Dark Dayz: Frozen Eve (book 3)

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Bit 11: Saint



The tremendous aura of the creature, Giga-Claus, had my knees. We all stood around, motionless. Zimea couldn’t find her feet and lay there, bathed in the monster’s spotlight-like eyes.

It didn’t look around at the rest of the party and didn’t seem to notice us. The evil eyes stayed trained on our Dualist. Giga-Claus’ chest heaved as he gripped his over-sized flaming battle-axe.

“This must be the true boss of the dungeon,” Pan said.

“No,” I said. “His name is Giga—Like Mega—and Kilo before him. This freak is the boss of the Snowblood Mountains. The boss of the entire zone.”

“We can’t fight him.” Jacky reached into her invisible inventory and pulled out a shining golden key. “I’m sorry, but I’m not dying here today.”

She screeched as something zipped by and knocked it from her hand, sending it clattering into the darkness. “What the hell?”

“You are not abandoning us, like you abandoned your old party,” Pan said. “I do not take kindly to deserters.”

BDog flashed into my mind. Pan had killed him for deserting Zimea and my first party.

I set my jaw and glared at Giga-Clause, the level thirty nightmare. So what if he was seven levels above me? I had to play my role—The tank.

“Hell Charge!” I shouted and launched myself forward.

Bringing back Supernova, I roared and slashed diagonally. By all means, Supernova was the strongest weapon in all of our party. It was a godly tier weapon that gained a permanent higher attack bonus with each enemy it killed. It should have cut straight through Giga’s outstretched, blocking arm. But it didn’t. The blade sank less than an inch into his thick forearm. He turned his face toward me, and I stared death in the face.

“Ho!” he roared, and from his wide open mouth, a swarm of flying spiders flew out, spaying me.

I screamed and leaped back, banishing my sword and shield into my inventory, smacking at the arachnids. They sank their fangs into my flesh and crawled all over me.

“Get off me.” I swiped, but there were too may. My life bar drained a bit from each bite, but the bites were so numerous, that it was draining fast.

“Fire Bomb,” Joker shouted.

I gasped as the fire ball exploded right in front of me. The spiders hissed, sizzled, and popped as they rained from my body. The flames licked at my flesh, but didn’t burn. The last sensation of crawling legs left me, and I sighed.

“Thanks, Joker,” I said.

She stood several feet away, picking up Orion in her arms. After sending me a slight nod, she ran toward the back of the cave. I gritted my teeth and faced Giga again. He stared at Zimea once more, and she stared back at him.

“Zimea, it may be best to move,” Pan said, dagger in one hand and his sword cane in the other.

“I c-can’t move,” she whimpered.

“She’s under a Fear effect. Everyone, attack!”

Pan leaped into the air, flipping above Giga and sending a rain of daggers upon him, while Sir Zombie shambled forward, greatsword in hand.

The time had come to go all out. I had a special skill I’d been waiting to use since hitting level twenty-three. As soon as Pan leaped away from Giga, I pointed my sword at the Santa-wannabe.

“Divine Lightning times four.”

Four golden bolts of lightning struck our foe’s shoulders and head. Blinding light flashed, and I shielded my eyes. Boom. The light faded, and I dropped my arm. Smoke billowed from the spot where Giga had stood. Pan looked at me, his eye wide.

“Where did that come from?” he asked.

“Level twenty-three Paladin skill.” I grinned.

Zimea shrieked and a flaming battle-axe chopped from out of the smoke cloud.

“No!” I launched myself forward, but I’d never make it in time.

Horror filled me as the blade chopped into Zimea—Straight THROUGH Zimea. Her entire form glowed red and my heart shattered. But she didn’t. Nothing happened—she was still glowing, the axe was stuck in the ground, and even the flames weren’t moving.

“W-what?” I asked.

Pan’s arm was outstretched and his Blood Dagger floated before him.

Jacky didn’t move either. She’d frozen in mid-scramble, going for her Dungeon Key. Joker and her Zombie also didn’t move.

A loud ticking echoed through the utter silence, and the wrist watch I’d found glowed warm on my wrist. The numbers were glowing and clock hands were frozen at first, but then the second hand ticked BACKWARD. They it ticked backward again, and everyone moved, but just an inch. The axe was rising from the split-in-half form of Zimea. Tick. The axe was above her now, and she no longer glowed red. Tick. The axe was back, barely protruding from the smoke. Tick. The watch’s glow faded, and the timepiece vibrated on my wrist.

All at once, everything moved like normal again. Time had reversed a handful of seconds. But that meant.

“Sword throw!” I hurled Supernova end over end at the air above Zimea. Out came the axe in a flash of blazing heat. My blade struck the axe with just enough force to make the weapon jerk. It struck the ground inches from Zimea.

“Zimea get out of there.”

She scrambled and rolled away, making it back to her feet. She spun and whipped out a magnum and fired into the smoke with a deafening bang.

“Ho!” Giga bellowed, and the smoke cleared as the Santa monster fell to one knee.

Jake A. Strife

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