Dark Dayz: Frozen Eve (book 3)

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Bit 24: Stalker



The blackened, burned face of the slasher killer stared at me through the glass. I swallowed hard, ready to Lightning Jab him through the door. Only the voice in my head stopped me.

“Don’t, Zycuh. You don’t want to do that. He can’t get you either.”

I bit my bottom lip hard, not daring to look away. But flesh of the bastard was hideous. It was like one of those images you see in a movie where the body has been burned beyond recognition. By all means, he shouldn’t have been alive—But then did any slasher killer boast that right? They were usually chopped up, beheaded, burned, drowned, hung, and shot, and they still would come back. Even though I liked such movies, as my mom and I watched them from when I was as young as five, I did NOT like being face to face with a slasher.

Charred Face tilted his head, which had few scraggly hairs, and stared at me with dark eye sockets. 

“Zycuh, did you say Charred Face?” Redemption asked.

I backed away from the door, letting the curtain fall closed.

“He’s right outside.” I swallowed hard.

A bang echoed through the hall and the door shuddered.

“Oh, holy shite we are doomed!” Pan screamed.

I set my jaw and lifted Supernova.

“Lord and Lady Zombie will shield us!” Grim said, and the zombies, who looked more muscular all the time, stepped past me and stopped several strides from the door.


The door shuddered hard again and Lord Zombie lifted his sword and shield, while Lady Zombie raised her trident.

“Dammit, this might not be good,” Redemption said.

As I backed away, reaching my friends, Pan grabbed Redemption by his collar and shouted in the Status Mage’s face.

“Of course it isn’t good, you fool! That is a Charred Face beyond that door!”


Pan wailed, “And it is trying to get through to kill us and char our faces!”

A loud crack sounded from the door as yet another bang came.

“Get ready!” I said. “Maybe we can end this dungeon right here and save Jacklyn!”

“Oh, I’m ready,” Grim said. “He won’t be able to stand up to my zombies AND attack us!”

“Fool, we are doomed!” Pan screeched.

Redemption smacked Pan’s hand off him. “Oh, would you please shut the hell up?”

If we weren’t in mortal danger, Pan might have stabbed him over that scolding, but the Lv29 Murder was too scared—Which made me scared. Nothing could shake Pan. Nothing besides a ‘Charred Face’.

Glass shattered and wood splintered as the door crashed inward. Lord Zombie blocked with his small steel shield, and the debris bounced back.

Standing in the doorway was a musclebound oath, in a torn ugly X-mas sweater, and burned khakis. He wore steel-toed boots, and in his right hand, he held a hatchet. A bar of white appeared on the bastard’s face. He still had shiny, clean teeth. Who knew dental hygiene was important to slasher killers?

I steeled myself, despite Pan’s whimperings.

Charred Face lifted his left hand and pointed between the zombies, and past me. I turned back. Pan’s face was ashen and his mouth hung open it a horrified gasp.

“He wants me! Oh, dear gods of Mt. Olympus, save me!”

I gritted my teeth. “Seriously Pan, he won’t get you—or any of us.”

Lady Zombie lunged forward with her trident and she shattered into red shards. I blinked a couple times, staring at the spot where she’d been. She was gone. Charred Face’s arm was out to the side, and he chuckled.

“Did you see him move?” Redemption gasped. “I did NOT see him move.”

“Screw him!” Grim said. “Lord Zombie, take out that asshole!”

On command, the remaining undead leaped forward and thrust his sword. It seemed as if Lord had connected with his attack and hadn’t been slaughtered in one hit.

“Yeah!” Grim said. “Hit him again!”

I tilted my head, looking around Lord Zombie. His sword was pointed at the enemy’s face, but the end of the blade which should have been in the killer’s forehead, was missing—Half the blade of the sword was missing.

“Holy crap,” I said.

Charred Face’s hand was out to the other side now. Sticking from the ceiling was the end of Lord’s longsword. The zombie groaned and swung his shield arm. The slasher’s next attack connected with the shield and chopped through and straight through Lord’s arm. 

Lord Zombie looked at the stump and groaned loudly as if in pain. He then shattered into light.

My eyes wide, I pursed my lips. A red health bar appeared above Charred Face and it read, Lv. 60 Charred Face, along with a large black and gray skull above the name.

“You have got to be shitting me,” I cursed.

“D-Does that say what I think it says?” Red stammered.

“Everyone, back to the main room.” I shook my head. “Now!”

I heard my friend’s footfalls clacking before I could even turn around. Charred Face chuckled like a giddy child, lifted his hatchet and flung it.

I gasped, swinging Supernova. Hatchet met blade as our weapons connected. A small shockwave burst out and sent the hatchet flying into the wall. Meanwhile, a vibration rippled through my arm, making most of it go numb.

Charred Face lifted a finger and wagged it. “Un uh.”

Jake A. Strife

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