Dark Dayz: Frozen Eve (book 3)

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My Dexterity state wasn’t the highest, but I still managed to get my shield in front of me before Zimea’s bullets could hit their mark—Except their mark wasn’t me.

A screech came from above me and something fell, bounced off my head and landed by my feet, flopping around. It had two ice-blue leathery wings and a misting blue orb for a body—a Lv22 Chill Bat. Its mouth opened, and it hissed, thus I promptly stomped it into red, shattering shards.

“Duck!” Zimea said, aiming above me.

I threw myself prone as a swarm of Chill Bats swooped over my head screeching. She fired continuously, shattering the weak but numerous enemies. At least twenty flashes went off by the time she stopped.

Eyes narrowed, Zimea trained Lillian’s Crucifiers on me—For real this time.

“Give me one damn good reason why I shouldn’t fill you full of holes.”

“Because you love me.” I lifted my shield again, but she didn’t fire. In fact, she was looking down at her feet.

Neither of us saw the Lv 24 Steel-Hair Yeti in time. It lunged, swinging out its fist and cracked Zimea right in the side of the head. She rocketed away flying across this wide cavern and rolled toward a chasm.

“Zimea!” I cried and ran for her but another Yeti dropped from the ceiling and landed in front of me. The winter big foot Spartan kicked me in the chest and I soared back the other way, all wind blasted from my lungs.

I rolled and flipped right into another pit. I was falling, but in slow motion it seemed. My Valhalla Cape was equipped under my cloak, and thankfully it still worked. I stabbed Supernova into the ice wall, and it stopped my descent.

The sound of battle came from above. Yeti roars, cries, and thunderous, cave shaking thuds.

I quickly opened my menu, using my eyes. I unequipped my shield, dropping it into my inventory. With both hands freed, I grabbed the cliff ledge and flung myself up and over.

I landed on my feet and tried to open my menu again—A Yeti came at me from my side. I spun and Lightning Jabbed, stabbing its chest with a loud metallic ding. It skidded back however my attack had done almost no damage. Its fur was in fact steel.

From behind came another roar and a heavy shadow engulfed me. I brought Supernova over my head and held my palm on the flat of the blade, bracing for impact. The Yeti slammed its clasped fists into my block and the force of the mighty strike had the ice cracking beneath my feet and rippling tremors ran through my arms.

The Yeti I had jabbed took advantage of my opening and thrust its fist into my stomach. Spit exploded from my mouth and I sent careening again. This time I stabbed Supernova into the floor and still slid, my blade creating a thin trench. My feet went over the edge, but I stopped sliding and quickly scrambled back into the fray.

There were at least six Yetis around the cave, attacking all of my friends. Joker was cornered, with Sir Zombie in front of her. The undead minion held its greatsword in one hand, blocking the mighty yeti punches. It couldn’t attack, as it held the torch, our only source of light.

“Hell Charge.” I jettisoned at the yeti and shield-slammed the Yeti with the force of a missile. A great thunk echoed through the cavern and it fell into the pit and hopefully to its death.

Joker’s eyes flew wide as she looked past me. She flipped up her wand and a stalagmite beside me snapped free, floating into the air. It turned horizontal and shot forward. I spun to see it stab a Steel-Hair Yeti through its furless belly. Impaled, the beast shattered.

Joker and I exchanged nods of thanks and we went back to fighting Yetis. Fire Bombs lit up the cavern as Joker went after another white-furred bastard.

Pan vaulted by me like an Olympic gymnast and a Yeti barreled after him. I snapped my sword out low and struck the monster’s legs, tripping it.

Zimea was on her feet firing at a Yeti as it came at her. I brought back my arm to Sword Throw but her guns glowed and balls of light formed. She blasted it and it shattered.

We met eyes, and she swung her head to the side, looking away. More flashes of light went off in the next few moments and everything went still except for our shadows dancing in the torchlight.

“Is everyone all right?” I asked.

I scanned the cave and Pan and Joker were fine. Sir Zombie looked black and blue, but I was pretty sure always looked that way, and Zimea was walking over, frowning. Jacklyn was missing.

“Hey, where’s Jacky?” I asked.

Zimea stopped in her tracks, a dozen feet away. “Jacky? Using nicknames now? You’re unbelievable.”

I dismissed my sword and shield and held my hands before. “Zimea, can you please calm down?”

“Calm down? Calm down! YOU calm down. You’re the one making out with that skank Blackguard. How DARE you tell ME to calm down? Calm your hormones down! Or do you only think below the belt?”

“I-I’m sorry. The kiss wasn’t my idea.”

Jacky appeared from beside an ice column and looked at both of us. “Whoa, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, don’t worry about--“

“NOTHING?” Zimea stormed up to me and brought up her hand as if to smack me, but Jacky Hell Charged and grabbed Zimea’s wrist.

Zimea furrowed her brow and yanked her hand back. “Don’t you touch me with your skanky-ass hand. Who knows where it’s been?”

“I am not a skank.” Jacky’s voice went from her normal cute and bubbliness to low and angry.

Jake A. Strife

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