Commonly Confused Words

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Hey, hi, hello, how do you do?


If this is the first work of mine that caught your attention, then thank you so much for your interest.

You should know that English is not my first language. I'm a Transylvanian girl living in the UK. My mother tongue is Hungarian but I read and write stories in English. 

Why? Because English is the most widely spoken language on Earth. There are hundreds of million people worldwide who use it on a daily basis, thus offering a larger audience and more chances for my action-adventure fantasy stories to be read. 

Why this booklet?

Because I'm not the only one who likes to write in English. I'm willing to bet that there are thousands of non-native English writers, some with more knowledge than others. 

The English language is full of words that sound alike or look alike and if they are used incorrectly, they will most definitely alter or even ruin the story. 

For example deer, dear, dare... Deer means a hoofed grazing wild animal that lives in forests, like Bambi; dear means a polite or affectionate form of addressing to someone and dare means having the courage to do something or challenge someone. As you can see it's very easy to confuse these terms. 

Think of this collection as a reference book where you can go back and look up a word if you're not certain how to use it. 

This is my personal list and I'm sharing it with you in the hopes that you'll find it useful. 


Thanks for flipping through. 

Happy writing!


Roza Csergo

Edited: 04.08.2019

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