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14th April, 7:00 AM,

Hansen had his bags packed when the phone on table again rung. Since Brymer's arrest it had been ringing almost every hour. It may be the last time I will receive someone's call on this phone.

Hansen put the receiver on his ear but before he could utter a word, a deep voice said, "Hansen…feeling guilty?"

"Who's this?" Hansen snapped, "What's your name?"

"I don’t have any…" as Hansen heard it, he almost hung the call. He would have done it if the caller hadn’t said, "But they call me Marcello. I am Prophet Marcello."

Marcello continued, "I know you can never be able to live peaceful life again. You've most dangerous things with you – regret and anxiety."

"I will repent for this after I am gone…"

"You can't repent on your own. Believe me. You need an assist for this. I can be that man, the preacher."

"I know I can't repent it until I am alive –"

"Yes Hansen, repenting will cost your life. There is no other way you can purify yourself." Prophet Marcello grinned.

"Whatever is the punishment, I am ready for it. I am ready to repent. I know you were the one who had put the child in here and I also know you are a Satan who is calling himself a Prophet. I can run from the law but I can't do so with an anti divine power – you. I have killed innocents in order to cover up a crime I did not even do. I even killed the little Elaine." Then Hansen started to sob badly.

"Hansen, you go to the work today and come back to house like any other normal day. I'll meet you at ten tonight. Prophet shall help you in your purification from sins…" then the call was hung from Prophet's end.


14th April, 9:30 PM,

"Hansen…" Prophet Marcello sobbed, "Dear son, I'm here to grant you your wish before you are purified. That wish and desire has now become a portion of purification and repenting process."

Hansen looked at the fireplace and took a long breath as warmth of fire hit on his face. He breathed like it was the final time he was going to do so. Hansen remembered himself spending his entire childhood and adult life in the same house where he was also going to die in. In his childhood Christmas was most beloved by him for one reason.


For the whole night he would pretend to be asleep and frequently would sneak at the fireplace by wearing his red woolen socks. Neither his elder brother, who had deceased two years ago due to respiratory infection, nor anybody else would notice him doing it.

There was the chimney above fireplace as an outlet for smoke. "I'll hurt Santa Claus. I'll burn his freaking beard and I'll turn him skinny. Then I'll ride on the flying cart and take control over every single rain deer pulling it up in the air. I'll take all the gifts and they will not get any of them. I'll be the only one who has gifts and all my friends will be jealous of me." He had imagined and he even had stolen his father's hunting gun just to kill Santa whenever he was going to appear from the fireplace to eat the cookies under the Christmas tree.

On his sixth birthday, gifts came but without Santa.

After four more years of wait, when he was ten, he still had been holding the gun by pointing at the fireplace which was now burning. He had lit it some hours ago. For past five years he had been waiting for Santa but never had burnt the fireplace on Christmas night.

Dosing, he sat on his father's rocking chair with his body wrapped by blue stripped white blanket. He hadn’t realized the simple nap was turning out to be a sound sleep. It was totally unlike the previous Christmas nights which used to pass sleepless for him.

Something suddenly hit on the fire from the chimney. It was a box which had fallen from up right on the flames. Before that night, gifts used to come from miniature fake tree in his house but not directly from the chimney.

"Anyone up there? Is this you, Santa?"

But the gift had caught fire in such a way it was disfigured when his eyes fell on it. The gift was burnt and Hansen had not even got to know what was inside it. Hansen knelt down and cried silently for a long time. Without any clue he had slept on the floor.


"I'm here to fulfill your wish too." Marcello said, "I've got a gift for you. It was your desire to get gift from Santa but it got destroyed. Since then you desired to kill someone who had let you down. Santa Claus. Your wish to kill him will be complete tonight…"


Next morning when TPD cops arrived then found Hansen to be missing from the house. The house smelled foul like a lot of tires were burnt inside. The fireplace had ashes on it and a mug of coffee was on the floor completely untouched along with pork meat on the plate. Most importantly, the door was not locked.

K.R Webber

Edited: 17.08.2019

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