Dark Path

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Chapter 1: Betrayal

I jumped and glided from one rooftop to another—trying to evade my pursuers. The cold autumn air sliced through my face and neck but I didn’t feel the cold. My silky past shoulder dark hair was pushed away from my face. The city lights were brightly lit like twinkling gemstones on the velvety dark night.

They wanted me dead. Well, that was a little ironic because I was already dead—before I became undead.

“Saber, this way!” I heard Creep’s voice speaking in my mind, through telepathy.

My familiar, Creep, led the way quickly for me to escape in one piece. I followed him as fast as I can. His cat silhouette form was my guide to not lose sight of him. I looked over my shoulder as I ran, glided and jumped.

Damn! There were at least five of them who came into my line of vision. They were very persistent indeed! It wasn’t enough that I had already terminated at least ten of them before and during my escape. And here they are! I gritted my teeth in anger. I felt my fangs puncture my soft red lips and I licked my own blood.

As I ran and leaped, I could still remember what transpired a little while ago in the luxurious hotel room. In fact, it replayed in my head many times over. I still couldn’t believe it. And I did not even wish to believe it. But this became my reality now. There was no escaping from it.

“Good that you showed up tonight, dearest Saber.” Dena smiled. Her white and even teeth seemed to sparkle even though the hotel room was quite dim. They contrasted her smooth and olive skin. Her straight hair was as black as raven feathers and reached up to her waist. She wore a long, silk gown of burgundy color, which made her appear mysterious and attractive at the same time. She paired it with burgundy cigarette high-heeled shoes. Those, I could easily notice, as she slowly paced before me. It felt like she was an adept predator, watching her prey in that very moment.

“I cannot say no to you, can I?” was my reply. My sherry brown eyes explored the quiet room. It was only us inside it as I left Creep outside the door. However, I could also feel my fellow vampires’ presence. Aside from smelling each of their unique scents, I could feel the air galvanize—the one sign that any undead party is around.

Dena laughed. “That’s one of the privileges that a maker can have, my dearest Saber. But, of course, it doesn’t mean that you’re my slave, does it?”

I swallowed hard and blinked. I had no idea why she wanted to meet me in one of New York City’s grandest hotels. And to think that I traveled at least five states just to get here at devil’s hour, which is at three in the morning, I should have thought that something very important was going to happen—or that something was going on besides my own pretty wide knowledge.

“I don’t think I understand your point, Dena.” I slowly shook my dark head in confusion.

“Everything is now in chaos, Saber. And I shall want your complete loyalty to me.” Dena poured some red wine from the decanter to a tall wine glass, as if she had all the time in the world. I could smell the sourness and bitterness of the red liquid, as it mixed together with Dena’s floral perfume.

I watched and listened to her keenly. But because of those words, my brain seemed to light up with an idea. I supposed I already know what is going to happen next. All my instincts and reflexes seemed to tingle with anticipation. At the back of my mind, something would happen whether or not we finished up this dragging and boring conversation.

She drank from the glass lazily. I shifted my weight from one foot to another as I stood there, not moving from my place, opposite to the tightly closed door. I began to get conscious of my own attire at the moment. I wore a pair of black high-heeled boots, black leather pants and coat. These were totally the “antonym” of my maker’s sexy and very womanly outfit.

“Dena, I have nobody as my team besides Creep. You know that. What more than loyalty can I give you? You are my maker.” I pointed out quickly with a slight movement of my slender hand.

In a fraction of a second, Dena was standing close to me, in a vampire speed. Her face was so close to mine that I could very well smell the wine and the things it was made up of, combined with my maker’s own unique scent. My throat somewhat constricted and it was a bit hard to swallow.

I wasn’t afraid of her. Sure, she had more powers than I do but it didn’t mean that she is completely out of my league as a vampire. I am confident of my own skills and talents when it comes to combat. And, in Dena’s clan and lineage, I was known to be the best, and yet, the weakest at the same time. It was a fact I don’t intend to linger on at the moment.

“I want your word, Saber!” she hissed, white fangs bared. Her reddish brown eyes turned red.

I swallowed again. “I’m loyal to you, Dena. Loyal to you as you are to the Dark Empress!” I gritted my teeth as I spoke the words.

Dena screamed with rage and hit my face with the glass she was holding. I bounced to the wall side first, leaving a hole there as I slid down to the cold, tiled floor. I stood up with the vampire agility and looked at my angry maker, which made me even more confused.

Amber Stone

Edited: 23.05.2019

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