Dark Dayz: Frozen Eve (book 3)

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Joker looked at me grimacing, her complexion ashen. I shook my head.

“Do not move,” I said.

She gave a small nod and held as still as a statue. Ahead, Jacklyn was walking further across the lake without a care in the world. She had no idea what was happening behind her.

I fired my eyes left and right, scanning the ice. It was dusted in a light layer of snow, but still the large, webbing cracks were visible, and growing inch by inch.

A light glowing came from beneath my feet and I dared to take my eyes off my friend. Under the thick ice there was a yellow light. It press against the underside and a face became visible—And not the face of anything humanoid. This was the face of a great white shark with its large, soulless black eyes and an angler fishlike light attached to the top of its head. The name Lv23 Frosty White appeared.

“Oh no.” I swallowed hard. If there was one thing I feared more than water, it was sharks. Especially great white sharks. I lifted my eyes to Joker again who whimpered when she saw the light passing beneath her.

If she fell in, I wasn’t sure which would kill her first—hypothermia or the Frosty White.

“What is that?” Joker whispered, fear etched deep into her face.

“Don’t worry about it.” I patted the air between us. “Focus on not moving until I can figure out how to get to you.”

Again she slowly nodded.

I could Lightning Jab and hope to knock her far enough way—But no, then I would fall through the ice.

Maybe a Sword Throw and she could grab on and get pulled. No, that made even less sense.

Hell Charge? Yes, all I had to do was Hell Charge and carry her across the ice.

“I have a plan,” I said.

Joker opened her mouth to speak but the cracking ice made her freeze even her jaw.

Taking a step back, I aligned myself perfectly with Joker Alex. She watched me with pleading eyes. There was no way I was going to let her die.

I focused on the Skill and... “Hell Charge!”

Shooting forward, instead of an attack, I held out my arms and reached for Joker. The ice chose that exact moment to shatter and into the water Joker fell. I cleared the hole and continued sliding, despite spinning and struggling to make it back the other way. I summoned Supernova and stabbed it into the ice, dragging a few feet, but coming to a stop.

Joker was in the water splashing and struggling to stay above the surface. She grabbed the edge of the ice as I dismissed my weapon and scrambled back toward her.

I slipped, my legs flying from underneath me. Slamming onto my tailbone, I bit through the shooting pain, and found my feet again.

“Z-Zycuh!” Joker cried.

I tried to run, but the more frantic my desperate movements, the less I made progress.

“I’m coming, Joker!” I said.

She climbed onto the ice, getting one arm on top, but that ice broke and she splashed back in, this time disappearing beneath the surface.

“No!” I caught my balance and dove forward, landing on my stomach and sliding for the hole.

Joker’s head popped back above the surface and she gasped, throwing her arms out for me. I slid and came within a few feet of her—And then she violently was pulled under.

“No, no, no, no.” I made it to the edge of the broken ice, still lying flat.

Bubbles came up, and the water was choppy. I couldn’t dive in—If I dived in then I’d die too.

“Joker, please,” I whispered.

A hand shot out of the water, and I snatched it, fearing that that was all—Just a hand. But no, I found it still attached and Joker’s head surface again. Her life bar was drained by more than half.

She shrieked as something tried to pull her under again, but I grabbed her arm this time and fulled. She thrust her hand under the water.

“This is gonna suck,” she cried. “Don’t let go.”

I tilted my head, confused.

Joker said, “Lightning Shell!”

Electricity covered her head and arm. It spread into the water, zapping around and frying the Frosty White under the surface—But it also shot into my arms. Shocking vibrations fired through my hands, arms, and into my legs and crackled off the ends of my toes. Even if I had wanted to let go of Joker and her electrifying spell, I was held tight. I couldn’t even tell her to stop. Both of arm life bars drained steadily and quickly. A red flash came from beneath the water and the spell ceased.

Smoke rose from the surface and I blinked several times then barely came to the realization we weren’t being electrocuted any longer.

Joker had gone limp, and her eyes were closed, her life bar sitting at a few measly percent. I wasn’t fairing much better. The words Level Up appeared in front of Joker’s eyes and she seemed to come back to life.

“Zycuh, get me out of here!”

I winced as I pulled her from the frozen lake, grabbing her torso and rolling away from the hole. My grip lost, she slid a few away, and we both lay there breathing heavily.

“Oh my gosh,” Jacklyn said.

She was coming back, and I struggled, but lifted my hand.


Jacklyn slid to a stop. “Are you guys all right?”

“Yeah...” I breathed. “I think so.”

Joker lifted into a sitting position. “That was close. The Frosty Whites were chewing at my legs. I almost thought one bit off my foot. I couldn’t live without my precious tootsies. Zycuh, could you live without them? They’re so cute.”

Jake A. Strife

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