Dark Dayz: Frozen Eve (book 3)

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Bit 38: Bust Her



For a few moments, everything went slow. Pan slammed back-first into the wall and kept going. The wall exploded outward, the wallpaper tearing and the wooden boards bending and snapping. I only saw the look of pure shock for a split second and then he crashed into the snow, bouncing and rolling. His life bar was going down, but I didn't see to where it fell--Lady Klondike turned to me and swung her hand. Her spectral claws phased through my armor and raked across my chest.

Cold, yet burning pain spread over my skin, and the air sucked from my lungs. I staggered back, tripping and landing in the shower. My health didn't drop by more than a tenth, but it was like everything was gone. All emotions. Everything except fear. I was terrified. This banshee woman had devastated Pan with one attack. She had outsmarted us all. We couldn't beat her. There was no way. Lady Klondike was too smart. Too clever. Too horrifying.

Redemption leaped forward, his hand glowing violet. He swung his hand--to no avail. His hand went straight through her, much like Pan's blade. Klondike's mouth fell open again and she screeched. Redemption was blasted into the corner, crashing through the toilet. The water went everywhere, spraying into the air. Red, his head lolling sat there, getting drenched,

I reached for Supernova as my other friends went into action. Blenda had her massive sword in hand, but she didn't have the room to swing in such a small bathroom. Travis had his rifle drawn. He pulled the trigger and the bullet fired, passing through her, and hitting the light fixture above the sink. It ricocheted and came at me, but I already had Rosebud raised in defense. Deflected by my shield, it struck Blenda in the knee. Her leg buckled and she fell, grabbing the wound.

I tried to get to my feet but my heart was racing and my legs didn't want to cooperate. All I could do was watch as Klondike screamed again, knocking Travis into Blenda, and them slamming into the wall.

Grim was the last one standing. Klondike stared at him and grinned, revealing sharp fangs.

Bang. We all turned our heads to the hall. Several more bangs went off and someone ran by the door. The guns fired from right outside and they became further away with shot.

"Z-Zimea," I whispered.

Klondike floated toward the door. "SHE is here. His QUARRY. She's going to destroy the list. PERFECT!"

"Too bad you won't be around to see it," Grim said.

She turned back and Lord and Lady zombie were both standing strong and ready.

"Fool! Those physical beings can't hurt me!"

Klondike swiped at Lord Zombie, raking her claws across his face. He turned around and ran through the hole in the wall, fleeing for his unlife.

Dammit, Grim. Why didn't he realize that fact?

But the tides were about to turn.

Lady Zombie shoved a healing orb right into Lady Klondike's core.

How the banshee screeched. I had to slap my hands over my ears to avoid my ear drums bursting. Lady Klondike's HP dropped by two thirds from the holy element attack.

She exploded into green gooey ectoplasm.

The fear effect lifted and my heart slowed, returning to normal. Grim pumped his fist and swung his fists in front of him, doing a strange dance. He would have looked strange normally, but this time he looked down right bizarre. He didn't even care to wipe the remains of the banshee off him.

"Thank gosh that's over." I sighed.

Pan staggered in through the hole. "What in the nine hells happened in here?"

Blenda and Travis were getting untangling their limbs, and Redemption stood too, soaking wet.

"Ew this is disgusting!" Blenda said. "I need a shower."

"We're in one." Travis groaned. "And I need one too."

"We can take showers later." Pan offered me his hand and I took it.

Back on my feet I grabbed a towel and wiped Klondike off my armor. I tossed another to Grim who was still dancing. I was glad he hadn't done the Floss--yet.

"Please, do celeberate after we defeat Giga," Pan said.

Bang. Bang. More gunfire from the hall.

"It's Zimea! Let's go!" I ran for the door but I came face to face with a ethereal ghost-face. Lady Klondike floated in front of me, back at full heath.

"H-How?" I Stammered.

She screamed, and I brought up my shield in that split second. The strength of the sonic blast was lessened, but my eardrums must have burst. I couldn't hear anything but ringing.

She moved her mouth and wagged her finger in the air, but I had no idea what she was saying. And I didn't care. I pointed my sword at her and activated Divine Lightning. A bolt of holy energy struck--But she wasn't there. She was to the left. I fired another. She dodged that too. My MP was down to half and I didn't have anything to restore it.

Again, Klondike screamed. This time, I didn't block in time. I flew out into the snow, my HP taking a huge hit. I landed on m back and skidded next to Lord Zombie who stood there mindlessly.

I tried to get back up, but my body didn't want to move. My heart jackhammered with fear. Every one had been hit by the scream that time. My friends were on the floor back in the bathroom. Klondike floated out, her feet hovering above the ground. She wagged her finger again and now I could hear her.

"You won't defeat me little boy. You have been naughty. All of your friends have been naughty as well. Once your lover Zimea destroys that list it is over. You can flee as far as Shadesburgh, but MY lover, Giga, will find you. He will kill each and every player. It will be a slaughter. You think the attack on Axeington was bad, wait until your see the blood bath that is a Giga massacre."

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