again. They looked at each other, Kate was in tears. "I'm sorry Kate, this is my answer" Then she cried. I didn't know what was going on between them, I didn't know what was that answer about, that situation made me disconcerted. Then kyoo hauled me and we left Kate crying.







Kyoto dragged me to the place where his father buried, yes, we are on the cemetery, on his father's grave. The flowers were so fresh seemed like someone came to visit here. Kyoto let go of my hand and sat down on the bermuda grass. "I guess it was mom" he said, referring to the flowers. I also sat down beside him, Facing his father's grave. "This place is so quite, people barely came here so I considered this a source of comfort" he added.

"Like the rooftop" I spoke then he chuckled.

"Yes" he nodded and I smiled. "I knew you did not kiss him" I was surprised when he said that, I abruptly looked at him.

"So, that means you----

"Yes, I knew Kate was lying" he completed then he looked at me and his eyes was glowing again. "Cause I know you" he added.


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