Dampa & cursed village

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The caused village

Dampa soon arrives in a small village nestled between a group of high hills on both sides that keep the desert at bay. The first thing he starts to notice the people who are out seemed to be acting strange, they are just standing, staring up at the sky, or lying on the ground moaning. This makes him move on; he soon smells the stench of death coming from a field, goat carcass have been left to rot, this makes the young god use his sleeve to cover his mouth and nose. Then his sharp hearing homes in on a young man’s voice resonating from inside a large building, “WHY OPEN IT?!”

   “He spoke in my language,” mutters Dampa. 

This makes him start to wonder could it be the Dreamer? There was only one way to find out; he runs over to the doors, pushing one open to see a group of people are seated in lines on either side, at the head of the room there is a tired looking man seated at a table and another young man is walking around him.

The people seated on the floor cushions all look up and start to whisper, “Snow Dragon.”

This makes the man who is standing turn around and say in a bold voice, “Upon my word. Surely my presence here has not reached your frozen mountains?”

Dampa cannot believe how small the Dreamer is as he must stand no more than five feet tall, he is dressed in a lovely light blue robe, he has long jet-black hair and notices his fringe has been pined back behind his pointed right ear with a group of light grey and feathers.

  “No, no. I was in a village south from here, when I was told by a tea seller that a Dreamer had been spotted in the region.”

   “I see. Let me guess you came up here to find out why, right?”

Dampa nods and replies, “I did... Something bad has happened here, has it not?”

The Dreamer emits a soft laugh as he folds his arms and replies, “You could say that. This village is cursed.”

   “What? How?”

   “Curiosity, my dear fellow. Allow me to explain, a few weeks ago a group of men were out searching the land north of here, they came across some caves. Naturally they went inside, to see what they could find. They found in the glow of their torches a pretty stone,” says the Dreamer, handing the Dragon a lovely clear pebble.

Dampa holds it into the light coming through the window and says, “It’s stunning.”

   “It sure is and hardy too. The men decided to gather some and return to the village. That is when one of them spotted another cave a little way down the hill, which was all on its own. As he approached the entrance he noticed this one had been sealed with a stone door. Now if it were you or I who had come across this, we would know to leave it well alone. Right?”

Dampa nods and the Dreamer continues, “Mortals seem to lack this incentive, that when something is sealed, it is sealed for a reason. But they always allow their curiosity to get the better of them. They wanted to find out what laid within. The next morning their king here, ordered it to be opened as it could contain riches. But what they unleashed was something far worse than just an empty dark cave. A Desire Demon. They take peoples wishes and darkest desires and make them a reality. Then when they awaken to their mistake, they hope a Dreamer can come swooping in to make things all better.

Dampa watches him walk behind the tired looking king, he gives him a shake as he says, “That’s what you hope? But none of you take into consideration, I may not be able to stop it.”

The king places his hands together, he looks up at him and begs, “Please you must try.”

   “Must try? That does not even come into it child. I ask you again, why did you open it? Why do you mortals have this impulse to always wanting to know what lies beyond when it is perfectly clear, it should have been left well alone,” says the Dreamer, looking directly into the man’s eyes.

The king bows his head and says in a soft voice, “Sorry.”

This makes the Dreamer stand up straight, he shakes his head and says, “Sorry? That’s all you can say?” Then places his hands around his mouth and shouts, “YOU’VE UNLEASHED A DESIRE DEMON! WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?! THIS THING CAN KILL!” 

The Dreamer is well aware he has now made the mortal afraid of him, this makes him take a deep breath and say in a much calmer tone of voice, “I am not exaggerating, this thing can wipe out an entire village, if the person so desires it.”

   “I-I’m sorry. I should have consulted the gods before opening it.”

   “Finally realisation, at last. Now, I’ve got to find a way other than a cave to re-trap it... as I know you mortals are only going to forget why it was sealed and we will be having to go through all this again. I’m going to have to do some research.”

   “Please take all the time you need.”

   “Time? That has nothing to do with this as that does not matter in the other realm... I need to act quickly, but carefully as they can be very cunning... Plus his dog will alert him long before I spot him,” says the Dreamer, placing his hands behind his back. “Where to begin?”

   “How was it trapped in the cave?” Dampa asks, watching the beautiful god’s face turn in his direction, this is when he notices he has an odd number of pupils his right eye appears to be missing the third one outwards from the centre.

   “With a written incantation I do not recognise, for it is older than me and probably you,” replies the Dreamer, winking his left eye.


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